Thursday, November 6, 2014


For quite some time now, I have hunted for khaki pants that do not make me feel like a Target employee. Granted, Target is the place of dreams and I know it better than my new house, so that wouldn't be terrible; however, my job eats up the majority of my life. I do not need another place of employment, but I digress.

As I began pulling curtains and clothes I piled (seemingly at random) in a laundry basket I never used during that entire year of living in an apartment, I found a short-sleeved, black button up, one of the several items on my clothing wishlist. Whaaaat? I found a dress I felt forlorn about because I thought I donated it. Hello, cute dress! We meet again! At the very bottom of the pile, I found these pants. They fit like a dream. I know the cuff came a bit undone near my heel, which means I must have placed them in the basket as a reminder to fix the cuff, but I clearly disregarded this reminder.

I wore them all day without a problem, but I do plan to fix the cuff before wearing them again.

It was like an early Christmas. I got my khaki pants without having to spend a dime. Maybe I should go play the lottery on this luck?

The Look:
Necklace: J.Crew Factory
Button up: LOFT (very similar)
Cardigan: Target (exact)
Burgundy heels: Aerosoles (exact on sale)
Pants: The Limited (they're Drew cut, but they fit like the Exact Stretch!)


  1. I'm so jealous! This is like the clothing equivalent of finding $20 in your coat pocket from last season...which never happens to me. In other news, I really like your all neutral outfit! It seems calming somehow. Were your students calm on the day you wore it? Haha.

  2. I love everything about this outfit. You probably should go play the lottery. But seriously. At least one of those fun scratch off ones.

    Also, I went to a different Old Navy the other day and found your $2 dress. Unfortunately it looked terrible on me in the only size they had left. I really wanted to be twins with you. Maybe I will get this cardigan and then we can be twins that way?

  3. This is so funny! Glad you found these pieces :)

  4. How awesome you found all that great stuff!

  5. A hamper filled with forgotten finds?? How fun is that?? That's similar to how I felt when unpacking all my winter clothes! I am so glad to hear your house is coming together and that the blue room is now a nightmare of the past!


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