Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Favorite Outfit Recreated & Thoughts on Yoga

So, I tried yoga...again. You see, I've always been a lover of pilates and a believer of "yoga? oh, yes, that's an hour of trying to avoid one of two things: farting or laughing at someone who has farted."However, I have not visited the gym for a long time, and I needed something easy on my geriatric body, so I took a gander at the class offerings. Spinning? No, I don't need to set my ass on fire today. Body pump? Ohh no no no, my biceps and I are far from prepared at this juncture. Lil' Dragons? Welp, I am not in the 4-6 age bracket, so no. And then I saw an "Alignment Yoga" class, and it sounded (the most) appealing. 

You see, aside from the flatulence (and snoring at the end) that accompanied the three other yoga classes I attended, I am about as flexible as a titanium rod. The fact of the matter is that I cannot touch my toes unless I bend my knees. You see why yoga intimidates me?

Anyway, I arrived early because I was not going to be that girl in the front of the class to show everyone what not to do. I forgot a mat. Doh. Some kind lady told me we had to wait until the instructor arrived and opened up the Narnia cabinet, so I waited and I observed. I had to size up my competition. (Really, I needed to see if a room full of Lulu Lemon girls strutted in and proved to me that I was absolutely in the wrong place with my leggings I wear as pajamas, all covered in Roxy and Squirt fur.) The lady in front of me was stretching before yoga, which both confused and worried me. Then, a man in his, I'm guessing here, 70s sort of hobbled into the room. I was starting to feel better. Also, that man's "buddy," a younger man in his 60s, asked me what color my shirt was. I liked the class already.

Guys, I finally like yoga. Apparently, the class is filled with noobs. One lady didn't know she had to take off her shoes (despite the sign outside the door). Another lady also forgot a mat. The instructor never had to correct my posture. And I felt much taller and relaxed after class.

However, no one farted, and I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

In case you want to know--you might not, but I like to spew word vomit around these parts, which means I plan to tell you anyway--I plan to do yoga with that same instructor four times a week (along with some Zumba, of course!) for the next two-three weeks so that I can move on up to strength conditioning and, who knows, maybe even Body Pump. Whoa whoa whoa, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. 

Anyway, let's carry on. Shall we?

Now that Mom takes my pictures and does a darn fine job at it, I wanted to recreate one of my favorite outfits previously taken in terrible lighting. 
 The Look:
Sweater: Elle via Kohl's
Skirt: Francesca's (got this bad boy for $15!)
Booties: Old Navy
Scarf: Made by Momma
Blazer: Express 
 Belt: Came with a dress

What would a post be without some outtakes for your viewing pleasure?

I call this first one, "Mom, I got this."

 I call this second one, "No one in yoga farted, but it looks like I did."

Before I leave you, I have three more things:

1. Next Trendy Tuesday is Pretty in Pastels.
(My colleagues and I are trying to usher in warmer weather.)

2. If you want to laugh so hard that funny tears obstruct your vision, read this Haribo review. (If you do NOT appreciate potty humor, then I suggest you scroll on.)

3. I think we should start a book club based on this list.

Carry on, folks.


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  1. You crack me up! I would like to like yoga, but it makes me feel nervous. The room is so quiet, and then everyone is breathing all heavily. Super awkward. I should probably try again, because I think it's pretty good for the joints/muscles. For now, I just do Zumba on Mondays and read while riding the bike on other days.

    1. Oh, also - that book list is interesting. I'm from Kansas, Indiana, and Nebraska, but I haven't read the most popular books for those states. In fact, I haven't read most of the books listed. I think this list is probably pretty skewed since it only counts people who use that specific ereader service.

  2. I love yoga now, but finding a good teacher who worked with beginners was KEY. Flexibility might come, but it may not - the point isn't how you look, it's how it makes you feel.

  3. After all that talk of yoga, the "favorite" book for PA on that list was about yoga! One of the biggest reasons I don't take classes at my gym is because I assume I'll be the noob and just be embarrassed the whole time. And I, too, cannot touch my toes. Glad I'm not the only one! Love your outfit here, that skirt is amazing.

  4. You have stories like no one else. I adore your booties! I saw them at Old Navy on super sale, but was too lazy to take off my boots to try them on. This is making me think I'll have to go back. Also, you always have the cutest things from Francesca's. How have I never shopped there before?

  5. This. Outfit. I want to wear it now. You're pretty much on an outfit roll lately and way to go with yoga. I'd like to start working out again.....but I've been saying that for almost four years....

  6. Haha, oh my, I highly enjoyed this post! I like your sense of humor. :) I am totally loving this outfit, especially how you pulled the coral color from the skirt and matched it in the scarf. Perfection!

    xo Always, Abby

  7. Yay you're wearing one of my favorite scarves! The color combo in this outfit is so well done. The scarf picking out a color from the skirt, a soft grey top with a perfectly-fitted black blazer and adorable black booties. Yep, love it.

  8. Adorable outfit. Just have to say I read that link about the gummy bears and have never laughed so hard in my life!!

  9. Haha love the outtakes :) This outfit is too cute--and it sounds like you really had a blast at yoga class. If I don't have a class or some kind of exercise I like, I never stick with it--yoga has been one of my favs :) As long as I am not too tired or else I tend to join you in the snoring department ha.


  10. Oh my gosh, totally cracking up! This is why my sister stands behind me in Zumba class in case I fart, at least she will be behind me. LOL! Good for you for doing yoga and Zumba and maybe even Body Pump (whatever that may be). Zumba is by far my favorite workout routine. On to the outfit - absolutely stinkin adorable!

  11. First of all that skirt is adorable! I just love it. Secondly Yoga scares me because of farting as well, which is why I started doing it at home :) Eventually I'll get back out there and try again! Good for you!

  12. You seriously crack me up. Gahhhh why can't you be my real life friend? Move to Louisiana already! It's always great to have friend that don't mind talking about farts... did I just say that? Yepp. Sure did. That friend for me is my sister.

    I've only dont yoga once, but I thought it was boring. Maybe it's because I was dancing all the time then and my body didn't need anymore stretching. I could definitely use it now though. Zumba is a TON of fun! What I want to try is belly dance fitness class! Too bad I work till 6 everyday or I'd totally be taking it.

    Oh and this outfit is perfect. You are the master of the blazer + a-line skirt + scarf combo.

  13. Hahahaaa. You are so funny, girlfriend. That is the cutest Aztec Skirt Ever. You wore it so well. I love those Boots & that Scarf from Talented Mama Dukes. Great poses too. I want to know how you get those beautiful curls though. Make me happy! =)

  14. love your style and your humor!
    people farting in yoga class.. what is with that??
    hold it in people. hold it IN!!!! ;))))

  15. I'm literally laughing out loud right now. I used to take yoga in college, and I always would giggle uncontrollably when people would fart (EVERY TIME). I had to stop taking the class after this happened: Someone farted, I started laughing, I laugh-farted, and then I died of embarrassment. I don't think there will ever be a time in which I WON'T think farts are funny.

    Also, tell me more about pilates. I've been told before that I would really like it, but I still don't even really know what it is...

    As for your outfit, I'm really kind of in love with it. I think you look so lovely in coral, and I love those gray boots. I was just out looking for some replacement black boots since they're all on clearance right now, and I found this pair of gray boots that are a lot like this, and I LOVED them. I'm kind of regretting not buying them now...have you found gray boots to be versatile? That's what was holding me back...I wasn't sure if I would wear them all that often...

  16. First of all, I am totally catching up on blog reading right now. Secondly, hilarious story. You are hilarious. And I love that skirt so much! The colors are fantastic. It made me almost not feel sorry for you with that snow behind you. But ugh, snow. Finally, that sugarless gummy bear review. Well, my grandma ate some of those without reading the reviews. And she got sick. Reallly sick. So we showed her the reviews. Now she knows to stay away!


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