Sunday, September 1, 2013

Emerald and Floral

After I buy new clothes, I make it a point to try on each item as a part of three, as-different-as-possible outfits. I thought I'd share two of today's shirts. (I also picked up two others, but my bedroom was wayyyy too hot to continue taking off and putting on clothes. I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe.)
I used gift cards for these two shirts.
The floral one is Lauren Conrad's via Kohl's and the emerald green one is Apt.9 also from Kohl's.

Floral Top

Outfit 1
This skirt has pockets, so I love it. I have yet to wear it (stupid!). Now that I have the perfect shirt for it, I think I'll wear it for Back to School Night on Tuesday. Genius.
This outfit might seem too "spring," but I think some brown boots and a solid color scarf will take it right into cooler weather. It's still in the 80s and 90s, so it's fine or now. 

 Outfit 2
Good grief, this outfit is warm. It's perfect for cooler weather. The blazer dresses it up for work. A pair of olive dress pants (in place of these pants) would make it even more work appropriate. However, skinny pants are acceptable at my school. I need a longer, gold pendant necklace to complete the ensemble.

Outfit 3
Perfect for a casual Friday at work. 

I think this top would work well with white jeans, maybe with an olive green button up thrown over it. 
Any other suggestions?

Emerald Blouse

Outfit 1
Probably my favorite of the three outfits. I just love emerald, black, and white together. Almost as much as I love cobalt, black, and white together. Almost. I'm so wearing this outfit to work when it's not a billion degrees in my classroom.
(I also wore these pants this way.)

 Outfit 2
I've worn this paisley skirt before (here), and I like it with emerald. I could've tucked the shirt, but I decided to create tucked and tied looks with this shirt. 

I like this necklace that a friend bought for me, so I decided to wear it a bit like a "bow" tie with this top. Look at me being all clever. Yeah, I went with emerald, black, and white/silver again. What of it?

Feel free to throw some more ideas my way! 
Go on and make these shirts worthy of staying in my closet. 
Oh, and is anyone else as obsessed with Lauren Conrad's clothing line as I am?


  1. That emerald long sleeve one is so pretty on you!! Perfect teacher apparel for sure! I also really love that green skirt. It's a great length and that skinny belt looks very nice with it :)

    That floral top has many colors you could pull out and match with it or choose their opposites for an even more drastic look.

    I haven't found any patterned pants I like yet but the way you paired yours with that beautiful emerald top really makes me want some!

    Exploring My Style

  2. I love Apt. 9 at Kohl's. I recently took some older clothes of mine into my local consignment store and the lady asked me if I worked at Kohl's because of the inordinate amount of Apt. 9 items! I laughed and told her no, I was a teacher and just really liked this line!

  3. I absolutely love the Lauren Conrad line, but have never bought any of her pieces. I keep forgetting that Kohl's exists!! What is wrong with me?! I'll have to head over there soon and see if they have any LC pieces on clearance. I love both tops that you picked up, and you styled each one perfectly. I do a similar thing with new pieces when I buy them to make sure they are a good fit in my closet. It helps me determine whether or not I need to return them!

  4. Okay so first, these new tops are amazing! I might just have to go right out and pick up that emerald one. I love the outfits you came up with (that black,white,emerald one is my favorite!) and I think your floral top will pretty much go with any color.


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