Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crazy Diet & An Outfit

I have a really bad habit of looking into other people's carts at the market. (Am I the only one who does this?) Most times, I'm overwhelmed by the irrational, inappropriate, judgmental desire to shake them for their dietary choices. I think, "cupcakes, potato chips, the entire soda aisle, everything with sugar in it, and all frozen meals? WHY, 'MURICA, WHY!?"

Maybe I'm a little bitter because here I am watching what I eat so carefully and spending more time than I have researching good-for-me foods and supplements, yet I'm fighting an epic battle with a body that wants to kick its own ass.

In better news, I'm on this sugar-free, mostly fruit-free (except for berries-no more than three cups a day though), yeast-free, and gluten-free diet right now. I bet your stomach just shed a tear for me, and you're probably asking me why this news is "better news." It's not so bad, honestly. I've been gluten-free for maybe five years now. That took a long time to accept, but cutting out gluten made it easier to control my will power. Plus, when I consider how much better I'll feel as a result, I can overcome dieting challenges.

So, why this diet? Well, during my endoscopy last week, the gastroenterologist found yeast invading my esophagus. Yeah, even the doctor said it was weird. The nutritionist told me, "I've only seen this problem in my cancer and AIDS patients." Leave it to my body to be unique. The doctor put me on Diflucan, which is supposed to combat the yeast. Since I know food is intertwined with a person's health, I did more research. (The doctor found the yeast several years ago, and it's either still here or back again. I realized I needed to take care of business. NOW.) In my Nutritional Healing book, it talks about candida, yeast that a person's body naturally produces. However, due to certain medications (especially antibiotics and birth control, both of which I've taken too much of in the past), underlying health conditions, and other factors, candida can overgrow in a person's body. (Thrush is an overgrowth of candida.) It can overgrow to the point that it causes a blood infection. Not good. It's responsible for a host of symptoms from PMS to anxiety. It mimics many diseases, which is why it goes undetected in so many people for so long. In fact, that is the very reason my doctors confused it with Celiac disease. Going off of gluten helped me because it started starving the yeast. Anyway, my Nutritional Healing book and other resources suggest a yeast-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free diet. I figured it was worth a shot.

About a week and a half ago, I started this diet in conjunction with the Diflucan. I figured, "What could it hurt?" Well, Mother Nature rolled around yesterday, and I hadn't even realized she showed up. (News Flash: this is a miracle.) I needed fewer Advil less often, and I didn't feel like I needed to constantly remain attached to a heating pad. (Typically, Mother Nature beats the snot out of me with a baseball bat the size of a tree trunk.) The only difference in my life is this new diet. If this new diet produces these results, then I'm even more open to sticking to it. Sure, I have my moments of insanity that involve wishing for a damn gluten-free cupcake, but I keep reminding myself how much better I feel.

I like to graze, which means I love snacks. Here are some snacks that I currently enjoy:
* cottage cheese
* sugar snap peas
* air popped popcorn
* veggies dipped in hummus
* corn chips dipped in guacamole
* fresh mozzarella
* salted almonds
* pistachios
* not a snack, but water gets old, so I drink Earl Gray (not a bitter tea)

OH, and I found a great recipe for yeast-free, gluten-free pizza that I'll share with you if you wish. Just let me know :) If you're on a similar diet and want to share some snack ideas, please do so!

Anyway, I'll show you my outfit because I know that's the reason you're really here.

I considered belting this shirt, but it was so comfortable as is. I decided to keep it loose. 

These flats were probably a terrible idea. After all, a monsoon hit us today. 

I hope this picture amuses you. 

Detail shot because I felt it was necessary. 

Outfit Deets:
Shirt: NY & Co.
Necklace: $5 at Francesca's (recent)--this necklace is fun
Cobalt skinnies: Celebrity Pink via Boscov's (exact)
Flats: $5 at Target (these capped toe shoes are cute)
Dog: My parents' house (he's a lovable little dude named Blue)

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  1. good for you for taking charge of your own health. drugs and pills can only do so much - diet is an integral part of being and getting healthy.

    now for the fun stuff: i love how your necklace colors allow you to play with all of the other pieces in your closet. I would have no idea how to wear that necklace but you made it look effortless.

    1. Isn't THAT the truth? I immediately liked this necklace (especially the price tag). I figured it'd find a home with all of the cobalt in my closet. I never would have considered the combination if not for my constant stalking of other people's blogs!

  2. Wow that is amazing all the changes you have made. Really incredible. Good for you. And your outfit is adorable! The pants, the necklace so fun!

    1. It's amazing what I'm willing to do to feel 100%. And when I feel better, it makes it a lot easier to maintain some will power. However, I still possess almost no will power when it comes to shopping. Dangit.

  3. 1. Your hair is so festive and bouncy. Envy.
    2. That blouse fits you like a dream.
    3. Guuurl, I can't ever stop eating noodles, I don't know HOW you're doing so potently well on this healthy eating habit change. Cheers to you, friend!

    1. You write lists. I like your style. I call this my "I was running too late to do anything else with my hair, but I couldn't go a fourth day without washing it" hairstyle. Luckily, the yeast-free and fruit-free parts aren't forever. (I don't even care about gluten anymore.) If I were trying this during the summer, I'd go crazy without watermelon and honeydew!

  4. I love your outfit! Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  5. Great colors!!!!! Also sugar snap peas are the best! Now I am totally craving them.

    1. When I read your comment, I wanted to go eat more sugar snap peas. Haha!

  6. You look so cute, and I'm so happy your diet is helping you feel better. I've had pretty frequent headaches for a few months and am tinkering with various dietary changes to see if that helps them. In the meantime, I chug water.

    1. Water is always good. I've been experimenting with foods since I gave up on gluten. This no-sugar thing seems to be the ticket. Of course, I did get the hand shakes for a week. Who knew my body would actually go through a mini bout of withdrawal!

  7. 1) I definitely look at other people's shopping carts and cry a little on the inside since I am also gluten-free and sugar-restricted (although I do eat fruit...I can't imagine completely eliminating furit too! youare my hero).

    2) Thanks for sharing your candida story - something that I should probably look into as well

    1. Haha, the fruit part is probably the hardest part, but my nutritionist said to keep berries since they have less sugar, and I still need vitamin C. Without them, I would perish!

      The doctor said a lot of people are probably struggling with it and blaming other things. Unfortunately, there's very little research on it at this point. Maybe it will blow up like gluten did, too. If you need moral support or any suggestions, I'd be happy to help!

  8. Your diet sounds so interesting! I've definitely adjusted SO much of my diet due to trying to lose weight, but also because I started finding so many things that upset my stomach (too much caffeine, too much sugar, anything fried or super greasy, too much milk, etc.). I look at other people's carts too!!!! I am such a loser, but I always look at my cart full of fresh produce, lean meats, low-fat and healthy snack options, and just judge everyone with a bag of Dorito's in their cart, LOL. So bad!

    1.'s SO difficult not to pass a little judgment, and I try so hard not to because I know everyone is entitled to doing his/her own thing. I just can't help myself because I know what they're doing to their bodies. It's worse when I see that they have several kids in tow. I'm like, "Oh no! That kid could end up with my problems later! Put back the three boxes of Lucky Charms NOW!" It's encouraging to know I'm not alone in feeling blah after eating certain foods!

  9. I love all the bright colors in this outfit! The picture with your dog is funny too!
    Glad that you figured out what's wrong and that you can make a diet change and feel better. I love veggies and hummus, so that seems like a great snack food.

  10. Wow - I bet it's difficult being that restrictive on a diet, but when you have to I'm sure it makes you feel MUCH better, so in the end it's worth it :)

    I absolutely love your outfit. The tribal necklace looks so pretty paired with the black blouse! I host an outfit link-up on Wednesdays as well. You should stop by and link-up tomorrow!

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