Saturday, September 5, 2015

Old Navy Review & Redefining My Style

Dressing my postpartum body for the past three weeks has left me feeling puzzled. First of all, I donned "teacher" wear for nine years, so what does everyday relaxed wear even look like? Second of all, my chest--and I think my ribs?--has grown, so the fitted tees I used to wear in XS feel odd and make nursing a pain. Third of all, having a c-section complicates the wardrobe situation. I am a few pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (avert your nasty glares elsewhere, please), so I can "technically" wear my pre-pregnancy jeans; however, anything with buttons presses against my incision, which is still not a fan of being touched. Therefore, I can't really wear my pre-pregnancy pants. What does that mean? I am still wearing all of my maternity bottoms, which is weird but necessary. That was not something people really warned me about at the end of my pregnancy.

Now that I will be staying home with Vincenza, I want a wardrobe that:
* Looks pulled together but relaxed.
* Makes nursing my hungry little hippo (who's not hippo-sized) a little easier. Fitted tees, one of my previous closet staples, do not fall into this least not for me.  
* Still fits my overall "style" preferences (which I decided would work best by incorporating some of my favorite colors)
* Is kind to my healing incision

I decided to look for specific types of clothes:
* Looser shirts (good for nursing and healing incision)
* Longer shirts (good for making leggings appropriate because leggings are meant only to show legs, NOT your butt)
* Thicker leggings (even if my butt is covered, I need leggings that are opaque, not sheer)
* Easy-to-wash fabrics (nothing that requires much maintenance)

Old Navy was running a great sale, so I decided they would likely carry exactly what I needed for a good price. Thanks for not disappointing me, Old Navy.

Item 1: Swing Tee in Icelandic Mineral (Size XS Tall)
I decided to go for size tall since they finally sell multiple items in XS tall. Perfect. I love this length, this blush color, and the softness of the material. I almost immediately pulled off the tags and threw it in the laundry basket to go into the wash. I am thinking about getting it in other colors. Find it here.

Item 2: Jersey Leggings in Navy (size small)  
Loved them so much (so thick!) that I just ordered them in maroon too. Best leggings I've ever tried, quite honestly. Great length, thickness, and fit.

Good length and color but I didn't like where the sleeves hit, the itchiness of the fabric, and the way the fabric fell in the front. I returned it. I thought I'd still show it to you so that you received a full review. 

 Item 4: Boyfriend Plaid Pullover (Size XS Tall)
Little looser than some people might like, but it works so well for nursing, I like the length, and it'll shrink when I wash it. Plus, it goes perfectly with the navy leggings I bought.

 Item 5: Terry Fleece Bomber Jacket (Size Small)
Love everything about it. It will be perfect this fall. Great with jeans or this maxi skirt or even over a dress. I think a small was a good choice because the sleeves actually fit.

Item 6: Kimono-Sleeve Oversized Top (size XS Tall)
I liked this one so much that I just ordered it in red, too. It won't work with leggings (not long enough), but it will go well with jeans, pants (these are maternity), and even maxi skirts. I love the sleeves; they add something special to an otherwise ordinary top.