Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's Not a Hashtag. But, Those Are 8 Ways to Wear Maroon Pants.

Teaching AP English has opened up a new level of intelligence for me. This scarecrow finally has a brain. Thanks, wizard. Enter my newest bit of knowledge--learned from my students, no less. That sign you call a hashtag? Not a hashtag. That sign you refuse to call a hashtag because, damnit, it's a pound sign? Not a pound sign. It's an...


It's like the symbol superhero. Or something. 
What will the inter webs do if I just start saying:
octothorpe: the real deal
Much cooler if you ask me. 
Not that you did.

Of course, calling the symbol a hashtag or pound sign is acceptable because plenty of words and symbols have different names/definitions. Look at the F word (yes, that F word.) It has an entire book devoted to its many definitions and a YouTube video dedicated to its versatility. You might have even seen my insta about that book.
I was frighteningly close to buying it for my Dad.
I refrained and bought him the Urban Dictionary instead.
octothorpe: not kidding.

It'll catch on. Eventually. Just like fetch.

Since you probably come here for my photos of terrible quality and not my words of better quality, I have a treat for you today. I am here to inspire you with pictures, but be glad you are not viewing pictures with my face in it. All I have to say is that Medusa would be proud of this lion's mane of mine. Instead, I present you with pictures of outfits folded all neatly and prettily on my bed. Who came up with this genius idea I see splattered all over Pinterest? Whoever you are, I LOVE YOU. In a very non-creepy way. 
Today's clothes-folded-prettily-on-bed (should I be concerned about putting my shoes on the comforter?) theme is "maroon pants." I just took advantage of Old Navy's $15 rockstar jean sale yesterday, but I allowed myself ONE pair as long as they came in the exact color I needed to replace my too-small H&M pair. Only one left. In my size. Fashion fate? I think so. 
(I really wish I bought a pair of the ones that look like leather. Poop.)
Anyway, after I buy an article of clothing, I like to Pinterest the shit out of it so that I can justify my purchase. Some of these looks are inspired by Pinterest, but I just relied on shopping my own closet.
Yes, I just turned Pinterest into an infinitive. 

I compiled outfit "formulas"and provided pictures of each outfit in case you want to pin a specific look. Let me know if you like this sort of thing and wish to see more posts like it!

Look 1 Formulas
Pieces: colored skinny pants + striped shirt + scarf + cardigan + flats 
Colors: maroon + navy + cognac + cream
- swap stripes for another pattern
- swap cardigan for blazer
- swap flats for boots
-swap cardigan for an oxford under the striped shirt

Look 2 Formulas:
Pieces: colored skinny pants + lace top + cardigan + scarf + booties
Colors: maroon + cream + leopard + black
- swap leopard scarf for statement necklace
- swap ankle boots for tall boots
- swap black boots for leopard heels/flats
- swap cardigan for blazer or vest

Look 3 Formulas:
Pieces: colored skinny pants + statement shirt + cardigan + tall boots
Colors: maroon + blush + charcoal gray + black 
- swap cardigan for blazer
- swap tall boots for ankle boots
- swap black boots for sparkly flats
- swap black boots for gray ankle boots

Look 4 Formulas:
Pieces: colored skinny pants + patterned shirt + long blazer + scarf + long necklace + ankle boots
Colors: maroon + black + white
- swap blazer for vest/cardigan
- swap lace-print shirt for another black & white patterned shirt
- swap booties for flats/heels/tall boots
- swap white scarf for a different pop of color (hunter green? burnt orange? mustard?)

Look 5 Formulas:
Pieces: colored skinny pants + heels + tee shirt + long necklace + scarf + statement blazer
Colors: maroon + white + gold + leopard + black
- swap heels for flats
- swap leopard for black
- swap blazer for cardigan
- swap white shirt for black shirt & black scarf for white one

Look 6 Formulas:
Pieces: colored skinny pants + long sleeve tee + cropped blazer + flats + scarf
Colors: maroon + mustard + black + plaid
- swap long sleeved shirt for a sweater
- swap blazer for an oxford or cardigan
- swap flats for heels
- swap flats for booties
- swap scarf for statement necklace
- swap plaid for another pattern (dots? stripes?)
- swap mustard shirt for something neutral and wear a mustard scarf

Look 7 Formulas:
Pieces: colored skinny pants + leather coat + sneakers + scarf + tee
Colors: maroon + white + black + gray
- swap sneakers for booties/flats/heels
- swap coat for a vest/blazer/cardigan
- swap scarf for a statement necklace (or simple necklace)

Look 8 Formulas:
Pieces: colored skinny jeans + sweater (need breathing room) + oxford + lace-up boots + boot socks
Colors: maroon + tan + chambray + brown
- swap chambray for something fancier
- swap chambray (if it's too hot) for a scarf or statement necklace
- swap sweater for boyfriend cardigan

My exact jeans here (currently $22.50.)
Note: if you're new to the rockstar jeans, know that you have to size up. Typically, I'm a size 0-2. In these pants, a 6 fit best. 

Look at that. You are leaving with the knowledge of the octothorpe and eight ways to wear maroon pants. (If you follow me on Pinterest, you can see all of the awesome outfits I pin. Shameless plug.) 

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  1. I pretty much consider it the height of my day if I can read one blog post and learn something geeky and fashionable, all at once! #winningatlife

  2. These are fantastic pairings! I wish I could just raid your closet and keep EVERYTHING. So pretty :)
    Exploring My Style

  3. This is a wonderful idea, I wear this palette of colors all the time in winter!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  4. Yes! This post was great, Danielle! I have a pair of maroon ankle pants that I love, and I feel like so far, I've only styled them with black and white. I'm going to have to try them with blush, mustard, chambray...and with some of the formulas you presented here! Since they're ankle pants and it's cold as balls here (are balls cold? Whatever.), I'll stick to boots for now, but I can't wait to try some of these out!

  5. I've been trying my hardest to find some good purple-family pants. I'm having the hardest time finding pants that fit just right. I guess I should check out Old Navy to see if I can find those pants. Very cute combos.

    Stopping by from Funday Monday

  6. I got those same exact pants at Old Navy! I looooove all the ways you styled them, its given me some inspiration as well!

  7. I love how versatile this pants look! Very interesting about the hashtag/pound sign/number sign/octothorpe.

  8. Those pants were definitely meant for you!! I love how you made casual outfits and dressy outfits for work too. Super cute!! I do the same thing as soon as I buy something I make a thousand and one outfits with it! Haha! :) Thank you Pinterest!

  9. Great ideas! I think I like the 3rd look the best :)


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