Thursday, May 16, 2013

Optical Illusion

I love wearing crazy pants. 
I don't know if my crazy pants are conducive to a placid learning environment, but they serve as a suitable conversation piece. 

Best compliment? 
Colleague: That is the prettiest blouse I've ever seen. Seriously.
Me: Thank you.
Colleague: You're always so cute. In fact, just yesterday I was telling someone that none of us would know how to dress if you didn't work here. 

Day made. 
And I hope these pants make yours.

P.S. These are the pants I split up the crotch by bending down the day after I bought them. It appears my seamstress skills exceeded my expectations. No wardrobe malfunctions today, and you wouldn't know that I sewed up the crotch had I not confessed.

Outfit Deets:
Blazer: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom (thanks to a gift card from a former student)--this one might be the same one
Crazy Pants: New York & Co. (they sold out pretty quickly.)--these might satisfy you
Shoes: BCBG via Boscov's (I know, right?)
Blouse: The Limited (last year)
Necklace: Target clearance

Linking up with Marionberry because she's featuring yellow, a color I happen to love and wear (often.)


  1. I love your bright yellow blazer!!! So pretty!

    Exploring My Style

  2. SUPER great compliment (and well deserved). I also love that you now have an article of clothing that will remind you every time you wear them that you split the seam. A little giggle in your wardrobe!

  3. Love these pants! and this look is great!

  4. Those pants are fabulous! I believe you are the trendsetter at work since you always have the cutest outfits :)

  5. that is a really wonderful compliment, and this is a fabulous look! I love the bright blazer.
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I just bought some crazy chevron leggings. I can't wait to wear them and have people stare. HAHAHA!

  7. Love these fun pants with the yellow blazer! I've been on the hunt for a yellow one and this is perfect!



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