Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee. Won't my Momma be so proud of me?

This weekend was a little rough as evidenced by this photo. I had to take off on Friday because Mother Nature sucker punched me so hard in the love parts that I couldn't move from the couch. Saturday morning, that pain subsided and a new nuisance visited me: sinus congestion. I thought, "Oh, it'll go away in an hour." Boy, was I wrong. It punched me in the face. Hard. If you have ever had a sinus infection, then you understand the intense pain that accompanies such a wonderful sickness. Those Mucinex commercials make the mucus look a lot cooler than it feels when it's filling up your skull. By Sunday night, I was running a 100.3 fever. Ummm, how old am I? Five? 

Anyway, if you ever suffer from sinus problems, here are some of my methods. I used ALL of these methods, and that might be why I ended up back at work quicker than I ever have once a sinus infection hit me.
1. Saltwater spray -- you can use it more often than Flonase. You can also use this if you're unable to use a Neti Pot because you're nose is too congested.

2. Advil sinus congestion = the

3. Steam tent with eucalyptus drops: heat up water, put it in a bowl, put no more than two drops of eucalyptus oil, bend your head over the bowl, put a towel over your head, and set a timer for NO MORE than 10 minutes (note: you'll be coughing up nasty mcnasters, but it helps) Don't put more than two drops of eucalyptus. That stuff is strooong and will burn the shit out of your nose hairs. I'm speaking from personal experience.

4. Bath with epsom salt helps to soothe the joints. If you keep the shower curtain closed, it provides a steam bubble

5. LOTS and LOTS of water. I switched on and off with Gatorade so that I did not deplete my electrolytes. Water helps to thin the mucus, so it will help you kick it faster. 

6. To be safe, stick to a bland diet that my mom calls BRAT (bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast). Mine spells CRAT because I can't eat bananas (give me wicked heart burn), and it's not like my stomach hurt, so I could still eat chicken. I just didn't add spices to things. I tried to play it safe.

Moving on to the outfit.

Perhaps my battle with the snot inspired my outfit. When I paired these pieces, I thought to myself, "Self, will people say that you look like a bumble bee because you're wearing black and yellow?" I responded, "No, Self, that's silly because you're not wearing stripes. Bumble bees are striped. Polka dots don't count." I decided that the outfit was a go, and then I proceeded to sing "Black and Yellow" to myself. It was one of those mornings.

Hello, Squirtle.

This is the "I'm smiling because my outfit is cute, but I really don't want you to see my face because I'm the mucus queen."

Cardigan: Express (years ago)
Blouse: White House Black Market
Yellow belt: The Limited
Bracelet: NY & Co.
Pants: The Limited 
Black suede wedges: Target (SOOO comfortable)

How does the color combination look? Am I a bumble bee? What other bright colors might you pair with black and white?

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