Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Momma's Birthday Weekend

This past weekend, we celebrated my beautiful Momma's birthday. I felt it necessary to extend the occasion for two days. Honestly, she's worthy of an entire week. On Friday, we chowed down on some burgers and mashed potatoes. On Saturday morning, we enjoyed a couple's massage. (We even scheduled another one for the end of March!) For dinner, Dad fixed a delicious spread of filet mignon, vegetables, and sweet mashed potatoes. Too bad my acid reflux flared up something wicked. Ah, the joys of a geriatric digestive system.

Allow me to show you what I wore on Friday. Dang, was this outfit comfortable. One of my male students told me that I looked as if I was going on safari. Maybe I was, kid. Maybe I was. I'm hunting wabbits.

Oh, and do you like Mom's coat? That was my birthday gift to her. She continuously hunted for a yellow coat but to no avail. Who found the perfect one? ME, of course. (I'm also the same one who found the red boots she searched forever to find.)

 This shot is blurry, but I had to include it because Dad called it his "Green Mile shot." Oh, Dad.

Thanks for completely obstructing the view of my boots, Blue. 

Outfit Deets:

Mom's Coat: Black Rivet via Wilson's Leather (similar here)
My vest: Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans: American Eagle (similar)
Boots: Diba via DSW (similar)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Starfish and Stripes

I love my new starfish necklace. I love this top. I love this skirt (my favorite one, in fact). I love these shoes. I love ALL blazers. (Seriously, I have a problem and have since probably the seventh grade.)
As a result, I figured, "How can I go wrong?" Plus, all of these loves coordinate with one another. 
Ah, Monday perfection. 

Jeff is fixing fish stuffed with shrimp tossed over gluten-free pasta. Ladies, I found me a winner. 

Anywho, I need to grade some essays before graduate class tonight. We'll be discussing our reading of Frankenstein. I like Frankenstein WAY better than Descartes. Way better. 
Of course, I like naps best of all. 

Happy Monday, folks. 

I couldn't explain my feet to you in this picture if I tried. Seriously. 

Outfit Deets:

Blazer: Monteau via Marshall's (similar)
Top: Old Navy (exact)
Skirt: The Limited (similar)
Tights: NO idea (I think Momma bought them for me.)
Shoes: Aerosoles via Marshall's (similar)

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Friday, February 22, 2013

IT List! (On my Momma's Birthday)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lime Green Graphic

Say hello to my $13 Target cardigan that's a perfect pairing with this graphic tee...if I do say so myself.

Also, I love these pants. They're so comfortable, and I feel so Mary Tyler Moore. Anyone used to watch Nick at Nite as religiously as I did? I wish I still had time for it. Fun fact: I met Ed Asner when I was little. At the zoo, his grandson took a liking to me, and I ended up with a cute stuffed animal seal. My life is so glamorous I can hardly stand it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this outfit. The shirt is Rock and Republic from Kohl's, the pants are Celebrity Pink from Boscov's, the heels are BCBG from Boscov's, and the sweater was on the clearance rack at Target.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Olive, Navy, & Beige

Momma made another scarf for me. It's obvious that I'm the favorite. Sorry, big brother.

I wore this outfit to grad class because I never know if the room is going to be blazing hot or frigid cold. Layers are important, folks. I'm surprised that I didn't throw a vest into the mix. 

I'd also like for you to know a little trick I found out: 
to find the "perfect" loose cardigan, buy two sizes up at Target. 
I tried extra small, but they shrunk and ended up all teeny. Too teeny.
I tried a medium, and it was perfect after laundering.
I'm so smart I scare myself. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sequin Skirt Seven Ways

For those of you who don't know, I had four stitches in my mouth. No, the story isn't as cool as "Here Comes the Boom is actually about me. I got these stitches from MMA fighting." Just a boring biopsy. Anyway, the stitches removal was horrible. Since I'm past the age of stickers and lollipops (not of my choosing, of course), I decided to reward myself by checking out some nearby shops. When I went into White House Black Market, I happened upon this fun sequin skirt for $30! Anyone who shops at that store knows full well that their clothes come at quite the pretty penny. This one was originally $128 or something ridiculous that I never would have spent.

I liked the skirt so much that I decided to style it SEVEN ways (one for every day of the week!), not just the standard three. However, I included only five of the looks in my collage. 

Look #1: Work Appropriate --> Blazer & Ruffles
Ruffles are great for ladies like me who aren't working with much up top (technically under the top).
I prefer low heels because I like to be comfortable. I went with a neutral shoe and a colored top.
I think the blazer ties it all together. Since the look is for work, keep the jewelry minimal. 
(I went with zero jewelry, actually.)
Outfit Deets:
Ruffle Top: The Limited
Blazer: J.Lo via Kohl's
Shoes: Candies via Kohl's

Look #2: Casual Work Day --> Cardigan & Flats
This look is very comfortable, so it's great for a bloated day. Or any day really.
The shirt has a little sparkle and so do the shoes because that's how I roll, folks.
You could tuck in the shirt if you wish. You could throw a belt over the cardigan for more structure. 
As you can see, I decided to keep it loose.
Outfit Deets:
Cardigan: Express (old)
Top: Candie's via Kohl's
Flats: Mia via DSW

Look #3: Warm Date Night --> Sweater, Leather, & Heels
I love me some cobalt. After all, it was one of my wedding colors. I guess you could say I hold it near and dear to my heart. Anyway, I went a little matchy matchy with the shoes. I decided to throw on a little edge with the leather jacket, but I kept it in a camel color. If you threw on flats, this look would be nice for lunch with the girls. 
Outfit Deets:
Sweater: Kohl's?
Leather Coat: black rivet via Wilson's Leather
Shoes: Michael Kors 

Look #4: Edgy Night Out --> Graphic Tee, Leather, & Boots
I love this look. It makes me feel bad ass, which I'm not. PLUS, how can you not love my "Good grammar is sexy" shirt? If you hate it, then I have no idea why you're reading this English teacher's blog. Anyway, I went with a chunky necklace, but I opted out of wearing earrings. 
If you want to stay warm, throw on some black tights! 
Outfit Deets:
Shirt: Gift from husband ;)
Leather jacket & boots: NO idea
Necklace: Forever 21

Look #5: Errand Running --> Military Jacket, White Tee, & Booties (change to flats if you wish)
This look might be my favorite just because I love my white t-shirts. 
If I were running a lot of errands, I'd wear some flats. Perhaps some white converse? 
Outfit Deets:
Military Jacket: Forever 21 (found in store)
White t-shirt: Target
Boots: J.Lo via Kohl's

Look #6 (not in collage): Chambray & Sequins
I would probably put on my kelly green flats with this outfit because, if I'm being honest, I know I won't wear these heels. In fact, they've been in and out of the "to donate" pile for awhile. 
Outfit Deets:
Chambray: Rock and Republic via Kohl's
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Earrings: Francesca's

Look #7 (also not pictured in collage): A different cardigan & the ruffles
I didn't realize this look existed in my arsenal until I made it halfway through this post. 
If you aren't a blazer girl, but you like the ruffles. Try a neutral cardigan. 
Outfit Deets:
Cardigan: Target
Heels: Candie's via Kohl's
Ruffle blouse: The Limited

So, did I do a good job? Which look(s) would you wear? Which one is your favorite? 

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Friday, February 15, 2013

IT List :)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black & White Dots on Dots

Disclaimer: I took these pictures after working a 12.5 hour day. I tried my best not to look haggard, but I make no promises, folks.

Again, I can think only in lists.

1. I'm not wearing lipstick. I put on lip liner and then sealed it with chapstick. It lasted for 10 hours before I had to reapply. That's pretty impressive. However, at my current state of mind, a block of cheese would impress me. 

2. My brain was not firing on all cylinders this morning, so the best I could come up with was all black and white with red lips. However, this combination seemed appropriate for parent-teacher conferences.

3. I did not wear these cute shoes today. Parent-teacher conference days equal heels.

4. I just finished watching Counterpunch. It was a really good movie! If you have Netflix, watch it.

5. My hair is big. Again. 

6. Don't you love the pillow that my Mom made for my window seat? OH, and she made that blanket, too. Momma dukes is so talented :)

Outfit Deets:
Pants: Express
Shirt: Marshall's
Shoes: Naturalizer
Belt: Express (SO OLD...like, I wore it in high school old)
Necklace: Momma bought it :) 

I would make links for you, but I've reached my limit. This twelve and a half hour day kicked my butt. 

Today (er...tonight?), I linked up with The Pleated Poppy and Because Shanna Said So.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Comfortable Chevron Chic

I'm having one of those weeks (okay, months) that involves so many things on the to-do list that I have to schedule appropriate times to pee. As a result, I can think only in list form. Here is a list for you:

1. According to other people, my skirt is either "super cute" or an optical illusion. I call it comfortable. 

2. I love this scarf from my seester (real word, folks). She has great taste in clothes and colors, right? (I hope you're reading this post, Jess. If you are, hello! I hope to see you again soon.) 

3. This look was actually Pinspired by this one:

4. However, I liked this mint scarf so much that I decided to switch up the color scheme. I could have worked a black cardigan like this pretty lady, but I preferred this shirt instead. 

5. Jeff and I actually have dinner plans for Valentine's Day at my new favorite restaurant. (Best gluten-free pizza EVER!) I was able to rework my parent-teacher conferences so that we could keep our date :) 

6. My hair is insane and huge today. I make no apologies for it. I just thought I'd state the obvious.

7. The doctor removed the stitches from my mouth today. HOLY WOW. I think my face had a heartbeat. You know when something hurts so badly that your body's involuntary reaction is to cry? Yeah, that happened. You know what I did when I left? Instead of buying myself a lollipop--those days are over for me--I bought myself a fun skirt, which I fully intend to wear on Valentine's Day. Skirts beat stickers any day. Okay, that statement is half a lie. 

Without further ado, here is today's outfit:

My face still looks a little swollen in this picture. No big deal.

Outfit Deets:
Shirt: Marshall's (similar)
Skirt: Old Navy (similar)
Flats: Marc Fisher via Macy's (similar)
Scarf: Gift from my seester-in-law! (similar)
Belt: Forever 21 (similar)

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I don't have any pictures of one of my weekend outfits because I spent too much time having fun with our out-of-town guests! My husband and I managed to luck out when we visited the Bahamas this summer because we met another couple with whom we instantly connected. They are so fun, funny, easy to talk to, and down to earth. My Dad and brother think we're nuts because we met these "random people" on vacation; now, we've visited them, and they've visited us. I understand their concerns, but sometimes you just have to trust your judgment of other people. Heck, I could meet someone from up the street who turns out to be a psychopath. Who's to say that a person from a few states away isn't completely normal and awesome? Furthermore, I met my now husband at a club. Sometimes, you meet the best of people in the most unexpected places. Right?

Anyway, we spent the weekend working on programs for their upcoming wedding (yay!), shopping, eating, and chatting. I also introduced them to the amazingness that is Pitch Perfect. They even accepted the strangeness that has been my lower lip since Thursday. Guys, I went to the doctor because they said they needed a biopsy of the inside of my lip (long story). When I think biopsy and dermatologist, I think a scraping of the skin. Oh, no no no. They straight up took a scalpel to my flesh and chiseled out some salivary glands; in other words, they excised a CHUNK of my mouth. This procedure, for which I came completely unprepared, required four stitches, stitches that the doctor must remove. (WHY no dissolvable stitches?!) I seriously mirrored Sloth from the Goonies and Quasimodo's love child...if that person actually existed. People's faces looked pained when they saw my mouth; I thought Mom would cry every time she stared at my face. Anyway, I am finally on the mend (though my head feels a bit like someone beat it with a bat), and my weekend was still fabulous, puffy lip and all. 

I call this outfit my "Ralph Lauren Look" because who doesn't name outfits? 

Outfit Deets:
Scarf: Unknown, but I know you're digging my tartan
Jean Blazer: Old Navy
Lace shirt: The Limited
Mustard Skinnies: Target
Riding Boots: Franco Sarto via Marshall's
Earrings: Francesca's

P.S. I'm throwing my best friend's bridal shower next weekend, what do you think I should wear?

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Friday, February 8, 2013

IT List

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  • One Hundred Inspirations recreates a simple and classic Reese Witherspoon look for under $110! Head over to check out where the pieces are from!
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  • Second Street East is taking a cue from the warming weather and recreating a room and outfit with bright blues and pinks! Tons of great finds! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dear, Shopping-Addicted Self:

Dear, Shopping-Addicted Self,

1. Do not buy anything just because it is on sale; otherwise, you will end up with a closet full of mismatched pieces (i.e. the hole I am currently digging my wardrobe out of). 

2. Conversely, never pay full price for anything unless it is already within the price point you wish to spend on that particular item. 

3. Just because it fits does not mean it ships to "you look like the bomb.com" town. Additionally, just because, "Mooooom, everyone else is wearing it!" and it looks good on everyone else, does not mean it will look good on you. 

4. Confidence completes any outfit. If you're confident in rocking those paisley pants, then you get down with your bad self and rock those paisley pants. Fashion is meant to be fun, not formulated.

5.  If you do not absolutely love it in the store, you certainly will not love it once you get it home. Some outfits just do not qualify as "take me home to Momma" material. Accept it. 

6. If it itches, bunches, pulls, and smacks you in the face (or other, more awkward body parts) after five minutes in the dressing room, you're going to be dolphin-punching angry after five hours in it. You used this strategy when you shopped for wedding dresses, and it worked swimmingly. Apply this strategy to all clothing.

7. If you cannot make this item part of at least three different outfits in your wardrobe, then it is a colossal waste of money. 

8. If you continue to buy five versions of the same damn black sweater or striped shirt or red cardigan, I'm stealing your piggy bank and never returning it. And you like that piggy bank because it's actually an orange elephant you named Penny. Penny's life depends on this rule. 

9. You know the best place to shop? Your own closet! Oh.Em.Geeee. Who would've thunk it? You have so many lovely clothes that your husband has to store his in the office closet. Maybe you should shop your own closet before heading to Target...again. 

Please take these rules into consideration every time that you pull out your wallet, or I will be forced to hide your Pirate's Booty cheddar puffs somewhere that you will never find them. Penny will go with them. 

Your Reasonable Shopper Other Half

Does anyone else have public, written conversations with themselves? Or, is that idiosyncrasy all mine? 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy today's outfit. I came up with a new way (for me) to tie my scarf: in a bow! I figure shirts with bows are all the rage. What should stop me from turning my scarf into one? 
Maybe common sense, but who has that anymore? 

Outfit Deets:
Sweater: Forever 21
Pants: J.Lo via Kohl's (Momma bought 'em for me!)
Boots: Franco Sarto via Marshall's
Scarf: From Momma (not sure where she got it)

What would you put in a letter to yourself?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Navy and Mint (Work Appropriate)

I can wait no longer to wear the mint pants that my Momma bought for me for Christmas. I keep seeing all of these images crop up on Pinterest that tell me, "Wear mint with naaaavy. Wear mint with naaaaavy." How can I resist? I can't. 

Feel free to laugh about the fact that my pillow matches my pants. Or, feel free to envy me for my astute matching abilities. 

Also, I would really appreciate it if stores started stocking up on more wide leg pants (in different colors). I do love my skinny jeans and pants, but I equally love wide leg pants. They make me feel instantly polished. 
Yo, retailers, get on that, okay? Am I the only one who makes this request?

 Outfit Deets:
Blazer: Marshall's
Pants: Madewell
Shoes: Naturalizer
Belt: NY & Co.
Necklace: J.Crew Factory

P.S. I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy. Check out some other ladies and their Wednesday looks!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two-Toned Blazer Three Ways

So, every Sunday, I spend some time going through my closet, looking for neglected clothes to revive. This Sunday, I found a two-tone blazer that fits really well, but I haven't been wearing it very often because of its length. I challenged myself to style it three ways so that I had some outfit combinations in my arsenal for future use. I hope these looks help you, too! 

Look #1: Work Appropriate 
(For the wicked winter time, I would throw on some tights, but I didn't feel like fighting with them for the purpose of this Sunday assignment that I gave to myself.)

It took me forever to pick out a belt for this outfit. Beige looked weird. I wasn't feeling leopard print. I wanted something big. This black belt from another dress fit the bill.  Also, in the following picture, I wasn't wearing a necklace. When I reviewed the pictures in my view finder, I realized that the outfit did not look complete. I threw on a necklace, and it made a huge difference (to me.) Finally, I considered a red top, but I thought that might be predictable. I like how fuchsia softened the look. 

No idea what's going on with my legs. They're trying to divorce each other in this picture.

They're hesitant but thinking about reconciliation in this picture.

Look #2: Edgy Date Night

Okay, this look challenged me the most. It might have been because I was trying on the top half without putting on any pants. Pants really do complete an outfit in case you were wondering. I didn't like the top half until I put on a pair of pants. Amazing. Anyway, at first, I was leery about this combination of different lengths, but the addition of some trusty pants alleviated my fears. I rather like it, and it might be my favorite of the three outfits even though it includes no pops of color. Sometimes, it's okay to stick with only neutrals. If I wanted, I could throw on my leopard print heels instead of these boots. So many options here, people!

By the way, I also unearthed this button up that has received zero love in at least a year. When I tried it unbuttoned, I realized how much I love it for a more casual look! The more I look at this outfit, the more I think leopard print heels would be a nice substitution. Hmmm. Thoughts?

Look #3: Casual Friday or Running Errands 

If you chose to run errands, throw on some flats (black, red, nude, leopard, whatever).  However, these little kitten heels are easy on the feet and back, so they'd be find for errands, too. 

I liked red in my accessories instead of my top. Also, this long sleeve shirt might be my favorite of the entire bunch. So darn versatile. I love me some stripes! 

(Feel free to pin me. Note: that does not mean we're going steady. Sorry.)

Blazer: Forever 21

Outfit 1 Deets:
Top: The Limited (size XS)
Skirt: LOFT (size 0)
Belt: From a dress
Shoes: Naturalizer
Necklace: Gift from Momma! :)

Outfit 2 Deets:
Top: Mudd via Kohl's (size S)
Button up: Express (size XS)
Black Corduroy Pants: LOFT (size 0)
Boots: Not sure

Outfit 3 Deets:
Belt: NY & Co. (size S/M)
Top: The Limited (size XS)
Pants: LOFT (size 0)
Shoes: Naturalizer