Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Office Inspiration and Fashion Sensation

I probably should have removed the phone for this picture, but hey, this is my office. Take it or leave it.  I really like this sign that a friend gave to me many years ago, and it needed a nice place. 
I feel like the window satisfies the criteria for being a nice place.

Click "read more" to see my outfit :)

I am entirely certain that I have enough nautical themed clothing to last me an entire month. I should have been born on a boat. Both the shirt and skirt are from Old Navy ( appropriate). The awesome shoes (which I'll provide a picture of once my toes are sporting a pretty pedicure) are from Kohl's. I have them in silver, too. J. Lo can make some cute sandals, I tell you.
Best part? The skirt has POCKETS. I need to write an ode to pockets.

My sunglasses look crooked. They're not crooked; I think my face is.

Anyway, I finished organizing our dual office today. It needs finishing touches, then I'll post pictures.
Two of our dear friends came over for dinner, and the night was full of fun, engaging conversation and delicious food. (My husband makes the best burgers on the grill. Just call him Grill Master Jeff.) 
I hope they'll visit again soon. Maybe we'll fix tuna tacos next time :)

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