Wednesday, July 22, 2015

35 Weeks

The Outfit:
Dress: Old Navy, non-maternity (I was an XS before pregnancy; I went with a medium in this dress so that it would be long enough to cover my belly. I'm sure it'll still fit without a big belly in there.  Even with this belly, I still wear an XS in their maxi dresses.)
Belt (old): Francesca's
Sandals: Aerosoles (they are really comfortable and have padding!)
Giraffe necklace (old): J. Crew Factory  

How far along? 35 weeks...we're really coming into the home stretch

Size: We went for a growth sonogram (worrywart mom alert) on July 10th when I was a little over 33 weeks. She measured at about 4lbs. 14oz. which surprises just about everyone because they want to know where I "put the baby." It calmed my fears induced (pun intended) by everyone trying to tell me I was too small. The midwife assured me that I am just one of those women who "tucks a baby in well." Overall, I have gained a little over 20 pounds. I texted this picture to my mom, and she said, "How is it possible that you already look bigger than you did on Sunday?" Thanks, Mom. Your granddaughter is packing on the pounds in there.

Nursery: Almost finished. We just need a chair, and I'd like to have more art and pictures hanging on the wall. Granted, she won't sleep in there right away because we have this awesome bassinet for her beginning weeks/months, but what are we really going to accomplish once she arrives?

Maternity Clothes: In terms of shorts or pants, absolutely! I even bought four nursing nightgowns from Motherhood Maternity (on sale, of course) to test drive them before she's born. They are SO comfortable, have built in bras, and will be perfect for when company comes because I can look put together without actually putting on real clothes or an actual bra. If ninjas were clothes, they'd be these nightgowns. My mom even thought they were actual dresses. However, I have gotten away with a lot of non-maternity dresses. I stick with very stretchy cotton and have had a lot of luck at Kohl's and Old Navy.

Stretch Marks: Not yet, but my body cannot be trusted not to sneak up on me with this one.

Sleep: HAHAHA. Sleep laughs at me. If needing to use the bathroom for the fifth time does not wake me, back pain wakes me. If back pain doesn't wake me, hot flashes from Hell wake me. If hot flashes do not wake me, this sweet child of mine decides it is time for us to rise and face the day at 4:00 in the morning. I love her so much already that I just roll with it. If a spontaneous nap comes later to relieve me, then so be it. If not, then let the delirium ensue.

Celebrations: This week is my dad's birthday, my sister-in-law's birthday, and the last week of my summer graduate course. This weekend, I'm also attending a grad party and a 1-year-old's birthday party. I think there's a lot of cause for celebration around these parts.

Cravings: Crabs (good thing I live in Maryland), ALL THINGS cheese (Pirate's Booty, cheese sticks, grilled cheese, pizza), and watermelon yogurt. So, it looks like my body is telling me to pack in the calcium and protein. 

Symptoms: I am keeping them somewhat at bay with my weekly visits to the chiropractor and acupuncturist, but my sinuses are really giving me trouble. Holy bloody noses, Batman. The humidifier and neti pot make a huge difference. 

Movement: She is active just like her daddy. She especially loves mealtime. She almost never stops moving, but as uncomfortable as heels trying to make an escape through my gall bladder incisions, toes curling under my rib cage, a mysterious body part sinking into my round ligament, and a head headbutting my lady parts, it reassures me that she is doing okay in there. I might cry out in pain, but I can handle that pain as long as she just stays healthy. I keep telling her that's her only job right now. Happy and healthy.

Belly Button: It came out to play. It's not cute. It's like that neighborhood kid who licks chalk off the sidewalk, so you don't answer the door when he knocks. It doesn't matter though because he finds you anyway. It really emerges when I laugh hysterically, which my husband strives to make happen on a daily basis. In the beginning, I put a band aid over it, but that caused a rash that lasted for about a week. I'd rather have an outie than a rash.

Feeling: Excited and worried--The thought of meeting her on the outside excites me more than anything ever has, but worry always nags at the back (okay, probably the front) of my mind that something will go wrong. I am good about preventing the worry from becoming stress, however. Honestly, I can handle all of the discomfort and pain if she just comes out healthy and happy. I don't care about agonizing labor, horrible postpartum symptoms, or any of my medical stuff as long as this kid comes out with a clean bill of health. I know labor and delivery is NO picnic in the park, and I just don't care. I am feeling such overwhelming love and concern for this kid that those things have yet to nag at me, which is probably because I have already had two car accidents, 8 root canals, gall bladder removal, appendix removal, tonsils and adenoids removal, sinus surgery, and impacted wisdom teeth removal. Clearly, I am no stranger to pain and none of that pain led to the survival of another human being, which makes this pain the most worthwhile. 


  1. Sounds like you're already a wonderful mother. What a lucky little baby!

  2. It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN (duh nuh na, duh nuh nuh nuh na)! I'm so so so excited for you to meet your little lady face to face! It's just the most amazing thing ever! Labor and delivery were so much better and so much worse than I could have imagined, but (like you said) I just did not care about anything other than getting my healthy boy out into the world. Oh, and you look amazing! Just punch anyone in the throat who has comments about your size. All bodies are different, so of course all pregnant bodies don't look the same!

  3. I have this same dress! (In both orange and in black and white stripes) Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to size up, so by 35 weeks I'm afraid I will probably be flashing everyone if I try to wear it then. I'm with you though, I could care less about all the pain I'll be in. I just care about a healthy and happy baby. I pray all day and every day for a healthy baby. I think you're going to be a great mom to your baby girl! I'll be praying for y'all also. :)
    Oh and what kind of bassinet did you get? That's one thing I haven't picked out yet.


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