Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Maternity Pictures

I have been buried under mounds of graduate work  and preparing for Vincenza's arrival at the end of next month (or whenever she decides to grace us with her presence on the outside), so only the crickets have kept you company here. Is anyone still coming back? I don't know. Maybe I publish this post just for Vincenza to read when she's older because the internet never dies. Anyway, my lovely and talented sister-in-law took maternity pictures for us this past weekend so that we can celebrate this exciting and nerve-wracking time in our lives.

Session Details:
      Photographer: My sister-in-law, if she ever starts up a company, I'll come back here and link   it up for her.

     Setting: It was HOT, even after 5:00, so we opted for an outdoor option with a quick escape to air conditioning, our backyard. Plus, our backyard is quite serene and makes for a lovely backdrop even if we have to dodge a lot of poop bombs. Also, we took a lot of pictures in front of the wood wall my husband built in the nursery. That wall and the lighting in that room make it an awesome location for pictures! We wanted some magical lighting, and our backyard did a great job providing it :)

       Outfits: Jeff is wearing a pink polo I bought for him on sale at Kohl's recently and a pair of navy shorts from J.Crew Factory I bought for him a year or two ago. Dude seriously needs some new footwear though. As for my outfit, the dress isn't a maternity dress. It's a Lauren Conrad dress I recently bought at Kohl's; it was on sale for $24, and my mom had an additional 30% off. The straps were a bit long for me, so my mom altered them because her talents know no end. Find the dress here, and it's on sale for $24.99 on the site as well. It comes in white, coral, and laurel green.

Get ready for a lot of pictures, folks. Feel free to pin them. Just send people back here, please ;)

In case you needed a good laugh...

This picture is actually a recreation of our favorite engagement picture.
(The last picture in front of the brick wall is what inspired this picture in front of her wood wall.) 

My adorable niece was giving "baby cousin" kisses.


  1. These are beautiful photos! Your sister in law is talented. You and your hubby look great, and you are absolutely beaming. I love your dress. Looks like baby girl is growing in there! I know you are super excited and I am looking forward to hearing the good news of her arrival later this summer.

  2. I can't decide which one I love more: the last one with your dogs, or the one of you holding the book. Also, that is the perfect maternity photo shoot dress. Well done! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Your sister-in-law did an amazing job, plus she had really good subjects =) I think taking them in your yard was a wonderful idea.

  4. awww, these are great (and I love your engagement pics, too! I don't remember seeing those before!). I'm sort of regretting that we didn't get some maternity photos!

  5. These are beautiful! There are so many great ones! I particularly love the "LOVE" with your belly, the one of you peeking from behind the book, the goofy Jeff face, and the dog picture!

  6. Multiple things for you today:
    -The pregnancy glow is totally working for ya girly. Me, not so much. My co-worker claims that "girls steal your beauty" which is seeming like the case I got going on. Not you though!
    -I totally think you need to frame the the recreation of y'all's engagement picture! We have an engagement picture just like that too btw!
    -THIS DRESS. I'm smitten. I actually saw the coral one that LC posted on IG and decided that it needs to be my baby shower dress. Did you have to size up at all to fit the bump at this point? Or did you buy your regular size?


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