Monday, July 14, 2014

Making Real Life Friends out of Blogging Friends: DC Edition

Now, what you see here is not what I'm wearing today. I wore it some day of the week some week ago. What teacher during the summertime actually knows the day of the week? Not this one. Especially since this summer is the first one I haven't worked summer school or curriculum writing. Freedom feels so good...even if the corners of my mind feel paralyzed by the reminder that I have 41 letters of recommendation to write. 

Anyway, despite my running over a screw that lodged itself into my tire (thank you, Jeff, for fixing it) and waking up with some bizarre allergic reaction (thank you, Allegra for helping a sister out), I refuse to have a case of the Mondays today because Whitney from Whitney a la Mode (girl, I have no idea how to put an accent mark on that a) and I are meeting up in Georgetown for lunch and shopping! Guys, I'm finally turning one of my blogging buddies into one of my real-life friends! 

I do meet people in the weirdest of ways. I met my husband in a dance club. I met one of my good friends in sixth grade because I laughed as she exasperatingly exclaimed to another student, "D-O-G. DOG. How hard is that?!" My laughter made me an instant friend. Jeff and I met one of our very favorite couples to hang out with when we went on a trip to the Bahamas. (We went to their wedding in NY, and they're coming to visit next weekend!) I made a friend at the nail salon; we plan to attend a yoga class together. Meeting Whitney is sort of like finally coming face to face with your pen pal from elementary school; you have spent a lot of time getting to know each other through words and pictures before finally hanging out in real life. I sort of wish I met my elementary school pen pal. I wonder what ever happened to her? 

I'm sure you'll see Whitney and me instagramming our real-life meet up. Until then, enjoy my nautically-inspired, two-weeks-late, fourth-of-July outfit. Three cheers for me.

The Look:
Top: Old Navy
Shorts (they're blue and white pinstriped): New York & Co.
Flats: Sole Society 


  1. Omgsh how fun!! I have always wanted to meet some of my blogging friends--one day maybe :) Hope you all have a blast! Loving your simple chic look with a pop of red!


  2. YAY for meeting blog friends! I wish I lived closer to more bloggers, because it is SO MUCH FUN to hang out and talk about the crazy things no one else understands. I actually have a lunch date tomorrow with Ginny from My New Favorite Outfit, and I'm so excited!

  3. Ahhh have so much fun! I am super jealous, of course, but that is so exciting! Love this look, I think khaki and white make such a fresh combination. Love the shoes!

  4. Yay have fun! I wished I lived by more bloggers, but maybe someday we can all meet :) I love that blouse too! Super cute and I love the pop of red with your shoes!

  5. Aw, how neat and fun all smushed in one! I've wondered what it would be like to meet another blogger in real life, and I feel like I would be so freaked out. (I'm terrible at first impressions.) I love the idea of red flats with pinstripe shorts! Too cute :)

  6. I had SO much fun today and I'm getting to relive it all as I'm reading this post! I hope you didn't drive through too many thunderstorms on your way home and I'm already excited for our next outing together. Maybe next time I won't change my outfit five times beforehand :)

  7. I love all the random ways that you have made friends! I think it's so much harder to make friends post-college so I love hearing ways people meet. And yay for meeting up with Whitney! I bet you guys had so much fun together!

  8. How exciting you met Whitney! I have so much social anxiety that I freak out at the idea of meeting a blogger (or anyone really) outside of the safe internet. Recently a SoCal blogger asked to hang out in person and I'm too scared to meet up! Stupid I know but that's just how I am. #shygirlproblems

    On the other hand, I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Every outfit featuring those shoes is an awesome outfit.

  9. I adore Whitney so much. I hope that next time I am in Michigan I am there for a long visit so she can come visit her family and I can meet her too. You look so adorable and your shorts are great. I wore similar light blue+ white striped shorts on Tuesday and mine were Chambray.

    I am doing a special themed week all week long so come take a peek when you can. Maria and I are showing Summer's biggest trends on a budget and we have a link-up going too. I'd love for you to join us. It will be open until Tuesday.

    Thanks girl and enjoy the weekend!

  10. I'M SO JEALOUS. I would pee my pants if I got to hang out with you and Whitney! I wish I had all kinds of money so I could travel around the US and meet all my favorite bloggers... When Andi and I hung out this spring, it was such a blast! I want to meet all the bloggers!!!!! (Also, this outfit is adorable.)


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