Thursday, July 24, 2014

What exactly is boho chic?

I feel like I tried this shirt on with every pair of shorts that I own. All of them either looked stupid or no longer fit me. What gives? I'm working with slim pickings. The end of July quickly approaches, so is it worth it to buy more pairs? What are your thoughts on the matter?

My brain can function only in a list right now, so here it is.

One, what is boho chic? I guess it means hippie inspired, flowy fabrics. I'm going to say that this top qualifies, especially because I chose to wear it for exactly that reason. I did not want to feel constricted, so this top felt like a formidable choice. 

Two, doesn't this shirt look like a henna tattoo? The stitching reminds me of henna. Is that weird? If the rest of the top weren't flesh colored, maybe I wouldn't think so. Ah, who knows.

Three, I can't believe I wore a bracelet today without throwing it across the room. Usually, I will attempt bracelet wearing and grow so frustrated with its clanging against the keyboard that I angrily toss it off my wrist. This one slides up far enough that it's out of the way when I type. Looks like I know what kind of bracelets to look for in the future.

Four, no one would know we are in the summer season based on my pasty skin. Will that mean everyone my age later on will look like a rawhide, and there I will be with lovely, unwrinkled skin? I will tell myself this lie in order to feel better about having nothing to show for the sunshine and summertime once school starts.

Five, a few weeks ago, a mouse scurried across my foot as I reached for a 2a.m. snack in the kitchen. A few days ago, a spider fell on me in the shower. Yesterday, a bug crawled up at me out of the toilet. Today, I saw a cockroach crawl OUT OF THE SINK. Why do I even bother cleaning this breeding ground for disgusting things? I think I need a bat. Or a chicken. Or a toad. They can eat the creepy crawlies. Have you ever seen Stephen King's It? You know the part when the clown comes up out of the drain? Yeah, that's my reality. I can laugh things off, but even my sense of humor has its limitations.  

 The Look:
Top: Francesca's (really cute and similar)
Shorts: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl's (exact in two washes)
Sandals: Sole Society (exact
Cuff: gift from Mom awhiiiile ago

 I also wore the top this way. As you can see, I'm super creative with it.

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  1. I really like your shirt, I see what you mean about being reminiscent of a henna tattoo though. Also, I have a huge phobia of food sitting in the sink that goes back to a disgusting college roommate. After cleaning her gross dishes out of the sink for the hundredth time a cockroach crawled out. To this day I can't have dished in there. (Shutter)

  2. OH my GOSH the clown from IT lives in your drain??????? Dude, don't listen to him when he tells you that everything floats!!!

  3. I've been grappling with the same question as to whether it's worth it to buy any more shorts. I think I'll wait a few weeks until they start going on clearance. Your top reminds me more of the Empire State Building than a henna tattoo. Sorry to hear about the bugs. I killed three spiders the other day.

  4. aaahh! I have that creepy crawly feeling now! I can't even handle those stories. We mostly have daddy long legs at our house and they mostly stay in the basement corners, so I let them live because they aren't that gross and rumor has it that they eat other bugs. But sometimes there will be a bigger spider and I totally freak out. I was watching TV last week and a spider was crawling on the couch cushion right next to my head. And then he disappeared, so I had to have a little intermission on the TV-watching and tear the whole couch apart until I found him and destroyed him.

    Anyway, this shirt is really cool. It kind of gives off an Aztec vibe to me! And I'm going to try to not buy any more shorts this summer, but I will be so tempted when they go on super cheap clearance. It will still be shorts weather here for 6-8 weeks, so I'm trying to wear my shorts as much as possible!

  5. Buy shorts when the go on clearance :) It's coming soon. And wear all your cute skirts in the meantime :)

  6. I just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I have enjoyed discovering your blog! I'm pretty sure I found you through Whitney, and I'm so glad I did. My day job also involves educating the youth of America (I teach 9th grade English), and my blog is a little hobby. You're outfits are always so cute, and I really like the fun attitude that comes out in your writing style.

    Allie from Buttons and Bees Beauty :)

    1. Oh gosh English teacher error!! YOUR outfits. Not YOU'RE outfits. What a lousy representation of myself as a blogger AND teacher of English! Those darn homophones...

  7. Yay!! My favorite top of yours is back!! Please promise me if you ever wish to get rid it, and why would you, please please sell it to me. The detailing is just so pretty!!

    Ok, you are having way too many encounters with creepy crawlies for my comfort. Is this a regular occurrence or just a recent thing? In any case, it's time for you guys to move into your new house ASAP! The worst bug encounter I had was when a particular time of the month was especially bad so I was on the ground, kneeling over the toilet when out of the corner of my eye, I see a HUGE cockroach crawling toward me. I could not stand up quickly enough. My boyfriend happened to be in there with me to make sure I was ok and we were both freaked out! It took us several tries to try and kill it. That sucker was indestructible! That same summer I was, where else, taking my morning pee when I notice a rather large cockroach crawling down the side of the shower. I can't exactly just stop peeing can I? So I silently scream to myself and try to get one of my boyfriend's parents to kill it for me. Ok, enough bug talk for tonight!

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't really understand the meaning of boho chic! I do know, however, that I don't know how to pull it off.

    Speaking of creepy crawlies, I felt something on my arm the other day, looked down, and saw a spider! I FREAKED out! The worst part is that I now constantly think I have a spider crawling on me. It's the worst!


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