Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Teacher Style: Gray Pants Inspiration

Excuse the crummy iPhone pictures that chop off my face. However, when I asked Mom to take my pictures for this week's posts, it was so blasted hot that we made it through two pairs of pants before copious amounts of inner thigh sweat just made my pants slide right off again. Okay, not really, but it was uncomfortable playing musical outfits. As a result, you must deal with the following images and their lackluster quality. Maybe the outfits make up for it? Sure, let's go with that logic.

Anyway, I bring to you my gray work pants that I love so very much, and they sat on my "wish list" for a long time before I finally found a suitable pair. Momma says the shade of these pants makes every outfit "pop." Yes, Momma, you are right as usual.

 Pants: The Limited (exact stretch)


Look 1: colored cardigan + printed blouse + metallic flats
Yeah, it's this floral blouse again. Feel free to get sick of it. 
(Cardigan: NY&Co. / Top: The Limited / Belt: The Limited / Shoes: Audrey Brooke via DSW)

Look 2: printed cardigan + colored blouse + neutral shoes
Polka dots make everything better. So does this fuchsia shirt. (It took an embarrassingly long time for me to commit the spelling of that color to my long-term memory.) 
(Cardigan: gift from my sister-in-law / Top: The Limited / Necklace: NY&Co. / Belt: Express / Shoes: J.Crew Factory)

Look 3: colored cardigan + printed blouse
I love the color of this cardigan, and it almost made its way to the donation pile. That would have been a terrible, terrible mistake. 
(Cardigan: Express / Blouse: WHBM / Shoes: J.Crew Factory)

 Look 4: colored cardigan + printed tee + colored flats
Don't these colors make you happy? Or, are you sick of seeing my yellow and pink color combination? Eventually, you will want to pair them as well. Also, for the reader who asked me about bringing summer tees into fall, I've created this look for you.
(Cardigan: Express / Top & Necklace: Old Navy / Flats: Merona via Target)

Look 5: lace top + tassel necklace + colored heels
I decided to go neutral for one of the outfits. However, the lace of the shirt gives the look a bit of visual interest, no? 
(Top: Old Navy / Necklace: NY&Co. / Shoes: Dana Buchman via Kohl's / Belt: Express)

Look 6: neutral shirt + pendant necklace + colored flats
This peplum top is so pretty, which means it's no surprise that Momma got it for me. 
(Top: LOFT / Necklace: Old Navy / Flats: Merona via Target)

Okay, which outfit is your favorite? How do you wear your gray pants? I love gray with blush/any pink as well. It might be my favorite neutral.


  1. Um these are all fantastic!! I need to replace my current pair of grey pants, and now I'm seeing just how much I need to get my hands on a pair before school starts!

  2. I have a pair of grey pants, but they do not fit at this moment. (moment = past two years) Maybe I should consider looking for a new pair. Anyway, #5 is my favorite, but #2 is a close second. I finally learned the spelling of fuchsia by splitting it in two: fuch+sia .. and I literally say the naughty word and see-ya.

  3. You definitely just helped me out SO much with my gray pants. Even though they're a neautral, I just have such a hard time putting outfits together with them! Maybe it's becuase mine are a very light gray? Idk! My favorite is the last one. It makes me happy that your necklace matches your flats.

  4. Which one is my favorite? How about all of them? If I have to choose, I think the polka dot top has to win. And every time I write fuchsia, I think it looks wrong and I have to argue with myself because I know it's really spelled that way. The s should move over in front of the c and then it would make more sense!

  5. I didn't realize gray pants were so versatile, so many cute looks.

  6. Your mom's comments are cute :) I have a pair of gray pants too and I love how versatile they are! (well, not for summer- I agree with you on the leg sweat thing, haha) I think outfit #2 or #5 are my favorites!

  7. Love the tassel necklace with the lace blouse!

  8. While I don't have any colored shoes (Boo), I'll have to remember this post for color combinations to wear with my grey skinny jeans. I love the fuchsia top outfit and the lovely blue cardigan that matches mine. :)

  9. love these looks! I'm all about #2 and #6, so chic!

  10. Ummm, I actually LOVE (and would wear) every single one of these outfits, Danielle! I have a pair of charcoal gray skinny pants that I love, but I'm now seeing just how versatile a light gray pair can be! I feel like my darker gray pants act very much like black pants, because they're very "heavy" looking, but the light gray ones you are wearing here definitely have that "pop" factor that Momma Dukes pointed out. Perfect!!


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