Monday, September 16, 2013

Fake lace.

The amount of tragedy that inundates our country (and all countries), at a disturbingly quicker rate, forces so many of us to reevaluate our humanity and the humanity of our compatriots. Maybe the rate has not increased but rather our awareness of it? Social media outlets allow us instant access to all of this information, so we are never without constant reminders of tragedy. It pains me every time I read about another shooting and it pains me every time I listen to people debate the gun issue (versus the "how to make humans better humans" discussion.) For those of you still in the dark, a gunman killed thirteen people and injured at least three others at D.C.'s Navy Yard. Too much sadness for our collective heart to hold. 

As a result, I must remind myself of the beauty within the darkness. Today, one of my students graciously offered to make online flashcards for his classmates to use. He and several classmates brimmed with excitement, chattering about all of the ways I could use Quizlet in my classroom. They created an account for me and showed me how to use it. 

These teenagers illuminate the darkness. There is hope. There really is.  

Today's outfit is quite beautiful, too. In a vain, "everybody come see how good I look" kind of way. 
Go get ya some.
My shirt has a lace print, but it's not actually lace. Tricky tricky.

The Outfit:
Shirt: New York & Co. (couldn't find it online)
Skirt: American Eagle Outlet (similar)
Shoes: Marc Fischer via Macy's
Belt: Came with a dress
Necklace: New York & Co.

The Details:
Occasion: Classroom (teaching, obviously)
Comfort Rating: 10
Comments: I love this shirt; I wish I could've found it for you online! (It's not very old at all. Not even a month old, so maybe you can find it in the store?) I am so happy I bought this skirt in gray and wine. By far two of my favorite sartorial purchases of the year. I especially love the pleats because they disguise/resist wrinkles. Plus, they keep the skirt from hugging too tightly. I really am in love with the color of this skirt. It's not right to be such a lovely color; it's making all of the other colors jealous. 

I previously wore the skirt this way. I wore its charcoal gray counterpart this way and this way
How might you style it? I'd love to hear (er, read?) the ways. 


  1. You look fantastic! I love the colors together, and I definitely think bragging about this outfit would be warranted :)

  2. That top is the cutest blatant fraud of lace ever, so we can collectively let it slide.

  3. A lace print but not actual lace?? Madness I say, MADNESS.

    Loving that skirt Danielle. So pretty! You'd think living in SoCal I'd have an outlet mall, or 3 around me but nope. Nothing close at all. An AE outlet store would be a dangerous place for me.

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