Friday, November 6, 2015

Stitch Fix Redeemed Themselves

After I had Vincenza, my style had to shift. First of all, I wore a lot of fitted tees before she was born, but nursing her and general discomfort mean that I really want nothing to do with shirts that cling to me. Second of all, I won't be going into the classroom every day, so my style has to go a little more casual. It seems silly to wear wedges and work pants while I try to do the laundry, try to eat breakfast, or take a long walk while wearing her in the Ergo. I am nothing if not sensible. 

I think everyone is pretty much familiar with Stitch Fix, but if you're not, here's the low down: a stylist (mine have never been the same for the past 8) chooses 5 items for you based on the style profile that you fill out. You pay a non-refundable $20 styling fee, but if you choose to keep something, that $20 goes toward that item. They send you a pre-labeled bag to return anything you do not wish to keep; this part is not an extra fee for you. Once you mail back the bag of items (must be within three days!), complete the checkout process, where you provide feedback on each item. Schedule a "fix" as often as you want. Be mindful that most items are not under $50, so if you don't want to pay $44 for a t-shirt, request not to receive them in any fixes. If you want to give your girl here some kickback and you haven't signed up yet, use my referral link here (or not). 

When I explained this style shift to Stitch Fix, they sent me two boxes filled with so many things I hated/couldn't nurse in/felt too dressy for my current lifestyle. The only "dressy" thing they gave me in this fix was an actual dress that miraculously works for nursing, and the stylist gave me a great idea for styling it casually. Good job, Melissa. Melissa saved you, Stitch Fix, because I was really going to stop receiving them completely. (Now, I'll just get them every now and again since I have to start tutoring to earn some extra cash.) 

If you are completely dissatisfied with Stitch Fix's performance, TELL THEM. They really listened to me when I sent them an e-mail that told them they did not look at my Pinterest board (clearly), read all of the reviews of the items they send to me (those dang things take precious time when you have a kid), or listen to my feedback at all. They really listened this time. 

Also, like the e-mail response said to me, most of their stuff is at least $50. Therefore, I specified in my stylist note that I did NOT want t-shirts because I would never spend $48 on a t-shirt. I asked for things I knew would be worth extra money (a good bag, a good coat, and sweaters). I feel that telling them what I did NOT want ended up being just as important as telling them what I DID want.

Anyway, on to the review of the pieces:

Item One: Livi Dress by Papermoon ($58)
Thoughts: The stylist suggested pairing it with a vest and boots. I loved how that turned out. The colors are navy and off-white, which means it will go with a plethora of other colors. It's long enough, and it will work well with tights in the winter. It actually pulls down enough for me to nurse the babe. It looks way better belted. It looks sort of like a sack when it's not belted. 
Here it is styled another way. I might wear this to my internship. (I am not returning to teaching right now, but I am finishing my graduate degree in Educational Technology, which means I go into a school at least once a month.)

 Item Two: Anchorage Solid Canvas Tote by Street Level ($58)
Thoughts: My laptop fits in the middle zipper pouch, which I think is just amazing because it still has two large side compartments. It would work really well as a smaller diaper bag, which is what I asked the stylist to give me. I also specified that I wanted a neutral bag. This one is exactly what I have been looking for for months and months.

Item Three: Chaplin Lined Hooded Anorak Jacket by Market & Spruce ($94)
Thoughts: I have been hunting for this jacket in a fall thickness for at least a year. With the 25% off for keeping all of the items, I felt that the jacket was a reasonable price, especially since I loved the length, the red zipper, the hood (key component for me), and the general fit. I wear my winter version a LOT, so I think this one will be a great transition coat. I told my stylist I did not want a pea coat (have enough of those and too dressy for where I'm taking my overall style these days). 
(Also, these black flats are Simply Vera from Kohl's--I LOVE THEM.)

 Item Four: Cobar Fleece Lined Jacket by California Moonrise ($78)
Thoughts: I did NOT love the price. It made me choke a bit, but it was more cost effective to keep everything than keep just the bag and coat (my original "yes" pieces). It's so soft. I am actually lounging in it right now. Like my mom said, Vincenza will love cuddling into it. I wish the fleece lining was inside the sleeves, but it's still really warm. They call it a jacket, which I don't think it is. The stylist suggested pairing it with a dress, which I have not tried, but that's a good idea. Forgive my swinging, disappearing arm.

Item FiveKillian Cowl Neck Sweater by RD Style ($68)
Thoughts: This sweater is SO soft. I love the neutral color. (I would loooove it in white, too.) It is actually long enough to wear with leggings because it completely covers the bum. I told my stylist that I wanted sweaters but to avoid wool (allergic). 

I paired the sweater and the coat. I have to say that I am a big fan of how it turned out. Husband, take me on a hayride. I look perfect for the occasion. 


  1. These are some incredible pieces Danielle! All the warm items look so perfect for the fall/winter. I'm especially loving that last sweater! I'm sure you'll be grateful to be able to wear leggings with it. That fuzzy jacket looks so soft!! I would have wanted to fuzzies to be in the sleeves too--that's the best part! I'm glad to hear Stitch Fix has finally worked out so well!

  2. I'm so intrigued by stitch fix but I really don't like spending $50 on anything! I think it's probably too pricey for me.

  3. I really love all of these items, Danielle! I am very intrigued by Stitch Fix, but I'm so unsure about where my style is right now, so I wouldn't really know what to tell a stylist, haha. I loooove the sweater you got - I just got a couple of sweaters similar to this at Target, and I love them because I'm very excited to wear them with leggings and boots - looks cute but feels like jammies ;) PS. The wood wall in Vincenza's room is so fantastic.


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