Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Niece My Twin

I find inspiration in the oddest and sometimes most embarrassing of places. Okay, for me? Not really embarrassing. My Dad spent the better part of my childhood conditioning me against embarrassment. On several occasions, he drove away from me every time I tried to open the truck door when he picked me up from high school. He also farted in front of every one of the boys I brought home. Thanks for thickening my skin, Dad. Anyway, tangents aside, I found inspiration from my niece's outfit on Thanksgiving. Mom tells me she bought Tater Tot's shirt, so the fact that I ended up matching her makes perfect sense. After all, my Mom picks out half of my clothes. (And I am not ashamed.)

I chopped off her head in the picture because it is a very cute head. Cute heads entice internet creepers, and we can't have that.

First, we'll start with my head. You're allowed to see it because I was having an awesome hair day. My husband even asked me if I went to the salon. I'll take that as a hair styling win!

The Outfit:
Cardigan: Old Navy (it has sparkly elbow patches! I also wore it this way.)
Chambray: Old Navy 
Booties: Old Navy (uh oh...I see a trend emerging. By the way, the booties are actually gray. I also wore them this way.)
Pants: Celebrity Pink via Boscov's (I need a new, higher rise pair. I'm considering these.)
Scarf: You guessed it. Mom made it. 

And there's my adorable Tater Tot. Leggings were not a socially acceptable option for me, which is why I opted for black pants. She was wearing an adoooorable gray cardigan, but her running around creates a whole mess of heat. She was not wearing a black scarf, but I got a little creative. Woo hoo.

I guess I really should write that hair post, 'eh?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Life's a Picnic.

And my shirt just so happens to be the table cloth lying on that picnic table. 
Try not to feel jealous. 
I may or may not be planning an upcoming outfit inspired by what my niece wore to Thanksgiving dinner. She may or may not be a one year old. 

I am thankful for...
* heated seats
* a fridge full of Mom's leftovers
* outfits that look as good on camera as they do in my head
* a husband who never minds driving
* gluten-free apple crisp
* a funny brother who married a great conversationalist
* a niece who keeps us all entertained
* five days off work

The Outfit:
Tan Sweater: Mossimo via Target
Flannel Shirt: Old Navy
Coat: Michael Kors (I bought it about six years ago.)
Necklace & Hat: Target
Booties: BCBG 
Purse: Kenneth Cole Reaction via Boscov's (definitely bought it for $30 down from $100)
(It looks like I'm thankful for Target, eh?)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best Outfit of the Year? You Decide.

Okay, I said the outfit is the best of the year, but I didn't promise you the photo quality would compare. (All day, the rain fell dreadfully and the sun hid, so what you see is what you get.)
I walked into a colleague's classroom this morning and she exclaimed, "that is my favorite outfit of the entire year. Ever." Parents who were milling about during parent-teacher conferences stopped me to compliment my skirt. Is it crazy that I was hesitant about my outfit this morning? I thought, "is there too much color? Does this 'go'? Can I pull it off?" I answered no, yes, yes and embraced the look. Maybe I shouldn't have experimented on parent-teacher conference night, but the parents might as well experience my colorful, pattered personality in its entirety. 

Two seniors (neither of whom I teach) squealed and high fived when I told them how fashionable they are every day. They twittered, "Mrs. Wo says we're fashionable! We're awesome!" 
And now I feel awesome. Today was make-Mrs.Wo-feel-awesome day.

My only gripe about this outfit is that the crotch of my sweater tights hung like they were waiting to be filled with extra body parts I don't possess. As a result, I kept hiking them no avail. 
Wow, your life would be better without that information.
You're welcome. 

The Outfit:
Sweater: Elle via Kohl's (it has little nubbins on it that you can soooort of see in the last two pictures.)
Blazer: Express (oooold)
Scarf: Made by Momma, DUH.
Booties: Old Navy (surprisingly comfortable! I plan to get the red suede ones on Thursday.)
Skirt: Got it for $14 at Francesca's! I saw it online months ago but refused to pay full price. I found one in the store this weekend and knew it was fate. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to Avoid J.Crew...

When I started reading personal style and fashion blogs, I noticed that nearly all the ladies were all a twitter about J.Crew and this magical place called J.Crew Factory. I thought, "hmm...I own one thing from J.Crew, and I bought it at a thrift store. It's not like I got nothin', but I got close to nothin'" With all of these "Currently Coveting from J.Crew" posts and almost every blogger wearing at least one thing from J.Crew every day, how is a girl supposed to stay calm and move on from what appears to be the unicorn of the fashion scene? Jenna Lyons' brain might just be made of pixie dust. It's true.

Anyway, even after two years puttering around in this world of gingham that lasts forever and minnie pants of the masses, I still own nothing from J. Crew or its less expensive but still highly coveted sister, J. Crew Factory. Now, that's not to say I do not peruse the website every time one of my favorite bloggers links to something lovely or every time the site trolls my inbox with seductive 40% alerts. That's also not to say I am opposed to spending a little extra for something that'll last fifteen years as opposed to fifteen minutes. However, at this time of year (and possibly all year long), everything at J. Crew IS MADE OF WOOL. (I just told you an almost exaggeration.) Your schoolboy blazer, J. Crew? I love it. The problem? I can't have it. And I am salty (as my students would say) because the world probably knows of my deep affection for blazers. Unfortunately, I am allergic to wool. Every thing I want to buy from that site is tainted with wool. Add that allergy to my goose feather allergy and my 12-year-old-boy upper body can find nearly no coat that will truly keep it warm. 

Thank you, Old Navy and Target, for carrying very little with wool or down in it and for hijacking some of J. Crew's styles for much less. For you, my superficial need for all things pretty to drape over me is grateful.  
(My pocketbook is equally grateful.)

On to my outfit, which includes a sparkly sweater featured in poor quality photographs...
The Outfit:
Leather Jacket: Wilson's Leather
Sweater: New York and Company (you probably can't see the gold threads in it)
Pants: Exact Stretch Skinny pants from The Limited (exact)
Flats: Target
(To work, I actually wore leopard heels, which looked way better with these pants, but Jeff took these pictures before we ran errands. I don't run errands in heels if I can help it.) 

My students asked me why I don't wear my hair like this every day. Apparently, they approve of my natural fro. 

Previously, I wore the sweater this way.
(I prefer the outfit in today's post.)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

And it was all...yellow.

Note to self: the entryway light in our apartment gives off an eerie, yellow glow. As a result, it distorts the entire color scheme of an outfit. I feel like I'm sporting sepia tones, but those pants and that scarf are actually navy, not black. Do not be deceived. Should I have even posted this outfit? I don't know. But, damnit, I loved it so much in real life that I couldn't help but subject you to the terrible picture quality. 

When I was little and my mom picked me up at friends' houses, I always heard her before I saw her. Did she call for me in the typical, "Danielle, get your butt ready to go" sort of way? No. Without fail, someone always said something funny just as she entered the house, and she laughed boisterously and infectiously, serving as a pleasant alarm that it was time to wrap up playtime. 

Now that I'm older, my laugh might rival hers in loudness. Teachers whose classrooms are in the same wing as mine frequently comment on my laugh that carries. One teacher said her favorite part about my move to her neck of the woods is my laugh. The teacher next door? She's taken to saying, "Ohhh, that Ms. Wo, she's laughing again." I made a pact with myself in my first few years of teaching that I would laugh every day. Something that would ordinarily frustrate me? Laugh at it. The mantra stuck, and I haven't stopped laughing (sometimes maniacally). Teenagers are witty, and ridiculous, and vibrant, and how can anyone expect me to bottle up the laughter? 

After all, it's laughter that makes the world go 'round. Laughter and farts. Farts definitely make the world go 'round. I think, one day, methane will be the hottest renewable energy. (After all, it already classifies as one. People will just respect the toot a whole lot more.) Those tuner cars that sound like farts in a can? Soon enough, there will actually be farts in their cans that'll make 'em putt putt down the road. And, if you're not at least chuckling at this point in your reading, then I have no idea why you visit me here. You should know by now that I'm a self-proclaimed weirdo and have no shame. 

The Outfit:
Cardigan: Old Navy (sparkly sleeves? yes, please.)
Blouse: New York & Company
Pants: The Limited (exact stretch straight leg)
Shoes: Nine West (old)
Scarf: Crocheted by my Momma! (You want one, don't you?)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Danielle, brush your hair.

Only on special occasions do I make exceptions for speaking in third person about myself. Now is one of those occasions. However, in my defense, when my husband allots five seconds for the taking of pictures, I seize the opportunity, rats' nest and all, especially when the rats' nest resides on only one side of my head. 

This leather jacket? I really love it, and would you like to know its best quality? Of course you do. It was free. Years ago, one of my brother's ex-girlfriends (no one knows which one) left this coat at my parents' house. I guess I never needed a sister to steal clothes from; I scored enough hand me downs from all of my brothers' friends who were about five-seven years older than I was.  

These shoes? They were as good as free. I paid $15 (SUPER sale) for these clouds on my feet, and they're from Easy Spirit. I assure you that store is no longer just for orthopedic-wearing grandmas. (FYI: nothing but love for orthopedic-sporting lasses.)

One of our apartment neighbors caught us taking pictures, but that's okay. He turned out to be a congenial old man with two adorable pups, Rex and Woody (don't worry; I laughed at the name only in my head.) I was about five steps from scooping up little Rex and darting to my apartment with him. After I walked away, I realized that the man introduced his dogs but never introduced himself. 
If he told me his name was Peter Johnson with a dog named Woody, I don't think I could have controlled myself, so maybe that's for the best.

The Outfit:
Skirt: American Eagle (optionoption)
Polka Dot Sweater: Target (option with some cute print options!)
Shoes: Easy Spirit (silver capped option)
Jacket: No name brand (free is free)
Necklace: New York and Company (similar option on Amazon)
Belt: Came with a dress 


Previously, I wore this skirt these two ways:
Original summer look here

Original fall look here

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Neutral Cardigan of my Dreams

In honor of November and that whole thankful holiday thing that's quickly approaching, I thought I'd throw out some virtual high fives. 

Thank you for being far more versatile than I thought you'd be, paisley maxi skirt. If you were a human, I'd be your friend.

Thank you for completely kicking sartorial ass, Old Navy. Especially recently.

Thank you for not judging me because of my need for Old Navy, credit card. I know I hurt you. 

Thank you for catching my crumbs (and earrings), scarves.  

Thank you for the extra sleep, third day hair. 

Thank you, heated seats, for...heating my seat. 

Thank you for consistently amusing me, Modern Family and Big Bang Theory

Thank you, five minute drive, for being awesome. If I don't pee before leaving work, it's okay. I can make it home before I wet my pants. That hour drive I was doing for almost four years? I needed Depends to survive. 

Thank you, fellow English department members, for being as crass and juvenile as I am. 

Thank you to the people who actually join me in this corner of cyber world. I do hope you feel entertained and inspired. If you don't, come find me in real life. I swear I won't disappoint you. 

The Outfit:
Cardigan: Old Navy (it's the boyfriend cardigan)
Flats: you can't see them but they're the same color as the cardigan, and they're from Old Navy
Skirt: New York and Company
Belt: Francesca's
Shirt: Target
Scarf: wearing yet another little number crocheted by my mom. I swear she should open an Etsy shop. 

Throw some of your virtual high fives my way. I'd like to know what big (or small) things that are making you feel all full of thanks. 

Also, fellow bloggers, do you find that when someone sincerely compliments your outfit that you have to blog that one for posterity's sake, or is it just me who is swayed by this compulsion?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lime, Gray, and Gold

The Outfit:
Dress: Target (on the $8 rack, of course)
Cardigan: Target
Boots: Steve Madden via DSW
Belt: Came with another dress
Scarf: Made by Momma (who's making me some more colors! YAY!)

Put on these tights this morning and realized they were control top. Holy squeeze. 

DUDES at work commented on my outfit. One said, in all seriousness, "I'm really liking this color combination. Picking up on the lime in the dress with the lime cardigan. And those boots? My wife is a lover of boots. She'd love those." When a dude compliments your outfit, YOU BLOG IT. 

I thought there was some hummus trapped in my scarf, but I can't find it. New name for scarves? Crumb catchers. 

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You look like a sunflower...or a buttercup.

Yes, that is what a student told me today. 

I guess I needed to wear sunshine today because it was a tough day at work.
No education class can prepare you for the days tragedy hits your school. 
One of our freshmen passed away yesterday, and we are not the same.
When I started teaching, I didn't know that these adults I call my colleagues and these teenagers I call my students would become people I call family.  
I don't have the right words for the occasion, so allow my outfit to distract you from the more serious matter at hand.  

The Outfit:
Skirt: Banana Republic (last year)
Sweater: Target
Boots: Steve Madden
Scarf: Made by Momma 

I explored yet another color scheme. I think I pulled it off. Yeah?
Jeff actually helped pick it out. I gave him a choice between a white sweater and this one. He chose this one. Good choice, Jefferino. 

Last time, I wore the skirt like this

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I saved you.

Yes, brown vest, I'm talking to you: I saved you. 
From the Good Will pile.
Reader, tell me: have you ever collected a pile of clothes for Good Will and allowed them to sit for a bit before you finally donated them? (Read: you are too busy or lazy to take these clothes to Good Will, so the well-meaning stack just sits not because you're really giving the clothes a second chance, but because you lack follow through in the worst of ways. By you, I really mean me.)
Anyway, since we shoved a house full of stuff into an apartment (Dante missed a prime opportunity for another circle in Hell, by the way), I started to break up with many more friends in my closet. This vest was in that stack...until this morning. I knew I wanted to join the jewel tones link-up. Or, I really wanted to look like a classy lumberjack. Whichever. 

This outfit and I started off in a fight this morning. First, I tucked in the flannel shirt, but, for obvious reasons, I disliked my unfortunate lumpy butt syndrome. The product of the 80s that I am, I decided to tie the shirt instead. I then felt like the outfit looked unfinished. No belt? WHO AM I? I knew I wanted to break in these new Old Navy flats (lordy, do they hurt the first time around!), but whatever would I pair with them? I could've worn my brown scarf like this one. However, my darling husband blocked my access to the coat closet with a too-heavy-for-my-spindly-arms-to-move safe, so I needed a "coat" without wearing a coat. Enter the former Good Will candidate. I threw on the vest and the scarf. Voila. My junior girls want to raid my closet, and my adorable colleague scolded me: "You better blog that outfit...but, where will you take your blog pictures at the new apartment?"
THIS is where, friend of mine. Right in front of the building. And Jeff's truck. In a 30 second photo session because the Comcast guy was trapped in the basement. The truck totally complements my mountain chic look, no? Please don't mind my abandoned bag by the tire. If Jeff is willing to take pictures in 30 seconds, I drop everything (quite literally) and pose. 

The Outfit:
Shirt: Old Navy (last year)
Skirt: Olive & Oak via Marshall's (it has pockets, ladies!)
Flats: Old Navy (current)
Vest: No idea
Scarf: Made by Momma dukes

Did I successfully pull off this outfit? Lie to me. 

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