Thursday, October 30, 2014


A few weeks ago, I went into Old Navy with $10 in store credit/cash/whatever they call that nonsense. I figured I could browse for something that caught my eye, so I ventured to the sale rack. I found this dress for $11.49. Yes, that means I ended up paying about $2 for this dress, which I might add is a dress I have searched for since I saw it online...not in my size. I thought that maybe one day I would find myself in luck, and I had my day, people. I had my day. (The picture quality might not convey that this dress is red and white stripes, so there's that information in case you needed it.)

When I walked through the media center today to pick up letters of rec off of the printer, I saw a student working on something for school and commented, "How do you SEE anything on that screen? It's like the world's tiniest computer." He did not tell me that my eyes are 30-year-old woman eyes and not 17-year-old boy eyes, but he did say that he bought the computer at a yard sale for a whopping THREE dollars. I think his three dollar computer's got my two dollar dress beat.

The Look:
Scarf: Made by my momma (similar)
Belt: Francesca's (similar)
Cardigan: Target (one of my students calls it our twin cardigan because she has the same one!)
Boots: Franco Sarto via Marshall's (he makes the best shoes.)
Dress: Old Navy (similar)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blush-colored glasses

I have never been pink's biggest fan, but this blush color? Definitely a fan. Thank you, fashion world, for allowing this color to have a "moment" because I can now buy all things blush-colored. 

For some reason, Mother Nature decided that 80 degrees would be a suitable temperature for a late October day here on the east coast. I do not mind 80 degrees nor do I mind 50 degrees. I do, however, mind a swift shift from 80 degrees to 50 degrees in one day's time. Do not fret. I layered up for the occasion. I had a scarf and coat in the morning and let the guns out of the cardigan after work. 

The Look:
Cardigan: Old Navy
Blouse: Apt 9 via Kohl's (gift from Momma)
Pants: Exact Stretch from The Limited
Wedges: J.Crew Factory

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today is actually Trendy Tuesday, and the theme is "Think Pink" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month; however, you are seeing what I wore yesterday. Forgive me for being a day behind? 

I decided to wear black and orange since it would look ill-timed at any other point in the year. Why do certain holidays have to ruin perfectly good color combinations by making them acceptable at only one time of the year?

My co-teacher told me that this outfit is her favorite one, possibly ever. (Currently, I am watching the American Horror Story episode that I missed from last week, so I feel pretty themey right now.) 

The Outfit:
Sweater: Mossimo via Target (I hope they come out with this sweater again because this one seriously needs to be replaced.)
Skirt: Elle via Kohl's (only thing that would make it better is pockets)
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's (old)
Scarf: Francesca's

Monday, October 27, 2014

Think Pink

I wore this outfit on Friday, and if you follow me on Instagram, then I already spoiled this surprise for you. Sorry about that. I would have taken pictures this weekend of the outfits I have planned for this week, but we finally moved everything still left in the apartment over to the house. I now have a living room filled with odds and ends.

You know what? I cannot force myself to care right now. I just finished my 37th letter of recommendation, which means I finally finished all of the letters due by November 1st, and I'm several days ahead of the game. I still have five left, but they aren't due until December or January; I think I earned a little break. I also have to make up my graduate final exam tomorrow night, and I have another graduate project due on Tuesday night. The odds and ends can wait, especially since we finally (pretty much) finished painting our blue bedroom. Now that I do not have to wake up in an aquarium, I can learn to live with the rest of the chaos for a few weeks.

Speaking of chaos, I came up with my motto for this school year: Don't get mad; get manic. Turn anger/frustration into craziness. It's working so far.  I am certifiable.

Oh, if you want to join my colleagues and me for our next few Trendy Tuesdays, here they are:

Tomorrow, October 28th: Think Pink (wear pink in honor of breast cancer awareness)

Wednesday, November 5th (we are off on the 4th for election day, so we moved our trendy day): Diamonds (A male colleague picked this gem! He suggested argyle, actual diamonds, sequins, or sparkles. All of these qualify for our theme. Isn't it a fun idea? I think so.)

Tuesday, November 11th: Invested (yes, that means wear a vest of some sort--this theme was chosen by a different male colleague of mine. Don't I work with the coolest people? I think so.)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Reuse the Bowl

I considered tucking in this shirt, and then I realized that the shirt's thickness makes that process an awkward one. I already define awkward, so no need to add more awkwardness to my life. Plus, the allergist had to check the patch testing on my back today. I decided that untucking and retucking would annoy me, and who needs more annoyances in their life? Speaking of annoyances, I accidentally left my Veggie Straws out without closing the bag. Semi-stale Veggie Straws annoy me. Also speaking of annoyances, who thought scheduling the deadlines for quarter one grades and college letters of recommendation was a brilliant idea? Whoever you are, if I were your mother, I'd ground you from life.

Speaking of non-annoyances, one of my students made me cackle so hard today. My sophomores are writing persuasive speeches, and I gave them time to work on their speeches today. One of my students wants to persuade his classmates to buy a goldfish instead of another kind of pet. Another student and I were helping him come up with supports. The student said, "I could say, as bad as it sounds, that if it dies, you can replace it easily." The other student remarked, "And, hey, you could reuse the bowl. Saves money." As I type the comment, I realize I run the risk of sharing something at which no one else will laugh, but I don't care. Just one of you might have a laugh at that comment. If so, you're welcome, one person.

Reuse the bowl. Aha. Kills me. Of course, I don't live in a bowl that you can reuse.

The Look:
Shirt: J.Crew Factory (similar)
Cardigan: Old Navy (similar)
Pants: The Limited (exact stretch--these are the straight leg ones--similar)
Shoes: J.Crew Factory (exact

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

White, Gray, and Black

Someone in the universe needs to explain something to me. Why is it that when I think I have worn enough layers to work, my classroom is freezing, proving me horribly wrong, but when I wear more layers, thinking my classroom will be freezing, my classroom feels like a sauna? Honestly, if my room had a gender, it would certainly check the "menopausal woman" box. This morning, I pulled together this outfit and loved the combination of neutrals. Could I wear my blazer past the late bell for first period? Nope. I sweat my way out of the blazer before I even gave my first set of students a warm-up (pun unintended). 

I cannot believe my hair still looked presentable even though the patch testing on my back prevented me from showering since Monday morning. Oh, the things I admit to the internets. 

(Forgive the painter's tape. This stupid blue bedroom is going to be the end of me.)

The Look:
Blazer: Kenar via Marshall's (very similar at Target)
Sweater: LOFT (similar 1, similar 2)
Pants: Express (the Columnist, slim fit)
Flats: Merona via Target (exact)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Back in Black

Since my wardrobe is spread all throughout the house (some in boxes, some in the other master closet we're not worrying about at the moment, some in the spare bedroom closet--I don't have that many clothes; I'm just not organized about it at the moment) while we paint our master bedroom and design my closet, I am not so creative in the outfit creating process. I guess I keep choosing black-oriented outfits because they're easier?

This leather jacket from thredUP might be the best $25 purchase of my life. I keep finding lookalikes for hundreds of dollars! (Apparently, lookalike is one word; I had to check. Fun fact of the day? I think so.)

This sweater is also a thredUP purchase. Hmm, how interesting. Mom bought me these Simply Vera boots from Kohl's, and I love them. That woman knows her black boots (and her Kohl's deals) better than anyone else. 

I thought wearing a long-sleeved shirt under this sweater made me a genius avoiding a light jacket on a 50 degree day. Instead, it made me a sweaty, hot mess in Target. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Watch Out for Shower Paraphernalia

Tuesday morning started off pretty well. I woke up. Waking up always makes for a great start to the day. Things started to deteriorate quickly after that. To prevent the impending grease on my head from starting a fire, I decided to take a shower.

The previous owners decided that a thick, heavy tension rod would make for a suitable arrangement for a shower curtain. I proved them wrong. I took the towel off the towel rack and went to throw it over the curtain rod, well, I pulled the shower curtain, its rod, and the accompanying (and large) hooks down onto the right side of my head. There I wobbly stand in the shower holding all of the shower apparatus in my arms when I realize, "crap, the door is locked." I take a tiny step forward to unlock the door and call for Jeff who comes barreling up the stairs.

He barges into the bathroom to find me standing there quite awkwardly, holding everything in my arms. Of course, in this situation, I cannot see any other way of standing. I meekly utter, "help." He asks if it hurts; I say, "yes, it really hurts. It smashed me in the head. My head hurts." My ego felt the largest brunt at this point.

At work, things started off okay despite the nagging headache. After third period, I started grading three sets of scantrons. Apparently, staring at all of those little bubbles provoked my brain. When I went to a meeting, I started to see doubles of people and felt like I might upchuck the lunch I hadn't yet eaten. I left the meeting and visited the nurse next door (how convenient) to ask if she did concussion testing. She said my pupils looked dilated and I looked pale (more than usual?) and suggested I take a visit to Patient First.

While two of my kind colleagues packed me up, carried my bags, and escorted me to the front office, Jeff flew over from work. (My weepy voice on the phone was all he needed to hear.)

Long story short: the doctor diagnosed me with a concussion, made me take off of work for two days, and reminded me it would take a week for the headaches and dizziness to clear. I am not winning at life right now, but I did convince Jeff to take my pictures today...despite my uncooperative hair. (In its defense, I had not brushed it before he took pictures. It was sort of a rough day; my hair took a hard hit. Pun intended.)

The Look:
Cardigan: Target
Sweater: Target (Whitney, it's our matching sweater!)
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's several years ago

(Yes, these pictures were taken in our new backyard!)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Miss me?

I promise I haven't left you intentionally. At this moment, if I actually use the bathroom within three hours of my bladder's first evacuation warning, then I consider it a good day. A third of our belongings still reside in the apartment because our lease isn't up until October 31st and taking our sweet time to move seemed like a wonderful idea. In hindsight, I see the terribleness.

Half of my clothes live in boxes because the previous owners decided bright blue walls, ceilings, doors, and baseboards would make for a serene bedroom and closet. Instead, every morning feels as if I've woken up in an aquarium. Half of my shoes still live at the apartment. My clothes pins (how do I close the chip bags!?) reside in a bowl at the apartment. My couch still sits in the apartment. Our guest bed? Apartment. All of my warm winter coats? Apartment. Sewing machine? Apartment. In the house? Nearly everything sits in a box. The only room that's mostly unpacked is the kitchen, so that's where I spend my time until my face hits the sheets. We do finally have a table and chairs in here, which is great because sitting on the floor and eating off of a blue Rubbermaid container was getting really old.

For the record, the apartment is about ten minutes from our house, so it's not even a big hike from one place to the next.  Monday night, I had to stay at school until 8 because I sponsor the freshman class, and it's Homecoming week. Tuesday night, I sat in grad class until 8:30. Wednesday night, we took a trip to Home Depot for 8 gallons of paint and then I painted for two and a half hours when we arrived home. Last night and tonight, I have been painting our kitchen in a desperate attempt to make something ours and something not manila. Or bright blue. Tomorrow morning, I meet with my grad group at 9, then my college roommate comes into town, then I go out to dinner with a colleague and her boyfriend. Sunday, we tackle the bedroom walls because I can't keep looking at blue everything. I just can't.

The moral of this poorly told story is that time management has become a struggle these days and my life is scattered about in too many places for me to keep track of anything effectively. Something must be forfeited in the name of sleep, so the blog has taken a hit. (Clearly, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory, Stalker, and Scorpion. Fall TV gets me every year. EVERY year.) Don't worry; I'm still silently stalking many of you on your blogs but I do so looking at my phone as I get ready in the morning, which means I cannot (figure out how to) comment.

Anyway, we went to a wedding at the Naval Academy in Annapolis last weekend, and I rented a dress from Rent the Runway. Best decision ever. They even send you a second size for free! I couldn't find anything else in my closet. SCORE. It was pretty chilly that day, so I wore my leather jacket over top (edgy meets classy? who cares.) because I couldn't find any of my other jackets. I think it worked. No, I have no pictures of that for you.

(Exact dress -- it's $25 off your first rental!) 
Note: I thought it'd have pockets, but mine most definitely did not. I was majorly disappointed.

I am so pasty. And my eyes are so tired. 

I might just frame this picture. 
(He got his suit from Express, the only place with decent prices and suit sizes that actually fit him!)

Isn't this church gorgeous? He's so goofy. 

They LOVE the new house! 

The kitchen wall color doesn't come across exactly as it is because my phone's camera leaves something to be desired. Thanks, phone. Close enough. 

Anyway, when my life is up and running, this blog will be, too. 
I miss writing and you guys, but duty (haha, dOO-ty) calls. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Just a quick hello today because I took the day off in order to write college letters of recommendation. In total, I have 44, which is a significant amount, and I have no idea how the number grew so large. I just think these kids are so great and they ask so nicely that I cannot say no. So, here I am, curled up in my soft blanket and warm sweatshirt, perched on my desk chair, cranking out as many super personalized letters as my fingers can type.  Wish me luck?

Until then, look at me being all bad to the bone in the first outfit and very prim and proper in the second one. I always ask my students to compare and contrast things. Look at the contrasts here, people.

The Look:
Crumb Catcher (scarf): Made by my momma
Shirt: J.Crew Factory 
Jacket: got this bad boy for $25 on thredUP, can't remember the brand
Jeans: High-rise American Eagle 
Boots: Simply Vera (Mom got them for me from Kohl's) 

The Look:
Top: New York & Co. 
Jeans: The Limited
Heels: J.Crew Factory

That's all I have for you today. Time to write more letters of recommendation now.