Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trendy Tuesday & Some Profundity

Every now and then, someone's comment forces me to rethink this blog of mine. Today, I got to thinking this: why are my life and worth (seemingly) measured by how many "deep" conversations I have with people? Why must I be vain if I talk about clothes? I teach teenagers about theme, discuss my grand educational plans with my co-teacher (and anyone who will listen), converse with my parents about ethical dilemmas, and actually talk about crap that matters with people who matter, but not all of the time. How much deeper does the world want me to dig into life?

Sometimes, I like to scratch at only the surface because that's what my brain can handle for the moment. I know that consistently talking about clothes is vain, but if Trendy Tuesday unifies my colleagues and me, I make friends/solidify bonds over mall outings and fashion discussions, and I meet wonderful friends through this personal style blog of mine, how much vanity can I attribute to what I consider this creative venture of mine? Must all of my conversations and interactions be profound? Can my interactions about clothing be profound in their ability to bond me with another human being? (Yes.) Can the creativity that clothing inspires within me be profound? (Yes.)

I befriend the staff at clothing stores. We chat about our lives. I sincerely tell ladies how beautiful an article of clothing makes her look if we step out of the dressing room at the same time. And, when I come here to this corner of the cyber world, I consciously strive to present myself as I am and to make you all smile and/or giggle. When I comment on your blog, I do so because I genuinely want to, not because I feel obligated to comment. I think long and hard about the comments I post and the content I provide here, and I think many (can I say most?) bloggers do. 

Of course, when all is said and done, I do not want people to remember me for what I look like in my clothes. I want people to remember how I made them feel in my presence. 

The Look:
Pants: Old Navy (exact)
Boots: White Mountain? Not so sure. (similar)
Shirt: Old Navy (I like this pink and white one.)
Sleeveless Cardigan: Gap Outlet (I looked but couldn't find anything.)
Belt: New York & Co. (cute)

 I must end on a light note. Look at that chunk of hair just waving aimlessly in the breeze.
Additionally, I match the bird feeder in the distance. 

I've also worn the shirt this way...

And the pants this way...

And the sleeveless cardigan these ways...


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  1. Look at you getting all deep first thing in the morning =) Also, English teacher, I don't think I knew the word profundity before, you've taught me something new! And yes I agree, there's a bigger purpose to this blogging, it's not all just "look at my clothes!" I can say that I'm glad you're you and that we "met" through our vain little blogs. Plus I'm always so impressed at how you made Trendy Tuesday a way to bring your coworkers closer together!

  2. I am actually upset that someone would comment negatively on your blog, of all blogs. I follow several fashion blogs for inspiration, and many bloggers say very little about their lives. They speak only of the fashion, and that's fine because I am only there to see the pretty pictures and become inspired. However, I follow your blog not only for the great style but for your witty, sometimes hilarious and insightful commentary! I have said to myself on more than one occasion, "This girl can write!" I am not an English teacher, but I am an avid reader and grammar nazi (I've been a secretary for more years than I care to disclose), and I happen to think your blog is one of the best out there. Keep the faith and don't let the "haters" get you down!

  3. I love your blog and funny and REAL posts! I am surprised that someone would comment negatively because about 99% of the time, bloggers are very positive. I was just telling my mom last night that I love blogging and Instagram because nobody understands my love of fashion like you ladies do! Keep it up and you look adorable as always :)

  4. Boo for negativity. Right when I started and was just getting bold enough to share this hobby I has one friend say "I looked at you blog once, you must have a lot of free time." Whelp, that wasn't what I expected to hear. I love you blog and your thoughtful comments and I'm sorry someone was critical to you. :(

  5. Preach! Sometimes I feel like style blogging is silly/vain, but the more I think about it, the more I come to the same conclusions you listed. Just because something isn't super deep doesn't mean it isn't valuable. Building relationships, making someone smile, encouraging and inspiring others - these are the important things that can come from our silly little blogs!

  6. The fact that you are bringing people together at your school through Trendy Tuesday is enough reason for your blog not to be vain, but the opposite. I have only started reading/followed you for a few weeks now but I love not just your outfits but your posts and the way you write too. I have mentioned before that you are witty, at times sarcastic, usually right. You are funny and real too. I have actually started reading/seeing your blog from the very beginning. I have only done that with blogs I love, like Heather's from H&K Style Journey or Ginny's Blog. You are one of those people I am doing that with because I love to read what you write, seriously.

    Also, loving the Outfit today. I pretty much have the Fuchsia version of that Plaid Shirt. I will be copying it. If you ever want to swap styles for a day we can LOL. I especially love that shirt paired with the red coat - what an adorable outfit. I have been pinning several outfits of yours by the way.

    Have a Great rest of the week! Ada. =)

  7. This is a great post thank you for being real and honest. Your first comment to me was humorous and I could tell that you cared. Normally in person I am shy until I get to know someone well, and sometimes I see some people that are very stylish but am afraid to say so unless we happen to start talking (for example the decked out girl in all Michael Kors at Lowes a few weeks ago). Then that's when I comment about their outfits. I am sorry someone's comment made you feel like you needed to explain yourself but I am glad you did. Sometimes we do have to remember why we blog. You have cute clothes and outfit ideas, so don't change! :) you have a new follower. Rachel xx

  8. Danielle,
    Your blog is my very favorite one out there. I'm SO glad I found you through Go Chic (at least I'm pretty sure that's wear I discovered your blog). You are my first, and very often, only blog read of the day. You have such a way about your writing that makes your personality shine through. I didn't see the negative comment but I'm saddened to think that angry person saw you as vain. We're fashion bloggers. We blog about fashion. If they didn't care about fashion, how did they end up on your blog?

    I hope you don't take it to heart too much. Your blog never fails to put a smile on my face. A few times I've burst out laughing and woken up my sleeping boyfriend! You are so kind and the comments you leave on my blog just make my day. I'm so glad I got the chance to "meet" you and if you lived closer, I'd hope we could get together and gab about clothes because really, without these blogs of ours, when else do we get to share our love for putting together outfits?

    I can't say enough good things about you or your blog. Just know you have lots of blogger buddies who have your back and will continue to support your blog!!

  9. So I'm playing blog reading catch up right now and I couldn't NOT comment on this post.

    I feel the SAME WAY. I feel really silly when anyone IRL finds out about my blog because I don't want them to think that I am superficial or that all I care about is clothes. In fact, I really don't care about clothes that much at all - I have just found that blogging helps me make the most of my closet and I have connected through great people (like you!) through it.

    Also, I think Trendy Tuesday is such a fun thing that you do with your co-workers. It brings you together and it is FUN. I'm sure most people wish they worked with you :)

  10. A-freakin'-MEN, Danielle! I'm so happy that you wrote this post. You are hands down one of my favorite people on the internet...not only because you know how to dress, but also because you are unbelievably kind, hilarious, and positive. I seriously feel like I know you because of our conversations, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I love how you can create a sense of community everywhere you go - that's a gift, and I don't want you to feel bad about that for a second. Keep on being Danielle, because the world would be a little bit more dim without you being yourself!

    Also, I have to speak to the clothing/blog piece of what you wrote. I know I've struggled with telling people about my blog in the past, because it does seem kind of vain when you think about it. But people who don't blog don't understand that, like many other hobbies, one of the best things about blogging is the actual community. I've met some fantastic people through blogging (like you!!!), and I am eternally grateful for their (your) friendship. One thing that's so great about blogging (for me, at least) is that I can write fluffier posts when I feel like it, but I also have the space to get deep. I can share things about myself and the things I'm struggling with or have experienced and know that I have a handful of kind, supportive ladies who will be able to help me process what I'm dealing with. THAT is the best!

  11. I've had a few little rude commenters before too (not about being vain). I could never see how anyone would call YOU out of all bloggers vain. I don't get it whatsoever. I've only known you in the blog world for a short moment, but by the way you write, you have an awesome personality. You know I'd totally be your real life friend if I could. I love connecting through my blog with others who enjoy the same things as I do, and that's not at all vain, it's just fun! I'm curious though, was the commenter annonymous? Any silly rude commenter I've ever had didn't have the guts to let me know who they are and let me respond nicely to them. Ya know, kill them with kindess. :)
    ANYWAYS, I LOVE this outfit. I'd totally re-create it, but I just don't know if I could pull off the red and green together like you do!

  12. Cute white with that gingham print! Thanks for linking up to Trend Spin, come back next week for stripes and checks :)

    Erin @ The Fashion Canvas


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