Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hunter Boots Beware!

So much awesomeness is coming your way today; I'm not sure you can handle it. Not only are you about to view my more-adorable-than-Pooh-bear rain boots, but my husband happily posed for you, too. Double your pleasure. 

Like I said, Hunter boots beware! There are some new kids on the block (the right stuff...oh oh oh oh) called Joules. I won these boots a little while back from a giveaway over at Style Me Swanky. I've been dyyying for some cool weather and rain so that I could prance around in these lovelies. Calf sweat be damned, I was going to wear my gorgeous galoshes regardless. Luckily for me, not an ounce of perspiration trickled down my calves during work today. Utter cuteness scared off the sweat. Obviously. The boots came with these mustard colored bows, but I could certainly swap out the ribbon for a different color if my little heart so desired (and my fine motor skills were adept enough to tie a pretty bow...or something resembling one.) 

I've seen quite a few people pin these boots WAY after I picked them out, so I'm feeling ahead of the curve. For once. Plus, I feel cultured wearing boots all the way from London. Damn, I'm cool.

Oh, and our house is under contract. Hot diggity dog. We are certainly not out of the woods yet (have cute boots for standing in the woods though), but, as my co-teacher would say, I'm cautiously optimistic. Plus, she keeps lighting candles for me at her Catholic Church, and though I'm not Catholic, I cannot deny that every time she prays to Saint Anthony over something we've lost in the classroom, we find that thing within the hour. Plus, we've buried Saint Joseph in the garden, and he's supposedly the Saint of Selling Houses. I will take help in all religious, or non-religious forms. As long as it does not involve those Westboro Baptist nutjobs and their hideous signs. I'd rather live in a tent. So, whatever your faith, feel free to shoot some good juju our way for a painless, smooth inspection, appraisal, and closing. 

Aaaaaand cue the cuteness. (The boots. Duh.)

The Outfit:
Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: NY & Co.
Leggings: Forever 21
Necklace: Target
BootsJoules (They ship to the U.S. now!)

The Details:
Occasion: A rainy day, of course! And I went to that thing called work. 
Comments: I think I already poured quite a few of these into your reader cereal, but allow me to give you two more spoons full. One, leggings were a better choice than tights (far more comfortable and less hassle in the ladies room.) Two, I could sleep in this outfit. Minus the necklace. 

Aaaaaand cue the REAL cuteness: My husband.

I love this man and his willingness to humor me. 

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  1. Those grocery bags make fabulous accessories haha! But really, I am loooooving your boots! So cute and perfect with that outfit!

  2. You WON those? You are so lucky. I have never been a fan of Hunters, but I think I am sold on Joules. Now if only I could win some myself :)

  3. THOSE BOOTS ARE TOO CUTE. lucky lady for winning them! pass some of that karma my way please.

  4. love love love!!!!!!!

  5. OMGOMGOMG. I love this, Danielle! Those boots are perfect - those bows? LOVE. I have that dress as well, and I just got a mustard cardigan so....guess what I'll be doing? Pinning this and doing it.

  6. Oh my goodness, those BOOTS!! Wow, so so cute!! I love the little yellow bow in the back. I'm wishing you lots of rainy days ahead so you can get some good use out of them :)

    I finally got rain boots last year for Christmas but I've only had the chance to wear them once, maybe twice as it never rains here in So Cal, although they are not nearly as cute as yours!

    Exploring My Style
    (Sorry, I'm catching up on all my blog reading today. Comment overload haha)


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