Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Foliage Inspired?

What if every one of my post titles just includes a random vocabulary word? Yesterday's was "profundity." (Aside: say that word aloud. You cannot help but smile because the word FUN is inside of it.) How do you like today's? Foliage. I like that word. It starts with an F, just like fun. 

Speaking of the letter F, can I just tell all of you how fantastic you are for your kind comments on yesterday's post? I particularly like what Andi said: "Just because something isn't super deep doesn't mean it's not valuable." Right on, Andi. Right on. We often say how trivial certain things are, but isn't it the small things that often make the greatest difference?

Also, my co-teacher is just tickled that multiple people outside of our building are participating in Trendy Tuesday. I showed her my Instagram feed, and she declared, "We're going GLOBAL!" Gosh, I adore that woman. We're still dreaming up ideas for next week's theme. Feel free to throw your suggestions at us! Just remember that it must be a theme in which both guys and gals can participate. Our most avid male participant was so sad that he couldn't participate in person today. As a result, he e-mailed this video to me: Rapping Irish Craziness (I gave it that name. Surprised? Probably not.)

The Look:
Cardigan: The Limited (same)
Pants: Columnist Pant in Slim Cut (same)
Boots: b.o.c. via DSW
Scarf: Gift from a student (ummm...sort of close?)
Lace shirt: The Limited 

I'm not on drugs though my squinty eyes might suggest otherwise. 
I guess I really needed those shades. 

Of course, this picture might have you believing otherwise.
Yes, I am naturally that sexy.

Yeah, you're welcome.

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  1. Super cute as always! I need a green cardigan now :)

  2. Oooh I have a really similar green cardigan - we could be twinsies :)

  3. Love this outfit! Both the cardigan and scarf are so cute!

  4. Yeah, I'm pretty good at profundity! Thanks for the shout out! And I love everything about this outfit. I really need a replacement lace shirt, but it's hard to find the perfect one.

  5. Matching shirts! YES. Lace top, dark skinnies, knee-high black leather boots, and a scarf. You'd think we planned it or something.
    I love your top with the green caridigan. This outfit may be the next way I style it. The color combo is great. Maybe I'll just go full Christmas and wear it with my red skirt. You never know.

  6. This is CUTE! I'm pretty sure I want to just buy all the boyfriend cardigans. Yes, one in every color please. And the floral scarf is so pretty and perfect with your cardigan.

  7. You are too damn cute, Danielle! Your scarf and cardigan make me so happy! I'm with Andi - I'm looking for a replacement lace shirt, and yours is very pretty. I'm on the hunt for one like yours!

  8. You crack me up, seriously. I might have just bought an identical scarf to yours today. =D Love it with the Emerald Green Cardi.

    Thank you for your super fun comments on my last 2 posts too. It would be really nice too if you followed my little blog, too. Thanks for supporting me. =)

    And tell your teacher who said that you are going GLOBAL that she ain't kidding. I am participating in your Trendy Tuesday challenges, all the way from Albania. That is like 5000 miles away from you. I did it twice in a row, even.

    P.S. Thank you for the English Lessons. For someone's whose English is not her first language I do pretty well - I must say. I can always learn new words though.

    P.P.S. This must be the longest comment ever. DAMN!!

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  10. I really love this whole outfit! You had some texture, pattern and color. The trifecta!

  11. ohemgee what a great top! I'm pretty sure it is the same one I have (as you mentioned to me last week). I love that scarf, and it all looks great together with the cardi. I almost wore an outfit just like this today, but my cardi and pants looked terrible together and made me sad. You know what makes me happy? The colors in your outfit, and the last two pictures. Have we decided where you live? And whether it's close enough for us to hang out? That would be nice. I swear I'm not weird or creepy. Well... not that weird or creepy.

  12. Hey there I nominated you for the Liebster award. Come on by my blog if you are interested. Cute outfit as always :)

  13. The floral scarf really compliments the green cardigan--you totally get my ideal color palette :)

    Colour Me Classic

  14. This is seriously such a cute look! I love the scarf with the color of the cardigan!

  15. This is *so* classy and pretty! I really love the combination of the lace top with the colored cardigan and floral scarf - so put together!


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