Thursday, September 18, 2014


I'm on a mission to fill my closet with clothes I love and not crap I bought just because it was on sale. As a result, I've made quiiiiite a bit of money on thredUP. This money pays for the clothes I love that replace the ones I don't even like all that much.

You saw my thredUp order on Wednesday. I kept only two things from it, a scarf and a dress. First, let's take a look at my Old Navy order. I think I will keep only two things, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. (In truth, I only bought what I did in order to get free shipping! Don't we all?)

I'll start with what I plan to return unless you convince me otherwise.

(P.S. Old Navy is having a 30% off sale right now in case you want any of these items for yourself.)

The Sweater
I know it looks cute, but, good gosh, I do NOT need another striped anything, especially black and white stripes. Plus, it ended up being $20, and that's just too much for something I don't need. It fits really well and looks cute with these pants. However, instead of keeping it, I will just use this picture as inspiration for another outfit with my black and white striped top.
You can find it here. (It looks gray in the picture, but it's definitely black.)

The Dress
It's a very cute dress, and it's not hoochie short. It wasn't a steep price, but I need another black dress like I need a hole in the head. In case you're wondering, I'm 5'6" with a booty, so it's still long enough despite those factors. It's soft and remixable. I just don't need it. Find it here.

By the way, I just bought the burgundy wedges from Aerosoles, and they are so comfortable. I wore them all day to teach and even to a doctor's appointment. And Ulta. And my feet didn't hurt! They give a 15% discount to teachers. (No, I didn't realize Aerosoles made cute shoes and not just old lady shoes.) Want 'em? Get 'em here.

The Leopard Cardigan
Don't even try to dissuade me from keeping this cardigan. First of all, I've been looking for a printed cardigan because most of mine are solid-colored. I also wanted a leopard cardigan; I just didn't want it to be cheesy looking. Maybe you hate it, but I love it. No way is it going back. Just look at the next outfit.

I even created another look for you; it comes to you with a dog butt, too. The cardigan isn't in stores as far as I know, but it's here online. 

The Pink Cardigan
At first, I thought it was too long, and then I remembered my favorite black, thick cardigan and how much I wear that thing. I realized I actually love the length, and I can't stop wearing blush. I might have a problem, quite honestly. Once I styled it a few ways, it sold me. Am I wearing rose-colored glasses, and I should return it? 

Here's another look with it. I think I'll wear it for casual Friday tomorrow. 
Want one for yourself? Find it here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I kept and what I returned

I always love seeing posts like these from other ladies, so I decided to grace your presence with one of my own. I received a box from thredUP (cost me nothing because I have a lot of credit from sending in several bags).

I kept only two of the items, but thought I'd share everything with you. Do you mind?

Michael Kors dress in XS. 
If I were a few inches shorter, this dress would be perfect. However, I have a 'donk, so this dress rides up too high for my liking. It makes me sad because the material is so thick, and I love the pockets. 

21Hawthorn Dress & Gap Scarf.
I absolutely kept both. I want to wear them every day.

J.Crew Cardigan
It fit a little funny on the sides, so I sent it back. However, I love the colors and print.

J.Crew Dress 
Apparently, I need big armpits because this dress hangs too low. Or I need a chest.
Whichever. Yeah, I returned it. Plus, it's too much a summer color.

LOFT Skirt
I didn't really know what to do with the mottled gray color. It perplexed me. Plus, it sat high on my waist. And it allows my thighs to wave at you. Yep, sent it back. 

That is all.
Oh, I see the dermatologist tomorrow, but I think I figured out the problem.
I'm allergic to the make-up I was using. I changed make-ups three days ago, and my face no longer looks as if poison ivy set up camp on it. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nailed it.

Do you ever start off on your trip down Pinterest lane and think, "I shall wear that"? However, when the time actually arrives to wear that, you botch it something terrible and hope the original pinner never sees the monstrosity that you have created in their name? Or, conversely, you take a pin and nail that sucker to the wall and say, "haha! In Style would say I totally wore it better"? Yesterday, I think I created the latter of the two outfits (the masterpiece, not the monstrosity).

I began with this pin. (I wish I was not allergic to wool so that I could own this beautifully colored blazer that Jessica has on, but I must settle for the cotton cardigan version instead.) I thought I would wear my striped skirt (not dress) with my camel-colored cardigan (not blazer) and brown boots. However, I somehow landed on this new burgundy-colored cardigan from Target (thanks to one of those alluring Cartwheel coupons--curse you, Cartwheel). Based on how many students and teachers complimented today's outfit, I decided to pat myself on the back and say, "job well done, self."

I considered calling myself a narcissist just now, but you know what? No. I told one of my former students who needed a pep talk to repeat the following self-affirmation every day while looking in the mirror: "I am beautiful, and I write well." Perhaps, I should take my own advice and remind myself, "I do not always botch my pinspirations. In fact, I am beautiful, and I dress well." Ladies, affirm yourselves today. (I considered deleting that last sentence because of its seemingly perverted undertones. Instead, I decided to point out its weirdness and leave it be.)

If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw the outfit, but it kind of deserves a blog post. (Here I am, tooting my horn.) And something other than a shameless mirror selfie. However, I can only do so much.

The Look:
Cardigan: Target (exact on sale for $15!)
Top: Target
Belt and Skirt: NY & Co. (skirt: 1 / 2 / 3)
Boots: Ralph Lauren via DSW (brown and cognac option for $70)

I also wore the skirt these ways:

Monday, September 15, 2014

What you see is what you get.

Brynn completed the questions in video format, but my face currently looks as if poison ivy set up camp on it. I decided to spare you, but I hope my verbal wit conveyed itself in writing. If not, know that I made a valiant effort.

  1.   How tall are you?  5’6”
  1. Do you have a hidden talent?  If so, what? If I told you, it wouldn’t be hidden any longer and what fun is that? However, I can scratch my nose with my nose and do the Elvis lip. Do these freakish physical feats count?
  1. What's your biggest blog-related pet peeve? I have to agree with Brynn on this one. People who leave comments in hopes you will comment on their blogs. Also, if I sprinkle my heart into the post talking about something other than poop, which is my typical banter, and all you say is “cute shoes!” then I’m feeling rather slighted. Maybe I spend an inordinate amount of time deliberating over what I’ll post in a comment, but I feel some thought should go into a comment even if it’s one that makes the blogger laugh.
  1. What's your biggest non-blog-related pet peeve? Of what variety exactly? Fashion related? Absolutely that tall sock trend that’s all the rage among teenagers. You know the trend we made fun of our granddads for because they wore the socks to prevent shin sunburns? Oh, and leggings being worn as pants. They’re called leggings, which means I should see only your legs. When they make something called assings, feel free to let that body part hang out. No, on second thought, don’t. Just don’t.
  1. What's your favorite song? Do people even have favorite songs anymore? That’s a thing? Seriously? There is so much music out there, and you expect me to pick ONE song? I can pick one man to love for the rest of my life, but a song? Nope.
  1. What's your favorite Etsy shop that isn't yours? I don’t Etsy. Is that a verb? Can I make it a verb even though I don’t do it? Everyone is so talented on there, and I think my mom should sell her scarves on there.
  1. What's your favorite way to spend your free time when you're alone? I like looking at blogs, shopping alone, and generally being alone, which Jeff rarely lets me do. I make him go fishing so that I can have “me” time (which usually results in grading time). Otherwise, he will make as much noise as humanly possible, and he will get in my face as frequently as he can.
  1. What's your favorite junk food? I’m not sure how much you know about me, but I have the world’s most cantankerous digestive system. Junk food does not exist in my home nor my vocabulary. Back when I could consume anything, I loved oatmeal cream pies and Lucky Charms. Now, I drink kale smoothies, brown rice cakes with almond butter, and cucumbers smothered in olive oil and Old Bay. Try not to be too jealous of me.
  1. Do you have a pet or pets?  If so, what kind and what are their names? Oh, if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know the answer is yes. I could not live life without dogs. We have two Shiba Inu, Squirt and Roxy, also known as Squirtle and Roxy Doodles. Or peanut and brazil nut. Or princess and dumpy butt.
  1. What are your number one favorite nonfiction and fiction books? I can actually answer this question unlike the song one. The Alchemist is my favorite fiction book of all time; it speaks to my soul. We even used an excerpt of it for one of the readings at our wedding. As for nonfiction, I loved The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. It made me feel all the feelings. At one point, I actually threw the book across the room; I can’t believe what an enormous bastard her father is/was.
  1. What's your favorite beauty product? Currently, this subject is a sensitive one because I happen to be allergic to something I put on my face. What exactly, I won’t know for several more days until I see the doctor. However, First Aid Beauty’s lotion has been a life and skin saver. When I find something that does not make my skin rage something hellish, I shall inform the masses by singing from the rooftops. And possibly doing a jig.
  1. When were you last embarrassed?  What happened? If you met my dad and brother, you would understand that embarrassment does not exist in my family. Dad spent too many years conditioning us against it. However, that time I completely took a dive outside of Target might qualify as embarrassing. Actually, painful is a better adjective. Purely excruciating. I called my Dad after it happened to say that I followed his and Mom’s “always break your fall with your hands, not your face” advice and he said, “What? Did the sidewalk jump out at you?” A brutal war wound showed up approximately three minutes later.
  1. If you could only drink on beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be? Those kale smoothies I made fun of earlier are actually delicious, but my tastebuds are distorted. If I told you what really goes into it, you might stop visiting me here.
  1. What's your favorite movie? Under the Tuscan Sun makes me so happy; Jeff and I quote it weekly. Brynn is my long lost best friend because I love crude movies, too, especially Pitch Perfect. And goofy movies. Like Tommyboy. And Liar Liar. And Mrs. Doubtfire. And Easy A.
  1. What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep? None of the above. Can I call myself a floater without your thinking of me as a turd in the toilet? No? Well, that’s the best way I can describe it. For the record, I’m way cooler as a teacher than I ever was as a student.
  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Wherever my family is I could happily call home. And food my stomach can safely consume. Anywhere that’s not this apartment.
  1. PC or Mac? One of my colleagues says he doesn’t know how Jeff and I are married because I am absolutely Mac and he is staunchly PC. We make it work.
  1. Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse? As you may or may not know, we are moving at the end of the month and I have a lot of allergies. (My brother has referred to me as bubble girl on more than one occasion.) So, Jeff has scheduled duct cleanings, a maid service, and carpet cleaning before I move into the house. I find that wildly romantic because he genuinely cares about my well-being. He even went to the natural market today to get me make-up that would (hopefully) not make my face look like it was covered in Poison Ivy. Also, he makes me breakfast every single morning. He’s just so thoughtful. (I know I complained about his harassing me earlier, but at least I can follow that up with a lot of positives.)
  1. Favorite celebrity? Emma Stone, HANDS DOWN. Girlfriend looks hot in every hair color. Her wit is enviable. And I love every single one of her movies.
  1. What blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with? So many. Kate, Brynn, already met Whitney!, Andi, Fran, Ginny, and Lauren just to name a few. If you actually understand my humor and appreciate it, let’s be friends online and in real life. 
I would tag people, but I think everyone I would have tagged is already tagged. SO, do it if you haven't already!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wear Your Aware(ness)

Almost a year ago today, I gave you a "tutorial" on how I skinnify my pants. Instead of donating these pants because the bottoms looked right with one pair of shoes, I decided to skinnify them so that they looked good with any pair of shoes.

When I left the house this morning, I questioned whether or not to bring a spare pair of pants should I encounter a wardrobe mishap that involved unraveling seams. I visited my dangerous side and brought no back-up pants. Luckily, I wore these bad boys all day without a malfunction in sight.

Of course, I think I need to skinnify the right leg a smidge more, but I'm not sure a) it's noticeable enough and b) I care enough.  If the picture turned out a little less grainy, you might be able to tell that this shirt is navy, so use that imagination of yours.

Oh, would you like to join my colleagues and me for Trendy Tuesday next week? The theme is "Wear Your Aware(ness)." What this style challenge encourages you to do is wear the color associated with awareness about a cause close to your heart. Though I don't own much purple, I think I will choose it because it represents not only my own disease, Sjogren's Syndrome, but it also represents anti-domestic violence and Alzheimer's (my beloved Mom Mom suffered from dementia before her death). If you want a pretty comprehensive list of the awareness ribbon colors, go here.

Feel free to write a post on Tuesday of next week about the cause close to your heart and share your outfit in support of it. I think this theme deserves a repeat.

The Look:
Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: J.Crew via thredUP
Pants: Express (so.dang.old)
Wedges: J.Crew Factory (they are SO comfortable, best shoe investment ever.)
Necklace: J.Crew Factory

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The other day, I posted about everything current in life. I thought, today, I could chat with you about some eventuallys, which I realize does not qualify as a word, but I'm making it one anyway.


at work: I will screencast lessons and post them to my class website. (Essentially, screencasting is creating a video of whatever you're doing on your screen.) I was hoping to screencast some reading passages, maybe even entire chapters, and how to annotate more effectively.

at home: I will have a home. We settle in TEN days and move in the following weekend. When we have a home, I will actually hang things on the walls (which I can finally paint a color that doesn't look like it belongs in a mental institution), have a washer that doesn't eat clothes, use a dryer that doesn't take two hours to dry clothes, and cook in a kitchen that does not have a shoebox-sized countertop.

on the road: I will take a mini RV trip with Mom and Dad. My friend's baby shower is three hours away (where she lives), and my mom and I were invited. Since Mom and Dad bought an RV this summer, we're taking advantage of it and spending the weekend at the beach (close to where my friend lives). Jeff will stay around town to set up the house; in other words, he will clean it so that new allergens do not plague me. What a nice guy he is.

on the blog: I will once again grace your presence with good quality pictures, not these sorry excuses of late.

I thought about doing more, but eventually I need to get to bed tonight.

The Look:
Cardigan: The Limited (similar)
Skirt: Old Navy (exact -- mine is size XS)
Scarf: Gap (similar)
Shoes: Sole Society (similarsimilar)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Worst pain yet?

When the doctor removed my gall bladder, I thought, "no pain can exceed this one." When the doctor removed my appendix, I thought, "oh, the gall bladder was worse. That had four incisions; this one is only three. Good." When the doctor unpacked two feet of gauze and crowbar-sized tubes out of my nostrils after sinus surgery, I thought, "surely, this is giving birth through the nose." Nothing can top it. The past week, my body dumped me in the freshest of hells.

My face is angry. Have you ever had lips so chapped that you tried puckering your lips to stop the burning sensation that applying chapstick slapped on your kisser? Has the sun ever burned you so badly that sheets of skin started falling off of your back? Every time you took a shower, little skin monsters kept tumbling off just by patting yourself (ever so slightly) dry with a towel? Well, my face has entered this eighth circle of hell. That saying "oh, your face hurts? Well, it's killing me?" My face hurts, and I think it's killing me. It burns, it itches, it cracks, and it peels. And I have zero idea what's causing it.  Please, face, let there be an end in sight.

The kind employee at Sephora stocked me with samples that will hopefully usher in some semblance of relief. I am using the First Aid Beauty lotion, and it's helped more than anything else thus far, so let's keep it positive here, folks. I can't go around like Mr. Goldmember from Austin Powers forever.

Thankfully, I have a stallion-sized sense of humor. If that breaks, it looks like I'm pretty much screwed.

Anyway, I haven't felt much like getting Mom to take pictures of me because my face hurts, and all I want to do is roll around in a vat of aloe. I don't think Blogland wants that actual visual, so I'm sparing you all. However, I don't mind snapping some grainy iPhone shots for your viewing pleasure. (Trust me. You don't really want to see what I'm working with over here. A spoon full of blurriness makes the medicine go down.)

If my face is making me uncomfortable, I might as well wear comfortable things. Like the frock I wore to friends' renovation housewarming. I jazzed it up a bit with my new necklace that I ordered online to reach the free shipping minimum; I had every intention of returning it and then I tried it on. Game over. I also intended on returning this shirt (ordered it for the same reason as the necklace), but its softness had me at its cozy hello. I returned all of the items I expected to keep and kept all of the items I expected to return. What a crazy (re)turn of events.

The Look:
Shirt: Gap (exact for $22.95--I'm thinking of getting other colors.)
Necklace: J.Crew Factory (exact in three colors)
Skirt: Elle via Kohl's (similar for $9.95)

(In these pictures, make-up disguises the wounds quite nicely. It's not covering it so well anymore. Oh, bother.)