Monday, November 3, 2014


When I saw Ginny in her knee socks and Brynn in hers, I knew I had to break mine out for the season, and 40 degree weather seemed an appropriate time. What is it about socks peering over the top of boots that I love so much? I wish I knew. However, my mind is quite the enigma, even to me. Maybe it channels the likes of the ladies from Clueless, one of my favorite 90s movies? Who knows. Anyway, I piled on the layers this morning because we have professional development, which means I won't have 30 hot-breathed teenagers warming up my room.

The Look:
Cardigan: Express (last year)
Button up: Old Navy 
Jeans: The Limited
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's several years ago
Boot socks: Simply Vera via Kohl's (Momma bought them for me.)


  1. You look great! Thanks for the shout out too. I love how tall socks looks with jeans like this, but it takes me forever to get them situated. We have Inservice today too and are literally in an hour our meeting for Boys Town behavior training. It's going to be a long day.

  2. SUCH a cute look. The more layers, the better, in my book! Ahhh, enjoy your professional development (aka break day) today! We have an in-service day tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it

  3. I love all of the layering and your boot socks are super cute! I've been wanting to get myself a pair too!

  4. I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! (I hope you get my silly reference.) I'm all about layers, when layers are appropriate of course, and 40 degrees is certainly appropriate! I love boot socks too, I think they add a great detail to a look!

  5. Thank you for the shout out, Danielle! I LOVE me some boot socks - they're just so cozy and comfortable, and I love the extra "something" they add to outfits. And I'm almost 100% certain I have the same exact socks you're wearing here. SO SOFT! We had a teacher work-day yesterday and it was heavenly to have a day without the kiddies around to interrupt every 5 minutes, haha ;)


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