About the She (really, it's me):

Obviously, I'm the brains of this operation. 

I asked for a filing cabinet for Christmas...when I was seven.

I possess an unflinching, unabashed, and often crude sense of humor.
(I keep that to a minimum on this here blog...where things are permanent.)   

I've been baptized three times. I can truly relate to Pi Patel. (If you know who that is, I'll love you forever.)

I shot for the wrong team in basketball, my first grade gym teacher hit me in the face with a soccer ball and bloodied my nose, and three different fly balls hit me as I sat on the stands during my brother's baseball games. For reasons that should be obvious, I do not engage in competitive sports. I'm lucky if I don't break my face walking up the stairs.  

The list of what I'm allergic to is longer than the list of what I'm not allergic to.

I teach high school English. It's as glamorous as you think it is. I read the same set of books over and over and over again (without ever really having time to read for pleasure). It's much like being trapped inside of Groundhog's Day. I can forgive the job for that disadvantage because teenagers make it all worth it. 

Momma has always said, "You have to learn to pick and choose your battles." 
She's right. Not all of life can be a fight. 

About the He:

He cooks a mean meal. I affectionately call him Jeff Boyardee. 
He wants his contribution to be recipes.

He speaks Italian. Yes, it's as hot as you think it is. 

His favorite meal would be anything steak...anything potatoes.

He does not even pretend to like taking some of my pictures for this blog.

He sings random, annoying songs, but his dance moves are sweet. 

About Us (the "we"):

We found love in the club. I wish I were kidding. 

We've been married since August 2011, but we've been together since August 2004. 

My students shortened my maiden name and call me Ms. Wo.
(Said like "whoa!")
I have yet to take his last name, which starts with We.
As a result, WoWe is a fun little pairing of equal parts of our last names.

We adopted these adorable puppies.
Roxy (a.k.a. Doodles) and Squirt (a.k.a. Squirtle)

We made it official under this tree.

photo credit: Eric Stocklin Photography

I hope we bring a little bit of Wo.We. to your life.


  1. can you please add comments on the end of your posts? i would love to comment on your fabulous outfits ;)

  2. You look gorgeous in your wedding pictures!! & I eat Gfree too :)

  3. Oh girl, I think I've found my blogging soul mate (if there is such a thing) - a fellow high school English teacher who love fashion and grammar as much as I do! :)



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