Monday, July 22, 2013

Moving on Out (Home Office Edition)

Where, oh where, has my littlewowe gone? Oh, where, oh where, can she be? She's cleaning the house, staging it to sell, and is as sweaty as can be! I broke my "never speak about yourself in third person" rule for the purpose of writing that little ditty. I'm not sure it was worth it.

For the past month, I've been working on reorganizing everything in our house in order to make staging and moving easier. I thought I'd share some transformations with the great people of the interwebs. Forgive my lack of photo taking abilities. Just my iPhone and I over here trying to make do with what we've got.

So, when we first moved in, I started with a green accent wall. 
Everything green.
Biggest problem? I didn't paint the other walls, and the "professional" painters that the previous owners hired were awful. That nicely painted green wall only highlighted the drip dried paint marks.
A year or so later, I took that old desk on the left, painted it white, and turned it into a vanity for my bedroom. 
(I'll show the bedroom later.)
I bought a tall desk from Pier 1 to replace it. 

I figured future owners didn't want a random green wall, so I painted the whole room my new favorite wall color, Gentle Rain by Behr.  I used it in the nearby bathroom that I wanted to lighten. 
(I'll show you the bathroom later, too.)

Bought a new, tall-enough chair for this desk.
(last one broke)
I moved a bookshelf from the living room to this room. Filled in an otherwise awkward spot. 
Moved that drawer system from the basement. 
Organized all of the paper on those desk shelves.
Put most important teacher books on the desk.

Finally found a place to hang art donated from our neighbors a few years ago.
I recovered the ugly filing cabinet, which I should have painted (oh well), and I replaced the handles. 

I made these striped curtains.
That no-sew pillow case (just covered one of those bright green pillows from the first office look.)
Painted that sewing machine stand white and changed the drawer knob.
Hung that pretty litograph from one of my awesome students.

Spray painted that lamp base a pretty silver.
Put black ribbon on that lamp shade.
Organized every drawer of that stand.
I could hang something on either side of the artwork, but I think this works just fine seeing as how we're not staying for the long haul. 

The fact that this room is so functional, organized, and pretty makes me want to stay.
I'll allow myself to think that means I staged it well. 

It *almost* makes me want to start the school year.

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