Wednesday, November 12, 2014


This morning, I woke up tired and supremely grumpy. In the teaching profession, you cannot sneak into a cubicle and escape human contact. (Granted, on most days, I love this aspect of the job.) And then my third period walked in. That group of students amuses me Today, they outdid themselves. One kid told another kid (all in jest) that he looks like a chicken tender, another kid created a comic strip in which he added some bonus pictures for me (a goldfish, Nemo, and a sloth), several of us looked up pictures of sloths with human teeth, another kid is so tall that he couldn't fit under the desk during our duck, cover, and hold drill, and five kids sided with me when my intern got into a heated debate. I argued that Tiny Tim looks like a crossbreed between Weird Al Yankovic and Russell Brand.

Then, in each of my two AP classes (juniors), students thanked me for a good lesson today. I have no idea if they know how much those little thank you's brightened my day, but I plan to save them for another grumpy day.  

Thank you to my students for reminding me why I love teaching so much and turning my day around for the better. What bright, funny, sweet human beings. They make the adults of the world look like total chumps. 

The Look:
Sweater: Target
Scarf (crumb catcher): Made by my Momma
Skirt: Francesca's (this thing has seriously made its rounds)
Booties (new with thredUP money!): Crown Vintage via DSW (exact--they are comfy!)

Want more of this skirt?

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  1. That was so beautiful, I hope all your students read it. Hearing other teachers talk about how much they love their students makes me so happy. I used to teach elementary school, and I loved it. I loved the kids and not the politics of it, but the kids were the greatest part. I think about them all the time, still, 6 years after leaving to stay home with my personal kids (as we used to distinguish at my old school).

  2. Love my kids this year too. One made up a pun today....had me rolling....Why was the pepper scared? It was because of the "assault" I. was. rolling.

  3. Hooray for you getting these booties. Now you can provide me with more inspiration for how to style mine! Also, I recently gave my students an extra credit opportunity (a survey) where they were asked to identify their goals for the course, and evaluate whether they were meeting their goals, and make a plan for how they would meet them. There was a space for additional questions, comments, or concerns, and maybe half of them said something positive about the class. I'd like to think they were genuine comments, as they were told that whether they received credit would not be based on the comments themselves, but whether the survey was filled out completely. It really made my day, and today there were more bodies in class, more participation, and just a more positive energy all around. It was awesome.

    TL; DR: I'm really happy for you. For the first time in years, I have the same feelings you do.

    Also, adults in my town make me frustrated and angry.

  4. It is funny how you can start a day in such a mood, and just want to be left alone, but then being around the kids can turn it all around. I love it when you can't help but feel better throughout the day.

  5. Awww, I love that you have a group of students that always knows how to make your day!! What a gift!! And I have to tell you that I am TERRIFIED of Tiny Tim. Like, it's really embarrassing. When I was in high school, my brother printed off this picture ( of Tiny Tim on a huge piece of paper and stuck it in my math textbook without me knowing before school. When I got to class, I flipped open my book to begin working on the assignment for the day, and there was f*cking Tiny Tim. I literally screamed and threw the picture across the room. SO EMBARRASSING. But seriously. Tiny Tim is messed up and terrifying...

  6. You know, I've actually had the thought that it would be tough to be a teacher or just in a job in general that you have to be on your game all the time. I don't really sit at a cubicle, but my job is pretty slow in the mornings and so I usually have time to get my stuff together. You are sooooo blessed to have such great students. Your kids obviously love having you as a teacher, as they should :) They sound so hilarious! Also, I am totally scoping out those booties! Do they run true to size? I saw a couple of people say that they were a little long? Either way, they are so cute and I am all about comfy shoes these days!

  7. You truly have some amazing students. I can see why you enjoy your job so much. I'm definitely one of those people that likes to work alone and unbothered with the option to chat up people on my own time. Having to put on a happy face for customers (or in your case students) is SO hard when you're grumpy! I honestly can't even picture you ever be grumpy but why would you ever be grumpy on the blog? What a silly thought.

  8. Well, thank YOU for getting Total Eclipse of the Heart stuck in my head (Turnaround, Bright eyes! Every now and then I fall apart!) I'm glad you have students who brighten your day!!


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