Monday, November 10, 2014

I'll make you feel better.

Take a good, long look at my blazer, its color so reminiscent of Pepto Bismol that it will surely cure all of your maladies. This morning, I wondered whether or not the blazer screamed pink so loudly that I should sloooowly return it to the closet and replace it with its cobalt brother. I chose to wear it loudly and proudly. Luckily for this blazer, I received so many compliments on it that I decided it makes people feel joy, not blind. 

This past weekend, Dad and I spent two days planning out and buying materials for my master closet. We finally came up with a game plan. I now need to stain the pieces he had a chance to cut. One day this week, he'll come back so that we can finish what we started. (Don't worry. I will take pictures and overshare with you.) If only the weekend lasted juuuust a bit longer. However, the fact that I saw my brother, my niece, my sister-in-law (not my brother's wife, but my husband's sister), my nephew, and my dad leaves me feeling ready to take this week by the hand and frolic my way to next weekend.  

The Look:
Blazer: NY & Co. (old) // similar 1 // Blush Version
Pants: Express // exact
Sweater (that you can barely see): The Limited
Scarf: Gap via thredUP // similar
Heels: J.Crew Factory Sylvia wedge // exact

 Please enjoy this picture of my fur babies enjoying their bed made of leaves.

 Also, two weeks later, after six coats of paint on the ceiling and three coats of paint on the walls/trim, our master bedroom is no longer blue. (Okay, one of the closets is still blue, but I need a break from the madness.) We now have cove moulding (similar to but a bit different from crown moulding), gray walls, and CURTAINS (no more nakedness for the backyard to see). I still need matching lampshades, a suitable dresser, a comforter that properly fits the bed, and an actual headboard, but progress is all I seek at this point.  


  1. So exciting about your closet! When we built I didn't put much thought into it. We have a lot of space, but I wish we would have done built-in for shoes or drawers for accessories, scarves, etc. love the bedroom so far too, si pretty! Cute outfit for work too, I have a pink blazer I totally under-wear. I feel like it's a bit big, but I'm not ready to pass it on yet...

  2. This is not Pepto-pink. I almost bought a blazer from The Limited a few years ago (when they did their Forenza line) but I didn't, because that was Pepto-pink. I love your loud and proud attitude. And your bedroom is cute too. So neat and clean.

  3. I think you did good toning down the blazer with the black and white scarf- I surely would've complimented you too! (I think that's what I'm doing now lol)
    How fun that you get to design your closet organization! Since you're a teacher, I assume you're a super organized person and bet that this is right up your alley!
    And your room looks sooooo cozy, even the way it is. I think it's the big white fluffy bed and gray walls. I plan on painting our guest bedroom some shade of gray. I honestly could paint the whole house gray and be happy.

  4. I definitely see progress! I can't believe you had to use all those coats of paint. Boo! We painted our entire house when we moved in (including closets and trim) and it was rough. It makes me not want to move again!

    I really like the bright pink blazer - I think it looks great and it doesn't surprise me that it got a lot of compliments!

  5. Love the pink blazer! And the grey walls - very calming :)
    I had a long comment here about dogs and leaves and how I think dogs are completely baffled about some of our human antics... Unfortunately, I lost the comment during a posting error (damn technology!), so this is the abbreviated version :(

  6. I'm so happy that your house is all coming together! And I'm totally with you on how wonderful it feels to take on a week after a fulfilling weekend seeing people that bring you joy. That was last weekend for me...and although this week was a royal suckfest at work, I kept thinking back to my previous weekend to bring me smiles! :)


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