Friday, February 14, 2014

My Sexy Pants (and my "self-sewn" skinny pants!)

I hunted for these pants online, but they never had my size. I walked into the store one day, and these beauties were on super clearance. I like to think that's fashion fate. Yeah, it's a thing.

In honor of this day of love, here is one of Jeff's and my conversations last night:
Jeff: "Do you love me?"
Me: "Sure, I do...when you're not annoying me."
Jeff: "No no still love me when I annoy you; you just don't like me very much."
God help me if we can have children and I end up with a mini Jeff. 

The Look:
Coat: Guess via Wilson's Leather Outlet
Blouse: The Limited
Coated Skinny Pants: The Limited
Heels: I keep saying they're Aerosoles, but they're Jones New York. Oops.
Earrings: The Limited

When I began planning my outfits for the red & pink themed week, I tried to vary the red items I chose from my closet. Admittedly, I could go at least another week or two with red items. I've got a red scarf, red necklaces, red wedges, red flats, red heels, a red turtleneck. And those are just some of my red items; don't get me started on other shades of red and its pale-skinned friend, pink. 

Monday, I went with red pants with flannel, boots, and a blazer (is there anything better!?)
Tuesday, I opted for a red blazer, black pants, and a leopard print scarf.
Wednesday, for parent-teacher conferences, I chose my red blouse, striped skirt, and black blazer.
Yesterday, had school not been canceled, I would have worn my red skirt
Today, I went low key and put on some red earrings. Now, if the snow would abate long enough for me to share a special Valentine's meal with my husband, that'd be super. 

Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you noticed that I spent the better part of my morning skinnifying two pairs of my pants. In fact, the first pair (the khakis) is the pair I complained about in this post. I made 'em skinny. If you want a tutorial (from someone who is NOT a sewing guru), let me know! I don't want to spend the time writing the post if no one finds it useful. Seriously though, if I can do it, so can you. 
(This picture on the left gives you a good glimpse of the before and after at the very same time. I always work one pant leg at a time so that I can use the first pant leg as a model for the other pant leg.)

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  1. the skinnified pants look so good! I bet you will wear them way more now!

  2. Please share how you do the skinny legifying!

  3. I love this outfit and way to go on the pants!

  4. Nice work making pants skinny! Unfortunately I don't have a sewing machine and can't hand sew to save my life, haha.

  5. A Very chic monochromatic outfit. Love the shoes and the blouse. My pleasure linking up 3 times this week. I ended the Valentine-themed week with a bang. Check out my post today. I, also linked to all 6 of you ladies who hosted this fun link up this week. Just letting you know,

  6. Ah you did such a good job on those pants! Skinny pants are kinda my favorite but the ones at the stores are almost never long enough. This past weekend I even tried on the tall styles at the Limited and they were still way above my ankles, what gives!?? Yours are the perfect length! Love the outfit today too. I like the little peep of red from your earrings.

  7. Oh my gosh! What a difference! I have a few pants I was thinking about doing this on, but was unsure. Love the leopard and red earrings, too!

  8. Please show how you fix your pants! I've tried with a different tutorial before, and I ruined my pants! :(

  9. oh man, these turned out great! I want that second pair!! if you used a sewing machine, then the tutorial won't be useful to me, but if you used some other method, tut it up! also, I can't believe we almost have the same shirt. I want to see how else you've worn it!

  10. Yes please!! I was just going to ask if you did them yourself and how you did it after seeing that pic on Instagram. I've been looking for skinny pants like the two you've created while in thrift stores but RARELY find any nicer skinny dress pants. I haven't sewn since taking lessons my sophomore year in high school (so like 8 years ago now, wow) so an easy to follow tutorial would be very helpful! I'd also like to try with my jeans too because I have a few pairs I wish were skinnier but I think I would need a denim needle for that.

  11. those turned out great! I am so impressed!! And I love that black and white blouse! I have not shopped at The Limited forever - it looks like I need to make a trip! Susan

  12. I want a tutorial!! Your pants turned out GREAT! I have quite a few jeans that I would love to do that to

  13. Please do a super simple tutorial for those who once learned how to sew in high school, but are now sewing impaired... *cough cough, me.*
    And yes indeed, those are sexy pants. I'd wear this whole outfit if I had it.

  14. So cool!!! I need to do that to some of my pants!!! They look so cute!! I love your valentines day outfit!! :)

  15. I really love how this outfit turned out, Danielle! You're such a foxy lady. I mean that in the least possible creepy way.


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