Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My (Recent) Life in Clothes

I cleaned out my closet.
By that, I mean I threw (only) half of the things I won't actually wear into paper bags. 
A week ago.
They're still sitting in front of my window seat.
The other half hang in my closet, pretending I'll wear them. 
I trudge through this process at least once a month.
Eventually, I think I'll actually purge my closet of the unwanteds.
Until then, my closet harbors the land of misfit clothes.
And some very cute, well fitting ones.
I feel so Lilly Pulitzer in this color scheme. 

Dad turned 61. We celebrated. 
I'm eating pickles to prevent myself from eating the rest of the cake Mom gave to me.
I have a feeling I'll have an acid stomach and liquid bowels before this night ends.
Wish me luck.
I wore this dress to celebrate Daddy dukes.

Meet my second-day hair. I woke up at 5 and watched Law and Order SVU until I had to leave for work. I poked my hair in a "thanks for being awesome this morning" kind of way. 

Not sure I'll ever master the downward shot. Someone please tell me how you make it happen before I Google that ish. Google is already judging me because I asked it who invented the maxi skirt. 
Bows and leopard print. That's about as spicy as I get. 
You will not see me in stripes on stripes (despite my love for them)
or stripes on polka dots. 

Speaking of maxi skirts, I'm married, but I'll kiss the inventor of maxi skirts on the lips
to thank them for creating a sartorial masterpiece that allows me to look presentable while being comfortable enough to take a nap. On public transportation. During peak hours. In NYC. 
Meet my newest maxi skirt. I bought it today, and I'm showing it to you before I even ripped off the tags. I think the cashier was *this* close to making me pay for it while simultaneously shoving it under the counter to save for later. I'm pretty sure she pet it. I would too. I plan to. 
Stiiiiill suck at downward shots. 
Seriously, someone feed me the secret. 

Enjoy your lovely evening.
I'm going to go eat pickles. 


  1. If someone tells you the secret, please share because i am equally as horrible!!! but I do the same with my closet and hope someday to have a closet i love full of clothes that fit and i love!

  2. that peach/pink top with the bows is super cute! where is it from? And are you going to sell the stuff that you cleaned out or are you just giving it away/donating it? Let me know if you end up listing anything online because I'd love to see what you're getting rid of!! :)

    As for downward iphone shots, I had no idea how to do them until I saw a photo of my friend posing in hers: http://instagram.com/p/ZJkuV3qx1F/ but honestly, I prefer mirror shots to downward shots because you can't see what the clothes looks like, other than the colors/patterns or whatever and the tops of the shoes.


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