Monday, July 21, 2014

What I Wore & Did: Hanging Out in Georgetown

So, as you might already know, I met up with Whitney last week in Georgetown (Washington, D.C. for those of you who aren't familiar with the East Coast). Since I'm a native Marylander, it was not my first time in DC, but my first time in Georgetown. I'm in love. As I drove into the city, I ogled the beautiful homes lining the streets--none of them the same, all of them exquisite. I told myself that getting lost wouldn't be such a bad thing because of such a great view.

As for Main Street Georgetown, HELLO, CUTENESS. When you look up Georgetown "shoppes" online, it will appear they offer about ten stores. Oh, no. They have everything, and the stores are all so deep. It's like entering hundreds of Narnias. Before shopping, however, we stopped for lunch at Pinstripes, which also boasts locations in Illinois, Kansas, and Minnesota. Seriously, this place is the best place I have ever ordered food, and most of you know how many food allergies I have. I ate the maple glazed salmon with avocado salad and quinoa; they let me do butter instead of a maple glaze. On top of the great food, it also offers bowling and bocci! Indoor bocci pits? Whaaaaat? I loved the restaurant so much that when our friends from New York visited, we took them there for lunch on Saturday. These friends are serious foodies, and they raved about the food and atmosphere. Win. We all high fived at the end of the meal.

Meeting up with a fellow blogger for the first time is sort of like preparing for a first date. When Whitney said the same thing to me at lunch, I knew we'd be forever friends. We both changed outfits about five times before settling on what we'd wear for our outing in Georgetown. SO MUCH PRESSURE. I opted for this skirt with a black shirt and my giraffe necklace. When Whitney and I went into Aldo, the sales girl said she had the same skirt that Whitney also has in another color. I remarked that I would love it more if it had pockets. She said, "that's weird. Mine has pockets." I decided to investigate that very moment. And what do you know? IT HAS POCKETS. I have owned this skirt for an embarrassing amount of time not to notice that the pockets were so well-sewn shut that they existed at all. Clearly, Whitney is good luck.

Here's what I wore on my two trips to Georgetown in one week. 

She exists in real life! And she is even more adorable and sweet in real life. I loved her denim vest and midi-length dress!

Our favorite New Yorkers. (I opted for my Converse this day.)

Thank you to the random dude who took our picture after looking at me in the most dead pan of ways and saying, "No" after I asked him to take a group shot. You got me, dude, you got me. 
Oh, we did not mean to dress up as if we were getting professional pictures our coordinated outfits in the park. We're just that good. Naturally.


  1. Oh my gosh your outfits are so coordinated, it's perfection! I'm glad you had fun with Whitney, but I'll say it again, I'm so jealous!! I usually find out that my pants pockets are still sewn shut right in the middle of teaching, so I'm trying to slyly yank away at the threads while simultaneously teaching ratios to eleven year olds.

    1. I really think that coordinating with you in PA is totally doable!! And I do the EXACT same thing with my pockets during teaching. Hahaha.

  2. Looks so fun! I'd love to visit that part of the country. And kudos on the matching, that takes skill to be that coordinated without planning!

  3. So much fun! I want to meet you and Whitney!! Too bad I went on vacation to DC before I started blogging. We stayed with a friend who lives near Georgetown, and I loved walking around down there. The only problem is that we went late in the day on Sunday, so most of the shops were closed. But it was still so pretty!

  4. Bowling AND bocci? Um, awesome! Sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad you discovered the pockets. Every now and then I find skirts that have a seam where you think pockets should be, but it's not clear whether they actually are or not. Once I ripped the seam only to ruin the skirt. Okay, not ruin, but it's been in the "fix" pile for the past few years. Whoops.

  5. So fun you and Whitney got to meet! Such a treat!

  6. Wow, when we come to Maryland to visit, will you take us to this yummy restaurant you speak of?? It sounds amazing. And a restaurant that serves quinoa is a-okay in my book!

  7. You are the best :) I'm still basking in the glow of how much fun we had together! I can't wait for our next rendez-vous (although, I really set the bar high for myself with the finding of the pockets)!

    I quite adore your four matching outfits in the group photo :) Perfection!

  8. PINSTRIPES!!! My BFF and I used to meet there after work for happy hour and flatbread pizzas! And my cousin had her high school graduation party there! It's SO DELICIOUS AND FUN! (I'm done yelling now). So, so, so fun that you and Whitney got to meet and hang out - I need to get my butt to DC so I can hang out with you two. And I loooove that you, Jeff, and your friends randomly coordinated outfits! What a happy coincidence!!


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