Thursday, March 17, 2016

PinkBlush Giveaway

 I know. Long time no blog. Well, at least a giveaway accompanies my first reappearance in awhile? And, boy, is it a good one. Random people and companies contact me to promote them, but I usually ignore them because poor grammar or ambiguous directions are turn offs. Go figure.

Anyway, you have an opportunity to hop over to my instagram and participate in a chance to win a $50 gift card to PinkBlush. Participating is really easy. Go over and find the giveaway post today to find out how you can win. Before you go, I will tell you a bit about why I like PinkBlush.

PinkBlush offers a maternity line (lots of options and especially great if you are looking for a dress to wear for your shower!) as well as a non-maternity line. A lot of their maternity clothes work postpartum, and a lot of their non-maternity items work during pregnancy. They offer free shipping, no minimum required, which makes me love them even more. Shipping is the bane of every online shipper's existence, right?

Here are some items I like from their site:

Want nursing tops? Check out their nursing section in the maternity line. I have this one and love it. It makes me feel comfortable and sexy. Who knew those two words could canoodle in the same sentence?

This dress would be great for July 4th. Is it sad that I am thinking about July already?

This pink diaper bag is dreamy.

This floral dress gives me heart palpitations.

I really want this necklace.

If you're pregnant, this dress is lovely.

Find my tunic here in non-maternity and here in maternity. (Mine is obviously not maternity, but I think it would serve me well in pregnancy. Also, I tried it out yesterday with nursing, and I can nurse in it! Vincenza really loved the little button on it. She kept playing with it while she ate.)

PinkBlush gave this tunic to me in exchange for this giveaway, but I already owned five shirts and two dresses from them before they contacted me. I think it's safe to say that I would recommend them either way.

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