Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Teacher Wardrobe Series: One Dress Six Ways

It's Tuesday, so let's call it Teacher Tuesday. I'm bringing back the Teacher Wardrobe Series with this striped dress (actually featured in the series). Sure, you will run into a plethora of striped dress inspiration on Pinterest, but I'm giving you six looks with one dress...in one place. You can use the same formulas for a dress shell that you own. It doesn't necessarily have to be striped, but I told you before that a striped dress is a great staple to own in your teacher (or any career, really) wardrobe.

I bought this striped shell at the Banana Republic Outlet for like $25. I love it, but I have yet to wear it. Of course, I am entering only week two of the school year, so I think I can forgive myself. Anyway, I created looks that span all seasons because, if your classroom is anything like mine, you never know what the temperature will be.

Look #1:
The Formula = Belted cardigan + statement necklace (or a scarf)
(I wore gold wedges to make it feel more like summer. I could wear it with boots for a cooler day or heels for the snazzy factor.)
Seasons: The short-sleeve cardigan works well for warmer weather. Swap it out for a long-sleeve cardigan in the cooler months. Try swapping out the necklace for a scarf with this look. You can even belt the scarf with the cardigan (like this). 

Look #2:
The Formula = Neutral blazer + statement necklace
(I chose gold flats for this look since the blazer dresses up the outfit enough.)
Seasons: Please wear this blazer when it's cooler or the AC actually works. I was sweltering in this thing because my bedroom is toasty. I would not swap the necklace for a scarf with this look. I think a statement necklace works better with the blazer. 

Look #3:
The Formula = Colored belt + (daintier) statement necklace + cardigan
(For this look, I would choose heels or dressier flats.)
Seasons: Just like with look #1, you can swap a short-sleeve cardigan for one with long sleeves. You could also swap the cardigan for a blazer. To take this dress to the park after school, substitute the cardigan for a jean jacket and be sure to wear flats. (Obviously.)

Look #4:
The Formula = Colored blazer + chain necklace + chambray (rolled sleeves)
(For shoes, I would choose boots, flats, or wedges.)
Seasons: If you want to be warm, wear this look. Holy hotness alive. I love this color scheme, but I was dying a little. I couldn't peel the dress off quickly enough. I think this look would be perfect with boots in the winter. 

Look #5:
The Formula = chambray (or a white shirt) under the dress + draping necklace
(To make the look dressier, I would wear heels, or maybe some cute oxfords.)
Seasons: You're wearing a shirt with long sleeves under a dress. Do it during the cooler months. Unless you like sweat marks in your pits. Or you don't sweat.
Also, as I'm looking at this photo, I would trade out this necklace for something with color. I was so hot at this point that I couldn't think clearly.

Look #6:
The Formula = T-shirt (under dress) + statement necklace + neutral belt
(For shoes, I would wear booties or flats. This look seems best suited for a Friday.)
Seasons: If it's warm and you don't want to bare arms (bah ha ha), then put a t-shirt on underneath of your dress. Or, if you prefer not to show your shoulders for other reasons, then this look works well for warmer weather. If you like to wear layers in the winter, try a blazer/cardigan over top. Since this look seems the most casual of all, I think it'd be fun with some booties. 

I merged all of the looks into two collages in case you want to see them side by side. 

If you want to e-mail me some of your best teacher looks (one-three pictures) with links to your blog posts about those looks, I'll start featuring some readers' outfits next week. It does not have to be a striped dress, and you don't have to be a teacher. 
It just needs to be workwear for the sensible, everyday gal.  

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  1. Great idea! This dress is so versatile. I love the different ways you've styled it.

  2. Great idea! This dress is so versatile. I love the different ways you've styled it.

  3. I love that you mixed turquoise/yellow. Very pretty and not something I would have considered before! I used a yellow scarf in my post for Audrey's link-up today and you've gotten my wheels turning! :) (I used to be a teacher so I know I am going to love your blog)! Holly @ The Young Museum

  4. Love each and every one of these! Plus I'm a teacher and these are great looks!

  5. I love 3, 4, and 5! Great post to show how versatile a striped dress can be.

  6. This dress is awesome! My favorites are 1, 3, and 4. I love how the red blazer looks with your dress as a skirt.

  7. These are such pretty outfits! I love the chambray with the bright blazer. What a versatile dress! (Visiting from PMT... I chose stripes to remix too! :)

  8. Love each of these outfits, but #5 is my favorite! Thanks for helping us think outside the box!

  9. I love how versatile stripes are! So many colors/patterns/textures you can pair it with, and you did a great job! I also love how structured the dress is.

  10. I'm a sucker for colored blazers so that look was definitely my favorite! I'm not a teacher nor can I wear a dress to work without my work shirt over it but these pics make me wish I could! Your gold belt looks really nice with that dress :)

    Exploring My Style

  11. Ooh my goodness, I love that dress!! was it a recent purchase? Should I make the effort into tracking it down? If you ever get sick of it, please let me know because I'd be totally interested in buying it off of you, granted I don't find my own before then ;) And ps, not sure if you sold that Gap lace dress or not, but after thinking about it for a week or two, I realize I don't need it :(

  12. I love the way that you styled this gorgeous dress! I love dresses that can be worn a ton of different ways, and this one totally fits the bill! I can't wait for it to get cooler so I can start layering again!!

  13. I love that dress and you styled it so well! I think I like it with the t-shirt under it best - just because I think it's super creative. Great job!


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