Monday, July 28, 2014

Teacher Style: Khaki Skirt Inspiration

 When I started the Teacher Wardrobe Series last year, I squeezed it all into one week. I felt rushed because Rome was not built in a day, and this wardrobe was not built in a week. This time around, I'm approaching the idea a bit differently. For the new few weeks, you will see themes for the week (pants, shoes, dresses, accessories, and anything you all request).

This week is based on five skirts from my closet. In fact, I also used a small selection of cardigans, shirts, and shoes to show you how remixable your skirt collection probably already is. Additionally, I scoured my archives to find some ways I already wore some of the pieces I chose. I included those previous looks in the collages.

Today, I am starting with the khaki skirt because Kate (love her and wish she lived close enough to visit!) asked for some inspiration for her khaki skirt. Kate, I hope I delivered.

Just as I did before, I provided a large collage followed by larger images of each look. I want you to see some of the detailing! 

 Skirt: The Limited 


Look 1: Striped shirt + scarf + big belt + printed heels
 (Add a pop of color in the scarf/belt. If it's too hot, replace the scarf with a statement necklace!)
 (Top: The Limited / Heels: via Marshall's / Belt: New York & Co. / Scarf: gift)
*Dog is not puking, but I don't know what she is doing.*

Look 2: Printed cardigan + white button up + skinny belt + boots
(Love the visual interest the cardigan, which sadly no longer fits, adds. A solid color cardigan also works. If it's too warm for boots, swap them for flats or heels or even booties!)
 (Cardigan: LOFT / Button up: Express / Boots: Steve Madden / Belt: New York & Co.)

Look 3: lace shirt + colored necklace + big belt + heels
(Uses a similar formula to the first look but replaces stripes with lace and a statement necklace instead of a scarf. You might also choose to add color in the form of shoes or throw on a blazer if it's cold. I think this outfit is actually my favorite. I love the combination of neutrals with the little pop of pink from the necklace.) 
 (Top: Old Navy / Necklace: Old Navy / Heels: J.Crew Factory / Belt: came with dress)

Look 4: printed button up (sleeveless for easier layering) + black cardigan + long necklace + heels
(I could add a belt if I wanted. I could tie the shirt instead of tucking it. I could add a pop of color with a cardigan or a non-neutral shoe. So many options for remixing!)  
 (Top: LOFT / Cardigan: The Limited / Heels: J.Crew Factory / Necklace: via Poshmark)

Look 5: colored cardigan + printed blouse + colored shoes
(I love this color scheme. I really think this outfit might be what I wear on the first day of school! This formula works with any color scheme and pattern. Try a green cardigan with a striped shirt and black shoes. Try a scarf instead of a necklace. Try a cropped blazer instead of a cardigan.)
(Cardigan: The Limited / Top: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's / Shoes: Dana Buchanan via Kohl's)

Look 6: neutral button up + big belt + neutral shoes
(I could add a statement necklace. I could swap a white shirt in place of the blue one. I could wear a colored oxford. I could add a pop of color with a blazer or shoes.)
 (Button up: Tommy Hilfiger / Shoes: BCBG / Belt: came with a dress)

Look 7:  colored cardigan + different colored necklace + neutral tank + colored shoes
(A neutral skirt is the perfect foundation for color experimentation. If you're not into more traditional color blocking, try a more subtle version like this one. I think the yellow cardigan is kind of unexpected. A blue, orange, or green one would work just as well!)
(Cardigan: Express / Tank: White House Black Market / Flats: Target / Necklace: Old Navy)

Look 8: colored blazer + striped shirt (or any pattern) + neutral shoes + tights
(I thought you might want to see a more fall look. If it's too hot for tights, try taller boots or booties. If the weather is warmer, try for a cardigan instead of a blazer, and swap out the wedges for flats.)
(Blazer: Marshall's / Top: Old Navy / Wedges: Marshall's / Necklace: boutique)

Items Remixed In Future Looks This Week:
* Bird print blouse
* Lace top
* Black tank
* Polka dot blouse
* White button up

* Yellow cardigan
* Red cardigan
* Black cardigan

* Red heels
* Magenta flats
* Black wedges

* Magenta necklace
* Big brown belt
* Big black belt


  1. Each time I got to a new outfit photo, I thought, "THIS is my favorite one." ...but then I would see the next one and think the same thing! Ultimately, I still love the khaki, red and polka dots...but I'm also loving the lace top outfit and the yellow and purple!

  2. Okay, first, thanks for the shout out. You are pretty much my favorite, but I think that's already been established. Second, I love look 3. It's so simple but so perfect. Why haven't I worn my skirt with a white long-sleeve tee?! (and why isn't long-sleeve one word? I refuse to make it two, hence the hyphen.) Third, look 7 threw me for a loop. It's so unexpected but works so well. (Wondering if it could it work with my yellow/tan colorblock cardigan?!) Fourth, I hate it when students write "first... second... third" in their papers. I don't know why, or why I did it myself. Was it to be wry? Hopefully my rhymes don't make you cry. Goodbye!

  3. I love this!! Your first day of school outfit is definitely my favorite! Ok, are those shoes a recent purchase where I could go try them on ASAP? I love them SO MUCH. You've worn this skirt quite a few ways! Were all of these from your archives? I don't remember you talking about getting your favorite JCF wedges in black! They look quite amazing :)

  4. I would never think a skirt like this would be so versatile! #5 was my favorite, until I got to #7, and then my head exploded because I couldn't decide which one is the best. #7 is just such an unexpected combo and it looks so good! I'm excited for the rest of your skirts this week!

  5. I love posts like this! My favorite outfit is #4! That is such a great skirt :)

  6. Love all these looks. My favorite is #3 and the one with the polka top :) Gorgeous!!

    By the way, I just updated my blog with a new post. I’d love for you to swing by:

  7. Yay! I'm so glad this series is back! Is it weird that I don't have something so simple as a tan skirt? I've actually had it on my wishlist for over a year now, but I'm never really thinking about it when I'm out shopping. I might have to give it its own shopping mission. Look #7 is simple but so fantastic, I'm going to want to try something like that! Love the JCF heels =)

  8. Outfit #3 is my ultimate favorite - I ADORE neutral outfits (obviously...that's basically all that's in my closet these days with the exception of a few cardigans, haha), and every piece fits you perfectly! I love that skirt so much - who would have thought that a tan/khaki skirt like this would be so versatile?! I sat down today with my trusty Excel spreadsheet and came up with 500+ outfits for the school year... #NERDALERT [I figured you'd be proud of me...]


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