Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Theme Week: Same Accessories, Different Outfit (Part 2)

Let's go a little more casual with today's look. In an otherwise neutral outfit, I used the accessories to add a pop of color. Sure, some might say that the same color necklace and shoes qualifies as matchy matchy, but I think a fair number of the people who frequent this blog appreciate a good matchy matchy outfit. And why does everything have to involve so much brain power? It doesn't, I argue.

I think this look would work perfectly for the zoo on a warm day. If these sandals weren't so comfortable, I'd say swap for sneakers. However, I am a firm believer in not compromising comfort for "style." They can and should go hand in hand. Luckily, pretty much any shoes I've bought by Franco Sarto are extremely comfortable--these sandals included. 

The Look
Shirt: gift from friend (it's American Eagle--love this elephant one)
Shorts: New York & Co. (similar at Target)
Sandals: Franco Sarto (similar by Nine West)
Necklace: Old Navy (similar on Etsy, and another)

Oh, hey, I'm married to him.


  1. Aww you two are adorable! Love this tank, the pattern is great. I wore something just like this when we went to the Philadelphia Zoo a few weeks ago! And I wore comfortable sandals and was fine.

  2. Great summer looks and I love these sandals!

  3. You two are just so cute! I love a comfy, easy to wear outfit any day! This one is perfect.

  4. Aww love your outfit and you and your hubs are too cute together :)


  5. I should drag my husband into pictures every now and then. You two look like you could be those people in the default picture that comes in new picture frames. But yeah, I would totally wear this outfit to the zoo. I just need that top! (The elephant one you linked to is definitely my style!)

  6. You and your husband are so cute! So fun to see the "man behind the blog!" Love the outfit, and I agree about Franco Sarto. I stumbled across a great pair at TJ Maxx and I can hardly take them off, they are so comfy!

  7. I love seeing pictures of you and Jeff together :) Two cuties!! I really, realllly like this outfit, my dear. That tank is so fun, and I think it looks smashing with the orange necklace + sandals!! :)


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