Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When hair cooperates

Sometimes, my body likes to help me choose what I wear for the day. (And, sometimes, it's not because Mother Nature decided to give me a terrible case of the bloats.) Take today, for example. The salt water from our beach trip last week ate most of the nail polish from my toes, but time did not afford me the luxury of repainting them today. (By "time," I mean that I spent 9a.m.-1:40 tinkering around on the computer, writing a to-do list I checked off one thing on, and e-mailing Jeff about house hunting.) Anyway, I like my toes to look fully polished at all times. As a result, I decided I needed closed-toe shoes to meet up with my co-teacher for lunch. (We received some bad news about test scores, so we decided to cry together over her Chipotle naked burrito and my Deer Park water.)

I thought about wearing pants, but who wants to engage in a tug of war with pants after applying copious amounts of lotion? Not I. Does this predicament befall anyone else?

Also, can we talk hair for a moment? Of course, we can. This blog is mine. I can talk about whatever pleases me. We're talking about hair and one of its many mysteries: why does hair always cooperate with you just before you plan to cut or dye it? WHY? It's like it KNOWS you're about to go to the salon and says, "HA. I'll show you." Again, does this predicament befall anyone else? Honestly, I spent all of two minutes on my hair this morning afternoon, and it looks so...beachy. Screw you, hair, and your fickle ways. But, really, keep cooperating. I love you. I enjoy spending less than 5 minutes on you. I have better things to do than worry about your cantankerousness. Like writing blog posts about you.

The Look:
Shirt: LOFT outlet (I got it with the two maxi skirts I bought during our Myrtle Beach trip last week. I hunted for it online and couldn't find it.)
Cardigan: New York and Company (I love me a good cardigan with short sleeves.)
Belt: Target
Shorts: LOFT via thredUP (these are CUTE, and these are close)
Shoes: Converse via DSW

Some might find this outfit too "matchy," but hot damn I love it. That mauve color plays so nicely with gray and white. No? 

No, I cannot explain to you why the lower half of my body absorbs sunlight so much better than the top half.  I'm weird.


  1. This outfit is adorable, I kinda love it's "matchiness." I need to embrace the few short-sleeve cardigans I have. They usually make me feel awkward and I'm doing enough of that on my own without their help thankyouverymuch. And your hair looks great! I had the same "problem" the last time when I got my hair cut short again. The day before it was long and manageable and perfect, after weeks of being ridiculous and annoying, dangit.

  2. Such a bummer about the test scores :( I hate state testing, we've done well the past few years but there's so much pressure it about swallows us all up the entire 3rd quarter and part of the 4th while we prepare for it. Then when it's over our balloons all deflate and we all have nothing left to give the last month of school. And hair, I hate mine, it's driving me crazy. I have to good hair days.

  3. I love this outfit! It's pretty much perfect for summer. I don't have the problem of my hair being nice when I need to cut it. The ends get really sad when I need a trim, and I always wait too long, and then after I cut it, I'm slightly horrified by recent pictures. Yours does look really pretty here! Maybe it will be good for awhile and you can avoid a haircut!

  4. A. I still love a good matchy-matchy outfit. Am I going to be shunned from the style blogging world for saying that?!?
    B. You've been rocking the Converse looks lately!
    C. Sometimes you just need a good cry over a Chipotle burrito (naked or not...and I'm talking about the burrito).
    D. Let's please meet in real life soon! I am available for most of the next two weeks so I can be flexible with dates and locations. After that I get busier with school training and travel plans but I'm sure we could still squeeze something in :) E-mail me (whitneyalamode@gmail.com) and let me know what you think!

  5. You look absolutely adorable here and I think we've gotten over the whole no-matchy-matchy-outfits thing. Matchy-matchy for the win.

    I can't say I've ever had that hair problem! Well because 1. I rarely cut my hair (have you noticed that by now?) and 2. I still have virgin hair so no dying will be occurring anytime soon. I agree though, you hair does look pretty amazing here for just throwing it up in 2 mins. My best messy buns occur when I'm just trying to wash my face or something. Then when I actually try, I can't do it. Grr. Hair problems.

  6. Your hair looks fabulous! I wish I could get mine to look half as good in twice the time! sigh. The greys look so grey-t together :)

  7. I love your new top! The color is just beautiful. I'm all about the matchy outfits, as well, so don't you apologize - this one looks great! I have to do an at-home pedicure ASAP as well...we spent the last 5 days with Kevin's parents running around outside and I rarely had shoes on, so my feet need some TLC, ha! I totally feel you on the hair thing, too. I cut mine yesterday after weeks of it bothering me...and wouldn't you know, it actually looked decent right before I went in for the haircut...One of the great mysteries of life, I tell ya!


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