Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Teacher Style: Colored Pencil Skirt Inspiration

Meet cobalt blue, my favorite color if I could actually choose a favorite color. Now, keep in mind that you can apply the following formulas to any colored skirt! I tried to make sure that every look I created this week could transfer to any wardrobe of any color palette. Today, I do not have any perfectly casual outfits for a Friday, but if I'm going to wear a skirt on Friday, it won't be a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are for kicking butt and taking names. By Friday, my butt has been kicked and I don't know my own name. If you wear pencil skirts on casual Fridays, please share your ideas in the comments. Teach us your ways ;)

Anyway, the first four looks are previously worn outfits. The last three are newly created. Aren't you lucky?

The Skirt: The Limited

Look 1: printed button up + neutral belt + neutral shoes
(A gingham top would look great would just about any color skirt. I could've tried a colored belt-- orange perhaps? I think it'd work great with gray boots in the winter/fall.)

Look 2: plaid shirt + lace shirt + neutral shoes
(Plaid and lace? Yes, please. Look at your plaid shirts differently. Try one with a pencil skirt. It's a little feminine and a little woodsy. If it's not cold outside, wear some booties or heels and nix the tights.)

Look 3: neutral blazer + colored top + neutral shoes
(If you check out look 5, you'll notice that the color scheme is the same, just swapped.)

Look 4: neutral blazer + lace top + neutral shoes
(If it's too warm for a blazer, try a cardigan instead.)

Look 5: colored cardigan + printed button up + neutral shoes
(Again, look 3 uses yellow, blue, and nude as a color scheme just like this outfit does. Allow one outfit to inspire another. It'll make your life easier.)

Look 6: colored cardigan + striped top + statement necklace + neutral shoes
(I thought coral was a bit unexpected. I tried not to be super patriotic by wearing red, so I went with coral instead.) 

Look 7: neutral cardigan + polka dot blouse + big belt + neutral shoes
(Cobalt and black just work together. Everyone knows that. Especially Andi and Brynn.)

Items Remixed In Future Looks This Week:
* Bird print blouse
* Lace top
* Polka dot blouse

* Yellow cardigan
* Coral cardigan
* Black cardigan

* Nude wedges
* Black wedges

* Statement necklace
* Big black belt


  1. Ooh yay! For some reason my cobalt pencil skirt doesn't get nearly enough love. And here are lots of reasons to correct that!

  2. I love cobalt! I usually stick to black and white with it, so I love seeing these other combos.

  3. "By Friday, my butt has been kicked and I don't know my own name." You have me laughing out loud this morning! You've again nailed all of your outfits! I'm trying to think about how these outfits can be applied to a green skirt of mine!

  4. This is so great! I have a green pencil skirt and a fuchsia colored one - I definitely think this post is applicable to those colors as well. And yeah, I only ever wear pencil skirts at the beginning of the week. Not sure how people do it on the weekend.

  5. Cobalt just goes with everything! I get nervous when I think about picking a favorite color, but cobalt would be a serious contender if I had to do it. Love all these looks, and your commentary! I sometimes wear a pencil skirt on Fridays - I like to pair them with graphic t-shirts sometimes for a little juxtaposition of fancy/casual.

  6. uugggh this makes me need to get to fitting back into my cobalt skirt, asap. My favorite is the first look. I foresee a lot of pencil skirts and print button ups in my near future. I do adore the black and white with the cobalt, too!

  7. Ok, I am just drooling over the color and fit of this skirt!! Wow, I need a carbon copy of your skirt collection. Is it a ponte material? Any chance it's still available at The Limited? I would get over my love/hate relationship with pencil skirts for that beautiful one!

    Back to the outfits, I love love love the first two looks. I know that's boring because I've already seen them but they are favorites FOR SURE. I have a very similar plaid shirt now I've been holding onto for several months because we won't get cold enough weather here until December. Cobalt and coral are an unexpected combination. I really love it! I'll have to find a way to repeat the color combo with my only cobalt blue item...

  8. 1. Outfits 5 + 7 are my FAVORITES. Seriously. You're gorgeous and you know how to put an outfit together.
    2. Obviously, I love outfit 7 because cobalt + black are amazing together (thanks for the shout out!).
    3. I desperately wish I could wear pencil skirts, because they look amazing on everyone else, but dreadful on me :(
    4. Every single one of your blog posts makes me laugh - thank you for that!


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