Saturday, September 5, 2015

Old Navy Review & Redefining My Style

Dressing my postpartum body for the past three weeks has left me feeling puzzled. First of all, I donned "teacher" wear for nine years, so what does everyday relaxed wear even look like? Second of all, my chest--and I think my ribs?--has grown, so the fitted tees I used to wear in XS feel odd and make nursing a pain. Third of all, having a c-section complicates the wardrobe situation. I am a few pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (avert your nasty glares elsewhere, please), so I can "technically" wear my pre-pregnancy jeans; however, anything with buttons presses against my incision, which is still not a fan of being touched. Therefore, I can't really wear my pre-pregnancy pants. What does that mean? I am still wearing all of my maternity bottoms, which is weird but necessary. That was not something people really warned me about at the end of my pregnancy.

Now that I will be staying home with Vincenza, I want a wardrobe that:
* Looks pulled together but relaxed.
* Makes nursing my hungry little hippo (who's not hippo-sized) a little easier. Fitted tees, one of my previous closet staples, do not fall into this least not for me.  
* Still fits my overall "style" preferences (which I decided would work best by incorporating some of my favorite colors)
* Is kind to my healing incision

I decided to look for specific types of clothes:
* Looser shirts (good for nursing and healing incision)
* Longer shirts (good for making leggings appropriate because leggings are meant only to show legs, NOT your butt)
* Thicker leggings (even if my butt is covered, I need leggings that are opaque, not sheer)
* Easy-to-wash fabrics (nothing that requires much maintenance)

Old Navy was running a great sale, so I decided they would likely carry exactly what I needed for a good price. Thanks for not disappointing me, Old Navy.

Item 1: Swing Tee in Icelandic Mineral (Size XS Tall)
I decided to go for size tall since they finally sell multiple items in XS tall. Perfect. I love this length, this blush color, and the softness of the material. I almost immediately pulled off the tags and threw it in the laundry basket to go into the wash. I am thinking about getting it in other colors. Find it here.

Item 2: Jersey Leggings in Navy (size small)  
Loved them so much (so thick!) that I just ordered them in maroon too. Best leggings I've ever tried, quite honestly. Great length, thickness, and fit.

Good length and color but I didn't like where the sleeves hit, the itchiness of the fabric, and the way the fabric fell in the front. I returned it. I thought I'd still show it to you so that you received a full review. 

 Item 4: Boyfriend Plaid Pullover (Size XS Tall)
Little looser than some people might like, but it works so well for nursing, I like the length, and it'll shrink when I wash it. Plus, it goes perfectly with the navy leggings I bought.

 Item 5: Terry Fleece Bomber Jacket (Size Small)
Love everything about it. It will be perfect this fall. Great with jeans or this maxi skirt or even over a dress. I think a small was a good choice because the sleeves actually fit.

Item 6: Kimono-Sleeve Oversized Top (size XS Tall)
I liked this one so much that I just ordered it in red, too. It won't work with leggings (not long enough), but it will go well with jeans, pants (these are maternity), and even maxi skirts. I love the sleeves; they add something special to an otherwise ordinary top.  


  1. I'm so glad you're finding your style groove. I guess some of us should have mentioned the maternity-clothes-after-baby's-born thing. My mom said she had no idea when she had me. She thought I'd pop out and she'd be the size she was before she was pregnant. So she told me all about it. Don't tell anyone, but I still have a pair of maternity shorts that are drawstring/elastic waist and I wear them all the time at home (only--really). Your ribs probably did expand some, and maybe your hips, too. Mine did. I will never again wear the size I once did, not because of weight gain but because my hips no longer fit into that size. I'm cool with it. After all, I still have those maternity shorts. :-)

    It's so worth it. I'm just so happy for you and your little family!

  2. Great review! I just placed a big order but now I'm regretting not throwing in those leggings! I'm also thinking of doing a review post when I get my haul but I've never done one. What do you think?

  3. I hadn't even thought about how you'll have to revamp your closet now that you aren't teaching. I'm sure there's a lot you could still wear but it seems like your going about filling the new holes in your closet the right way. That jacket? Amazing. Also, I love it when people share review posts, so keep 'em coming!

  4. It is so strange to go from dressing professionally every day to being a SAHM! I didn't have the incision issue but wore maternity jeans/shorts for awhile. I mean I'm still wearing my shorts because I like them so much! Anyway I'm glad you found some good stuff! And yeah, I'm about 10-15lbs below my prepregnancy weight but my hips are bigger so my jeans fit but look bad! It's tricky!

  5. Those jersey leggings sound heavenly! Are they like a fitness legging? That first tee looks exactly like you're looking for! Your new wardrobe goals sound perfect for your new stay home mommy lifestyle. Plus, with all the bodily fluids that will be on you, you'll want easy to wash items right?! hahaha


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