Monday, February 2, 2015

Mock, YEAH. Ing, YEAH. Bird, YEAH. Yeah, yeah.

Name that movie, and I shall gift you a figurative million dollars. Or, as I tell my students, you will earn extra my heart. By the by, I started singing the title to my husband, and he finished it for me. That, my friends, is true love. Yeah? YEAH.

I would offer you a legitimate reason for my extended absence, but all I got for you is this: it got cold. I look even more haggard in the winter months, which must be why the first picture my husband took looks mildly blurry. Heck, I all but dragged him outside to take these pictures during which time (all of thirty seconds) he griped about the temperature. Winter whiner. Yeah, it's still cold, but I missed you guys, which is why I'll try to suck it up enough to visit you all a few times a week.

The Look:
Shirt: LOFT
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: New York & Co.
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's


  1. Dumb and Dumber. FTW. I only know because I just watched it over Thanksgiving break, after not having seen it for yeaaars.

    I'm happy you're back. I'll let your absence over winter break slide, but don't do it again.

    and yeah, what is up with photographers griping about the cold? Don't they know their job is to make us look fantastic, and only open their mouths to tell us if something needs to be adjusted? ha ha

    1. Oh, Toby Keith also sings those lyrics. So. Double-win?

  2. I'm glad you're back! But I agree with you, winter is just a sucky time for taking pictures. Inside, outside, doesn't matter, it's just not as good as a warm summer day :)

  3. Speaking of Mockingbird, did you hear Harper Lee is publishing again this summer?!

  4. Hey, welcome back to the world! I've missed you! Is that creepy? Maybe a little, but you are one of my favorites, so I'm glad you aren't quitting forever.

  5. Ahh there you are! I was starting to wonder about you, I'm glad you are back!

  6. You're back!! I was about to email you and make sure you were doing ok! It's cold though, I get it. I stopped posting 5 times a week once I realized that daily outfit pictures were not going to happen. Some days I don't even get dressed at all. I mean, why put on all those layers when you can wear sweats?

    Lovely layers you've got there. That teal is a gorgeous color on you!


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