Thursday, March 26, 2015


This cardigan (and many other colors of the same kind) costs only $8.90 at Forever21. The color selection rattles my brain. If I actually needed another cardigan, I would buy it from Forever21. I bought this one and an orange one. Sure, it probably will not last forever, but with the amount I wear my cardigans, none of them is bound to last forever.

Also, these Merona flats from Target are extremely comfortable. They have just a bit of cushion in them, which makes them better than some of my higher-priced flats. I have these magenta ones, a pair of blue ones, tan ones, and then my black and white pair from yesterday's post. I always forget how comfortable they feel until I put on a pair for the day. Target, there you go doing it again.

The Look:
Cardigan: Forever21 (exact)
Top: J.Crew Factory
Pants: Motherhood Maternity
Flats: Merona via Target (similar)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ten Things

I thought I'd join the Ten Things bandwagon with Danielle, Kate, and Fran. If you want to know ten things you might not already know about me, then stay a little while.

1. I went skydiving and dragged Jeff with me. I hate sitting in airplanes, but I love jumping out of them. If I had money to spend willy nilly, I'd go again. And again.

2. It took awhile (and a lot of heartbreak) to get pregnant with this kid. Even though I'm 18 weeks along, I keep waiting for someone to drop the bad news bomb on me that I don't get to meet this kid after all. All of the uncomfortable, painful, inconvenient symptoms (hey? Did my organ just move?) are absolutely worth it if I am blessed enough to be this kid's mom.

3. The only food I refuse to eat is fennel. That stuff tastes like black licorice, and I despise it. Generally, I live by the mantra, "if I can eat it, then I will," but I will never consume fennel willingly. Jeff snuck it into my pasta sauce one night, and I almost divorced him.

4. I played the saxophone in elementary school, but I quit when the band teacher made me first chair. I still feel stupid about having made this decision, especially since I was actually really good for a small tot. After all, my parents let me practice in the house, but they made my brother practice outside.

5. I don't like Will Ferrell as an actor. He annoys me. A lot. Surely he is a nice man; I just dislike watching him act.

6. My Mom Mom's eulogy. My Pop Pop's eulogy. Two maid/matron of honor speeches. I wrote them all the day/night before, and I brought the audiences to tears and laughter with my words each time. I guess you could say I write well under pressure. (I assume I cannot follow this same pattern of behavior for the speech I deliver at graduation this year....)

7. I don't like receiving cards for holidays because I never know exactly what to do with them. I feel guilty throwing them away, and I have never been one to hang them on the fridge/mantel. They confuse me more than they should.

8. I teach English, but I never have a chance to read anything other than students' papers. It saddens me, really. I chose English because I love to read, but my work life resembles Groundhog Day. I just keep reading and rereading the same books every.single.year. I plan to teach Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to my juniors during fourth quarter just so that I have an excuse to read it.

9. Jeff fixes most of the meals around these parts. I am the planner and researcher of all things (house projects, meal planning, etc.), and he executes my wonderful ideas. I guess you could say I'm the brains, and he's the brawn. Tonight, he fixed this recipe. He said that trying to wrap the ingredients inside the zucchini was NOT easy. However, my stomach would like you to know that the meal tasted delicious. 

10. Every time I buy a watch, the battery dies in record time (pun intended). I remember one time at college, I proudly held up my wrist to my friend Dave and said, "my watches always die, but this one keeps ticking." He responded, "'s dead." Yeah, that moment confirmed watches' distaste for me. I could replace batteries, but ain't nobody got time for that.

The Look:
Blazer (old): Old Navy
Top (on sale, recent): Francesca's
Pants: Motherhood Maternity
Flats: Steve Madden

The Bump:
18 weeks today  (this picture is from last week; the bump looks a smidge more pronounced this week, or that could be all of the fiber I have eaten in the past three days. Who can be sure?)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Navy & Lavender

First of all, Jim Parsons (Sheldon of Big Bang Theory) turned 42 yesterday. HOW? I feel utterly befuddled. Remove Cindy Crawford from all of those youth commercials and replace her with Jim.

Second of all, my students amuse me. Sometimes, they do and say things that would be shocking, inappropriate, and unsettling if an adult were to do or say the same thing. For example, one of my juniors fist bumped (gently, fear not) my baby bump yesterday. I laughed hysterically because I am weird, awkward, and easily amused. If a four-star general from Jeff's work were to fist bump my baby bump, I might not laugh so easily. (I would probably do so nervously and walk away quickly.) About ten minutes later, another student crouched down and began talking to my belly and excitedly exclaimed, "It's SO CUTE. There's a THING in there!" Seriously, teenagers make me laugh every single day. Once this baby comes out, can't it just help me teach my classes? Let's all hang out and appreciate the English language together.

Third of all, I love these pants. Guess who picked them out all on his own? Yeah, Jeff. I'm still shocked, too. The first item of clothing he surprised me with was a pair of lavender maternity jeans. Remember that he would wear a "You Got a Purdy Mouth" shirt ever day had I not thrown it away on the sly. However, he managed to buy me a pair of pants I totally love. Good job, Jefferino. You've made your wife proud.

Let's just say she is singing to the baby, not screaming at Jeff for preventing her from jumping on me with her dirty paws. 
The Look:
Shirt: Target
Tee: Gap (Maternity)
Scarf: Handmade by Momma
Pants (gift): Motherhood Maternity
Heels: Aerosoles (also have them in burgundy--love 'em)
 Forgive Squirt as she nibbles her leg.
And now she's nibbling a stick. Oh, these dogs.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Maxi-mum Comfort

See this pretty necklace I'm wearing? It was fatally injured in a desk chair incident. I cannot count how many necklaces have died this way. Apparently, I drop writing utensils every time I wear a long necklace. Every time I bend to pick up said pen or pencil, my necklace wraps around the arm of the desk chair, and I simultaneously choke myself while exploding my necklace. I think I have developed quite a knack for this type of clumsiness. Hopefully, my handy husband can fix it with a pair of pliers; however, I will not disturb him while he finally works on building our headboard. Oh, you know, seven months later, no big deal. Maybe the baby room will get new windows before the baby actually arrives, too.

Mom tells me I am "nesting," but I think the warm(er) weather has uncovered the shame I feel over not having cleaned my house in an embarrassingly long time. Flushing after use keeps the toilet clean, right? Ahem. Moving on. My kitchen is now really clean: new spring table cloth adorning the table, reorganized countertops, weekly meals planned, and fridge cleaned out. Ahhh, so glorious to work in a clean kitchen. Of course, the cleanliness reveals our need for not-so-dark countertops and a skylight for more sunshine. Oh, and the walls might benefit from having some pretty art/mirrors/plates hang from them.

Anyway, I wore this comfortable outfit one day last week.

The Look:
Dress: Old Navy (old)
Necklace: Francesca's
Sweater: Express (clearance section recently)
Flats: Merona via Target

Thursday, March 19, 2015

On Point

Two days this week, two different students referred to my outfit for that day as being "on point." They even flashed me the little a-okay sign (which always makes me think of Buckwheat from The Little Rascals...ooooootaaayyy). I guess I'm figuring out this maternity style thing. Granted, it's a lot easier now that I'm not trying to hide it.

I did not do a bumpdate yesterday (this whole weekly thing is a bit overdoing it), so I am going to leave you with some random thoughts before I show you today's "on point" outfit:

1. I cannot stop craving barbacoa bowls from Chipotle. I have eaten three of them this week alone. If this kid becomes a vegetarian, you can color me surprised.

2. Because of my white gold allergy, Jeff finally sent my rings off to have a full rhodium coating applied. Hopefully, I will be able to wear them without suffering from an allergic reaction.

3. I experienced a prenatal massage today. My body is now made of Jell-O, and I feel glorious.

4. Yesterday and today, we held junior interviews in the media center. These two days rank as my favorite school days of the year (in sharp contrast to my least favorite day, Wacky Tacky Day) because so many students are dressed up for their interviews. Why can't students dress professionally every day, or even once a week? Who doesn't feel like a BOSS when they get all gussied up?

By the way, this outfit might be one of my favorite ones in awhile. I kept looking for a cardigan to wear for this outfit and realized a chambray would be a better choice. I can't believe I pulled this look together in the morning. Sometimes my brain surprises even me.

The Look:
Shirt: LOFT
Chambray: Old Navy
Pants: Motherhood Maternity
Necklace: Francesca's (recent)
Flats: ModCloth (old)

Originally, we took this picture to show off the bump ('s hiding), but I posted it simply because of Roxy showing off in the background. Those dogs entertain me on a daily basis. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Juggling Act

Any weekend that ends with seeing family and eating delicious food earns an A+ from me. I spend so much of my "off" time absorbed by grading, sending e-mails, and lesson planning that so little time remains for my family. It saddens me, really.  Spring break cannot come soon enough. I need to spend time with people I love and doing things I love. This kid is already highlighting the reality of how much time I spend either doing work or feeling guilty about not doing work. The one thing I cannot allow myself to feel guilty about is not spending enough time with this kid when he or she arrives, so my priorities have already started shifting.  I know all teachers understand the struggle to balance it all; in fact, I am sure so many other professions can empathize. After all, life is one big balancing act.

However, after nine years in the classroom and a childhood spent watching my father work an obscene number of hours to support us, I just do not know if I can justify the time commitment and sacrifices teaching requires. Also, why do we busy ourselves with so much that we feel overburdened instead of overjoyed? Why do people consistently feel the need to tell other people "oh, I am busier than you are"? How did overworking ourselves become a marker of accomplishment? Why do I allow other people's perception of "success" define my own version of it? Why do I buy into this ludicrousness that "doing it all" means you "have it all"? Frankly, my heart of hearts know that is a bunch of unfulfilling malarkey. I think when I achieve balance between doing something I love and spending time with the people I love, that will be my greatest accomplishment. I do not want to feel so rushed through life that I forget I am living one at all. 

These are the musings I type when I should be writing a graduate paper. I guess I should go hop on that. Quickly, come have a look at my outfit and my fun outing with my parents and Jeff.

The Look:
Top: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans (maternity): Gap
Flats (old): Target

Roxy likes to overshadow me. She's cute enough to do so.

My dad's smile makes me laugh so hard. Gosh, I love that man. His shirt is made of corduroy, and it is so soft. He proudly stated that it's from L.L.Bean. And doesn't my mom look pretty in pink? And look at that gorgeous smile of hers. They're the best.

I need to frame this picture. I really, really love it. It just brings me great joy.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shout Out

I often forget that students follow me into this corner of the internet. Luckily (or not?), I write here pretty much the same way I talk in class with them. (If they did not silently stalk me here, then they would verify the veracity of that statement.) Yesterday, I told you I would not wear white pants so as not to explode one of my student's heads. She tweeted that post before class today and then proceeded to make me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. Everyone accused her of wearing white pants. She used the enormous pad of post-it notes to demonstrate the difference between the "champagne" color of her pants and the whiteness of the post-it notes. If you're reading this, my dear students, let me tell you and the internet how much you brighten my day.  I look forward to every class period with you all, especially you, fifth period and all of my style twins. 

Also, I would apologize for telling you all about the article I read that claimed farting extends a person's life. However, science is relevant, especially when it's funny and means your parents can "live forever" as I told you. Be sure to sneak your parents some cabbage and broccoli tonight. The next time you see your grandparents, sneak them some cabbage and broccoli, too.

I do, however, apologize to everyone for the UGLY color of my living room walls. The previous owners decided this putrid color would look good...on every wall.  Granted, they made a lot of other "design" choices that leave me feeling puzzled, so I can't be too surprised. Allow yourself to be distracted by the pretty flowers on my dress.

The Look:
Dress: PinkBlush Maternity 
Cardigan: Old Navy
Scarf: Made by my momma (of course)
Boots: Steve Madden