Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Shower Ditty

So, my big brother is having a little girl. Well, his wife is technically having the girl, but you know what I mean. Anyway, we're throwing a shower for my wonderful sister, and her invitation inspired my creative juices. In fact, shortly after I composed this beautiful little ditty, I decided to create this blog. So, thanks Jess and Tater Tot (my pet name for my soon-to-be niece) for the inspiration!

Guess Whooo’s Coming?

___________ is on her way,
So we’re celebrating with a special day!
It’s sure to be a hoot
Showering __________ with baby loot!
Mommy loves books, and baby will too.
In lieu of cards, bring a book signed by you!
Not sure where to shop? Don’t fuss.
She’s registered at
Target and Babies“R”Us.
______________ is where
We’ll shower love on this beautiful pair.
So, on ___________, be there.

*Note: This invitation's shape is an owl hence the "guess whooo's coming?" part.*
*Note #2: As you can see, I removed names and identifying information that would allow you to stalk me. I've reached my stalker quota for life, so I need no more.*

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