Thursday, September 19, 2013

Send me good juju

I'm welcoming you to my awkward, should-have-brushed-my-ratty-hair-before-photos, bangs-doing-a-thing-of-their-own-creation, I-don't-know-how-to-retuck-my-shirt-after-using-the-bathroom kind of day. I do hope you enjoy it. 

The past week and a half, I have spent every day (except for today) working after school with students (some of whom I have never taught) on their college essays. As flattered as I am that they value my commentary, dude, I be pooped. Quite honestly, helping students invigorates me. However, I know that staying in the building until 4 means that I will encounter every jerk off driver during my hour-long commute, and that very thought exhausts me before I even stick the key in the ignition. I know some people drive even farther to work, and that's great for them and blah blah blah, but an hour is too much for me, especially because it drains two more hours of a day that I could be filling with helping more students, actually sneaking in a work out, and tending to that overflowing hamper in the bedroom. Oh, and spending time with my husband, who drives an hour and twenty minutes to work, sounds super. 

I have arrived at my point. After three weeks on the market, we finally have another showing tomorrow night! (Our area is apparently stupid slow for real estate at the moment.) We desperately want to live closer to work so that we can enjoy life before we attempt parenthood, and we can finally hang out with so many of our friends who live in that direction. SO, if you could do whatever it is you do to make things happen, we would appreciate all of the good juju we can get.  

And if my pleas are not enough, look! My shirt has gems on it! My hair needs brushing! I'm wearing the most boring color combination ever! And I like it! Yay! Exclamation marks!

The Outfit:
Shirt: LOFT
Blazer: Kenar via Marshall's 
Pants: Express (seriously, buy yourself a pair. Disappointed you will not be. Yoda. Go get you some.)
Shoes: BCBG via Boscov's (that happens? Sure.)

Occasion: Work, which involved reading aloud to three classes and watching group presentations in two classes. These are exciting times.
Comfort Rating: 10
Comments: A 10 for a outfit in heels? Whaaat? Believe it. These heels are the perfect height and are sinfully comfortable. As for these pants, they look like dress pants (because they are), but they feel like yoga pants. I'm not lying. Express needs to make them in every color. They are experimenting with this new cut to see how customers like them before they roll out more colors. I got that intel from one of the employees because I make friends when I shop. 

I must tend to this house and some paper grading.
Toodles, home skillets.


  1. I love this top! Good luck with the showing tonight!

  2. Lots and lots of luck! An hour commute does not sound fun, let's hope you can shorten that asap. And the colors are not boring; neutrals are IN!

  3. Lots and lots of luck! An hour commute does not sound fun, let's hope you can shorten that asap. And the colors are not boring; neutrals are IN!

  4. Sending all the good vibes for your showing - I hope you get an offer soon! Keep us posted, dear!

  5. Hang in there!! As for the color combination, I like to think of it as classic, not boring ;) I sport it all the time!



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