Thursday, July 25, 2013

And the staging continues...

Jeff and I have been on fire getting this house ready to sell. We're crossing things off of our list, which conveniently hangs on the fridge for easy access. Also, if we're not moving quickly enough, it serves as an albatross. I find heavy, ugly nonsense around my neck off-putting and motivating. 

So, do you stage your home to sell or empty as many personal belongings as humanly possible? 
I belong to the "purge, organize, rearrange, and clean the crap out of every room" group.
If the house shines and every room is defined, then I'm happier living here until we move.
And, just maybe, people will snap this place up quicker. 

I'm no expert, but here's the thing. 
Every time I look at a home, I want to know how a space can be used. Does a queen bed fit? Where can I place bookshelves? How the heck do you configure the furniture in that living room? 
If I see how someone else does it, then I feel inspired. 
Umm...isn't that the purpose of Pinterest? And Pinterest is ALL THE RAGE. 
So, I suppose I'm trying to turn our abode into something Pinterest worthy. 

To our detriment or benefit, I've "staged" (read: purged, organized, scrubbed, and rearranged everything) more of our home. On any given day, I'm working on five rooms at a time. 

Weird space between living room and dining area that took me awhile to crack.
I turned it into a beverage station. Yesterday, I cleaned up the whole area and left only what I thought contributed to the area. Maybe potential buyers will fix a cup o' tea or joe during their visit.

Potential buyers might open up no cabinets, but, come on now, people are inherently nosy. 
I know full well people will open my cabinets, pantry, closets, and etc. 
I want the insides to look as sparkly as the outsides. 
Meet my newly organized spice cabinet. 
(Don't judge the Pepto situated up top.
One of our dogs likes to consume inedible things, so that bottle is hers.)
Also, I did not alphabetize. I organized by type and purpose. 
Who am I kidding? It looks pretty. No one cares about the rest. 

 Kitchens just aren't as appealing with all of the gadgets (slow cooker, toaster, etc.) sitting on the counters. I found hobbit holes for them and cleared the counters. 

When we moved in, our kitchen looked like this:

What did we change in the kitchen?
* light fixtures
* added a pot rack
* ALL of the appliances
* countertops
* removed the peninsula --> added an island
* removed the tile & linoleum --> laid gorgeous tile
* new faucet
* new sink
* new knobs
* "new" light plates
* new curtain rod
* added a backsplash
* flipped around the cabinet you see on the bottom left so that it faced forward.
It was awkwardly placed before. 

This house earned our blood, sweat, and tears. 
When I collect all of these pictures, it makes me sad about leaving it.
Our first home. 
But, shortening my current commute by forever distracts me from the sadness.
Not keeping my bladder from exploding during an hour drive sounds blissful.
I'll send off my kitchen with one lonely tear while my bladder dances happily. If bladders could dance. 

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  1. Looks great! Good luck selling your house!


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