Sunday, July 8, 2012

Note to Self

I find that I post my cleverest thoughts on Facebook, but I rarely chronicle them here. Now, be warned. These posts are truly notes to myself, but you're welcome to take a peek into my brain (as frightening as that might be). And, hey, maybe my notes to self will help your self.

Note to self...

If you find yourself in a group setting during which time everyone should be listening to a speaker but many people are talking disruptively, say something. It is simply not fair to you or the speaker when other people behave rudely while you're trying to learn.

If you find yourself haha-ing over a Facebook friend's updates, picture captions, and wall posts, make an attempt to see that person outside of Facebook. Life becomes far too impersonal if the best interactions happen on the interwebs rather than face-to-face.

Enjoy your curly hair. Many women pay lots of money to achieve the same look that Curls Rock and good genes help you achieve.

Spend as much time with your mom as possible. She is absolutely one of the raddest people you know. She also possesses an uncanny ability to coordinate the perfect jewelry for any outfit,  pick out the best-tasting watermelon, and help every sinew in your body relax. 

Pay attention to the fragments of time that remind you why you married your husband. Today, he hit himself in the face with Babybel Cheese while you simultaneously smashed your heel into the fridge (all a result of your terrible throw and all hysterically coincidental), helped you dry the dishes, sent you an "I love you text" just because, adorably ate Oreo cookies like a little boy, and helped you carry in the groceries. Always remember how wonderful he is. 

I cannot say that any of these notes are especially clever, but they seem important to me today. 

Any notes to self that you would like to add? 

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