Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Winter Whites and Lights

Thank you, snow, for arriving in a small enough amount that we have only a two-hour delay this morning. I would have resented you for thwarting my Trendy Tuesday plans had you caused a cancellation. Also, I really enjoyed that extra hour of sleep :)

What is it about khaki and white that feels so crisp and fresh? Though I'm a girl who loves her color, I think khaki and white might rank as one of my favorite combinations. I think the cognac adds just the right amount of contrast, no?

I would also like to advocate taking all of the week's pictures on the weekend. You need only one good hair day, you get to spend the day with your mom if she's the one who takes your pictures, and your outfits are already picked out for the week. Man, it makes every morning so much easier.

The Look:
Sweater: LOFT (exact in 4 colors and 30% off today only)
Necklace: borrowed from Mom (it's Lauren Conrad...surprise surprise)
Boots: Franco Sarto via Marshall's
Pants: Express (they're the ones I skinnified)
Belt: OLD American Eagle

So, Groopdealz hosted a giveaway on their Instagram, and I won a J.Crew gift card, which I naturally used at the less expensive J.Crew Factory...online.
Clearly, I do not know my size in fancy stores because three items were huge hits, and three were huge misses. If you follow me (@likewo) on Instagram, you saw these last night.

Let's start with the hits:
Positano blue (absolutely chose it for its name because of Under the Tuscan Sun) sweater
Striped cardigan (SO SOFT)
Coral (which I'd thought was red, but I like better as coral) sweater
I purchased all of these in a size small, and they were the perfect fit, which is why you'd think the next three things would have fit better.

Retailers confuse me. I can range anywhere from a 0 to a 6 depending on the store (only 6 I've bought was a pair of Old Navy Rockstars; those pants are weird sizes because I bought another pair in size 4.) I thought J.Crew and its factory might be cut smaller, so I opted for a 2 instead of a 0. Seriously, J.Crew Factory? I can pull off the shorts without unbuttoning them. Though I'm sure my husband enjoyed that demonstration in the living room, I did not. Now, I have to visit the craphole that is the local outlet center in order to exchange the items. When I told Mom, she said to "bring an armed guard" if that tells you anything about that particular establishment. But HEY, Danielle, beggars can't be choosers, you ungrateful butthole. 

White shorts (I wanted them to work SO badly.)
Navy gingham shirt (will this shrink enough that a small is the right fit? Or, should I opt for extra small?)
Rolled-cuff jean shorts (oh my gosh, the jean material is so comfortable, buuuuut they're a smidge too big. 
Squirt's face illustrates the situation. 

Suggestions for shopping at J.Crew? I probably should have gone to the regular store (not factory) near me to try on sizes first. That would have been the smart, less impatient, thing to do....


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  1. You nailed your Whites Look. That sweater is so pretty & cozy. I, too have a Winter White Sweater today. I might join your party after all. I will be posting the Outfit tomorrow but I will be fashionably late.

    Stop by to see how I styled my Brown Sweater, today. Thanks and Happy Tuesday. Ada. =)

  2. Love your outfit today, that sweater is perfection! And I totally agree, I think khaki and white is just so fresh, though I'll admit I save it for the warmer months, I should try it out to cheer up a winter day. We have a delay this morning too, which was nice to sleep in, though no more snow would probably be better!

  3. I'd definitely go to a J.Crew or factory to try their stuff on because the cuts and sizes vary on pretty much everything. I have some stuff I've gotten 00 in or xxs or xs...and then some i've had to go up to a S...weird!

  4. I love white and khaki together!! So classy!! You look beautiful!! :)

  5. I'm so with you and taking pictures on the weekend, it's soooo much better. Also, so crazy about the sizing. That's why I never buy anything online, I'm the girl who takes two or three sizes into the fitting room with me.

  6. Sizes at J. Crew are definitely vanity-sized but some things fit differently than others. Get the shirt in XS. It may not shrink.

  7. Hahahaha I would have done the same thing. My shoulders seem to be too large to fit into many size small items but most mediums are too big everywhere else and I end up having to compromise on not being able to fully move my arms or wearing something too big. Grr. Anyway, I would have done the same thing and ordered smalls because I hear JCrew runs a bit large (a thoughtful ploy to make us women think we're smaller and shop there more perhaps??) At least three things worked out! I know they charge for return shipping so I hope you can get things worked out at the creepy outlet mall you speak of. Bring Jeff with you for protection :)
    Your outfit for today is lovely! It's sort of like an ombre outfit with the white, khaki, then cognac. And that's still a trend right? Two trends for Trendy Tuesday ain't too shabby!

  8. First of all, I love this outfit! I think the cognac accessories add the perfect amount of contrast for the lighter colors!

    Also - JCF sizes are tricky. I think I said this when we were emailing back and forth, but I absolutely can't fit into their pants. Something about the leg/waist proportions just don't work for my shape. But somehow the shorts work really well for me. Tops are a little random, too. I have some M, L, and XL. It just depends on the cut. Good luck on your adventure to return the items that didn't work out!

  9. You look soo darling! And I love the pants. That's awesome that you skinnified them :) Wish I could sew...haha. And yes I feel like J Crew Factory stuff runs super big. You should go for the XS in that top!
    Visiting from the Trend Spin link-up :)


  10. I have the same issues with JCrew. I have to wear the xxs there and sometimes those are too big, the cut of their tops varies so much! But like you I wear a small in most of the sweaters I get from there depending on how I want them to fit. Good luck, and I love the color of the sweaters you got!

  11. I've always found that J.Crew, Banana Republic, and LOFT type stores tend to run really big in their sizing. At Banana Republic that only thing that comes close to fitting me is 00 Petite...but they're not tricking me. I know I'm not invisble, their sizes are just huge!

  12. I generally go for XS at The Limited (except button up shirts- they were tight across the back/bust, so I go for S). I thought there was no way I could be an XS at J. Crew/Factory, ... and I'm not. My Blythe Blouse from a few days ago is a size 4, but when I tried on a small in the chambray at factory, it was huge. Same with a polka dot popover. Same with the Charlie sweater. Like as much room as you have in your gingham. But when I went for an XS in a plaid button up shirt, it pulls slightly across the bust. So I'm officially in between XS and S. I only have one pair of pants, and those are a 20-something (27? 28?) and they fit wonderfully. The 2, 4, 6 pants sizing doesn't work for me. But that also has something to do with the fact that my thighs are huge and don't fit in most pants that are sized for my waist. hope that helps?

    I love that sweater on you. Absolutely adore. Please wear it more often. Thanks :)

  13. I really like this color combination too! I have had white jeans on my list of wants for a LONG time, but I still haven't found the right pair. I know yours are khaki, but still it's making me wish for a similar pair!

    I have never owned anything from JCrew or JCF so I don't have any suggestions :( It's really silly that their sizing is so off though. It makes ordering online nearly impossible!

  14. I absolutely love that white sweater you're wearing, and it paired with those jeans. I never order clothes offline for that exact reason. I'm scared it won't fit, and a lot of pieces I think are cute on the hanger but dont like at all on me. It's just too hard for me, but I hope you have better luck!

    Eat Drink & Be Mary

  15. The only thing J.Crew I own came from the Goodwill and its an XS (which I clearly am not) but it's too big. So I'm with you, their sizing is just ca-razy.
    Anyways, this sweater looks super cozy, and never have I wanted a pair of khakis until this outfit. I will definitely be on the hunt for some.

    Ps: Yes indeed, you were definitely having an awesome hair day. Your curls were made with perfection.

  16. Visiting from Trend Spin Link-up! I love your look today, that sweater is so fun!

    <3 Vicki
    Wilde in the City

  17. How is it that you can look so gorgeous in ANY color?! I am certain that if I wore an outfit like this, I would look so pale and ill...but you look so stunning!


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