Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Winning combo: white blazer & sparkly shoes

I spent less than 10 minutes this morning picking out today's outfit, and it still matches. I also feel so put together that even though I've been home for two hours, I'm still wearing the outfit. Hooray! 

Today's outfit pieces are brought to you by...
New York & Co. (blazer and black skinny jeans)
The Limited (long sleeved gray shirt)
Francesca's (sparkly shoes)

Close up so that you can see the sleeves. They got a little pop. Oh yeah. 

Very important and completely related side note: I really wanted a white or an off-white blazer. I originally bought one from The Limited. Even with a discount, I still paid nearly $90. Ouch. I could not swallow that pill, so I let it hang in my closet for a week or two. I then happened upon this gem while I was at NY & Co. during a sale. This one fit me much better, and it was $60 cheaper! Come to Momma, you pretty little blazer.
No, a toddler did not take this picture. As you can see, I still suck at using a tripod.

My highlights look good in this picture. Giggity. 
Since it's inappropriate to make friends with inanimate objects, I cannot befriend this blazer, but if this blazer were a person, we'd be fast friends.  (Yes, I'd be friends with my black blazer too. I'm not racist. Gosh.)

I am so amused by how wildly ridiculous this pose is. Ahoy, Captain.
In case you wanted to see my off center necklace and skinny jeans.
Hello, adorable shoes. We were meant for each other. You are also much more comfortable than I ever anticipated. 

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