Friday, February 3, 2012

Can you wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row?

I ask you this question because I had a 30 minute debate with my student aide who said to me, "Umm, Ms. Wo, why are you wearing the same shoes you wore yesterday? That's not okay."

I proceeded to make the following argument: "First, when your shoes are this cute, you can wear them for as many days in a row as you want. Second, I did not win best dressed last year for nothing. Third, these are the most comfortable heels that I have ever worn. Finally, you are wearing Uggs, which, if you didn't know, stands for ugly, so why would I listen to you?"

So, tell me, are you of my student aide's mindset? Do you think a girl cannot wear the same shoes two days in a row? I say that if I like them a lot and my two outfits are completely different, then who cares? Whatever. I would show both outfits to you, but I fell asleep at 5:30p.m. yesterday, and I did not wake up until 4:30 this morning. Taking an outfit-of-the-day picture was not top on my priority list. Brushing my teeth was.

Anyway, here's today's casual Friday outfit. (Tell me if these shoes are cute enough to wear two days in a row. Actually, don't. Unless you agree with me.)

I found the sweater for cheap at Old Navy. The gold necklaces are from NY & Co. The long-sleeved shirt is from Target. I love me some Target. The jeans are from The Limited. I bought them on sale for about $20. I'm that awesome. 

I'm standing awkwardly, but I look cool in real life. Honest. 

My dancing fool, Squirt, and I. She howls for the heels.

No matter what you say, I will still wear these as much as I want. If you like them, then you might be able to find them at Marshall's; they're Jones New York. 

Perfect heel height for a long day at work. My back and feed did not hurt at all!

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  1. Dear Child, please. I wear the same pair of boots all winter long. Every day. And the days keep coming on no matter what. Get a reality check.

    LOVE the heals. Super cute ;)


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