Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5 Days, 5 Ways: Gray Scarf

Ah, I'm a slacker. I have only three ways with today's item: the gray infinity scarf, compliments of my wonderful Momma. You should leave comments telling her how talented she is, and maybe she'll be prompted to open an Etsy account...finally. Of course, that would mean she'd produce fewer scarves for me, and I don't know how I feel about that possibility quite yet. However, I think she should be getting paid in more than x's and o's from yours truly. A little cash money in her pocket would be nice. Word.

Moving on to less embarrassing displays of my ridiculousness, I'd like to discuss how terrible things got in the span of fifteen minutes. Just allow me this moment. Please. I think the universe is paying me back for eating that cupcake I shouldn't have eaten. Damn you, sugary goodness. I went to Giant, and things were going great. I was finding things on special; the produce looked fresh; I finally remembered to buy Borax to make my own laundry detergent; the cashier dude was very polite. And then it happened. The evil machine declined my card. The line was several people deep, and here I am obstructing the flow with my nonsense. Come to find out there's been some fraudulent what not happening with my card, and I am none too pleased with the situation. I had to hold up the line and go back to my car for my wallet, on the one day I took in only my card and ID. As luck would have it, right? After I finished embarrassing myself at the check out, I began putting away groceries. Smash. I lost dang near half of my precious thumb nail. On a weenie sized cart no less. I thought things were about to get worse when it started to sprinkle outside. Luckily, someone somewhere had my back, and the precipitation dissipated. Jeff made hot dogs, so I must go feast with him. Let's hope I don't choke on a wiener. That'd be an unfortunate end to today.

Please enjoy my outfit. And my scarf swagger. And my sunglasses in a dressing room. Womp womp.

Outfit #1: Old Navy jean jacket + Sonoma (Kohl's) light gray sweater + Old Navy blue striped dress + Madden Girl gray boots + handmade gray scarf              

Outfit #2: Target striped cardigan + Express white button up + J. Brand wide-leg jeans + Me Too gray suede wedges + handmade scarf

Outfit #3 (today's outfit): Marshall's blazer + Old Navy light blue t-shirt + Marshall's polka dot jeans + Madden Girl gray boots + handmade scarf
(You can sort of see the polka dots in this craptastically dark picture.)
This outfit was so comfortable, and the lady at the cupcake place was in love with my polka dot pants. I mean, come on, who wouldn't be in love with them? 

And, for your pinning or viewing pleasure, all of the images in one place:

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  1. I want the pattern your mom used for this scarf! What stitch did she use? I love the length and the way it lays when you wear it. I'm sure you will probably tell me she just made it up because that's what most more experienced crocheters do :) I have some grey yarn too that wants to become a cute infinity scarf

    1. I mentioned this comment to my mom. I was all ready to type her response and then got distracted. Story of my life. She did, however, come up with it herself. I showed her all of your creations, and I had to leave your page up on her computer because she loved so many of the projects! :)

  2. That sounds like a terrible day. and you have the "I'm too cool for this" expression in your dressing room pic ;)

    Love the scarf, your mom is so talented!

    1. "Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred? I actually wrote it. Today was awesome because I ate a cupcake, so I've recovered.

      I'm glad my Momma dukes is getting some love for her talent. I did not inherit that forte.

  3. I like your bright blue dress with the denim jacket! I swear, the classic denim jacket is my favorite accessory!

  4. Boooo - what a run of bad luck! :( On the flip side, you look absolutely adorable in your scarf. I adore that first outfit. I'm pretty sure I have that dress but in white/navy, and I love how you layered this look! I want to try that with mine!! :)


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