Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Shower Breakdown

Well, you already saw the invitation.

A Personal Touch for the Gift Table
So, I made this little "board" with pictures that ended up in the album on the left. (Later, I put a strand of flower lights around the top to give it a girly flair.) At the top, it says "Gifts for Juliana" in little diapers that are pinned to the board. Let me tell you how I did it!

Step 1: Take picture frame that does not need to be used for the event. 

Step 2: Cover the frame with burlap, but avoid cutting (so that you don't mess up fabric you could use for other things). Tape it to the back of the picture frame. Wrap it the way you would wrap a shirt box.

Step 3: You cannot tape burlap to burlap, so safety pin the side that folds over. 

It looks like this in the back (not wonderful, but no one will see it). 

Step 4: Tape pictures to burlap (they stayed on there for two days, so it does stick), and label it how you choose. I chose to label it for the gift table. I made three diapers out of   and safety pinned them to the burlap (I felt safety pins with diapers were quite appropriate.) 

And there you have it. An inexpensive but personal, sentimental touch. 

 The Favors

The Favors: Candy in Mason Jars.

Reasoning: We (mom and I) got every type of candy that a person could like (chocolate and non-chocolate). If someone does not like candy, then they can certainly use the mason jar again! I prefer practical but thoughtful items. It also makes sense because the soon-to-be daddy has a major sweet tooth.

They looked like this when they were packaged. 

 Roxy wanted some treats, but these were not for her.

In case you can't read it, it says, "In anticipation of a mini Wojcik so sweet, please enjoy these fun-sized treats!" I need to have witty sayings accompanying whatever I do, and this was the gem for the favor project. To do this, I bought circular, brown stickers from Staples. They were on sale for $7.50. Score.

The Gift

1. I made her a diaper cake. I would have taken a picture, but I made it at 2:30 in the morning; all of my synapses weren't firing well enough to remember that detail. I used size 1 (not newborn) because my hair stylist said that newborn doesn't last long, and size 1 is more practical. I went to BJ's because you can get a lot of diapers for a decent price. 

2. I made Juliana a wreath. I hung it on our front door, and I figured Jess could hang it on Juliana's door. (It should go with all of the decor in her room.) I made this wreath from a foam wreath ($6 at Michael's), brown ribbon, twine (for the pennant flag and to hang it), and two shirts we were going to donate. Using my rotary cutter, I cut the shirts into 1 1/2 inch strips and just tied those bad boys to the wreath. It was so easy, and I repurposed some of our almost-Good Will clothes! To make the pennant flag, I just made diamond shapes in Word, typed the letters into the bottom half of each diamond, printed them, cut them, folded them around the twine, and hot glued them. I added a little flower for some pizazz. 

3. I've started giving gifts in totes because they are much more practical (I am ever the practical one) than a bag. Plus, Juliana's room is quasi owl themed, so how could I pass up this little cutie? 

Inside of the tote, I put a book (a Dr. Seuss favorite), pair of Osh Kosh overalls (MUST HAVE) for 3 month old ('cause she'll be out of newborn stuff soon enough), onesies (for 9 months because she'll eventually fit into them, and it's good to have something for later months), a scrapbook album that Jess wanted, and plastic bibs (dude, I need a bib; ones you can wipe off seem...hmm... dare I say practical?). 

4. Instant Photo Album--Instead of a game, I asked everyone to write something for Juliana on pre-cut 5x7 cardstock. They could write a lullabye, a story, advice, anything. After they finished writing their love note, they would pose for a picture with Jess. I enlisted mom's help in taking pictures of every guest with Jess so that I could instantly upload, print, and put those photos in an album for Jess. Together, the love notes and pictures made a "story" for Juliana. At the front of the album, I placed pictures of Jess's mom pregnant with her (one at her baby shower) and Jess's pregnancy pictures. In the back of the album, I placed a CD copy of all of the images so that Jess has everything. I personally like instant gratification, so I figured Jess would too! :) She took the album home with her. 

The Food

I asked Jess what she had been craving; she said chicken salad. Luckily, my mom makes a mean chicken salad, so I asked her to make some, which everyone loved. 

I wanted the meal to be light and suit a variety of tastes (mostly Jess's because she was the guest of honor). Here's what I served:

Drinks: sweet tea (BJ's has some awesome organic sweet tea!), lemonade, and bottled water

Food: I tried to buy foods that would be good for everyone, that Jess likes, and that we could eat if we had any leftovers. I called it smart shopping. 
  • Chicken salad (could be put on buns or on a salad I made)
  • Salad (with romaine, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers) with three types of dressing
  • Veggies (some people just want to dip their veggies, so I had some free-standing ones (broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots, cucumbers)
  • Fruit (watermelon, blueberries, grapes, apples)
  • Three types of chips with three types of dip (which could also be used with veggies): lays potato chips, UTZ white corn chips (naturally gluten free), and blue corn chips  with salsa, guacamole, and hummus
  • Dessert: gluten-free strawberry shortcake (Bisquick has a great recipe on the back of their gluten-free mix; I recommend it.) and cream puffs (sold at BJ's). 
  • I already had plasticware from BJ's (I use them in my lunches because I lose all silverware somewhere between home and school). I put them in mason jars. 
  • I bought all of the plates and napkins from the dollar store (seriously, I felt so smart)
  • I hung some purple streamers in the food area
  • I lucked out and found the cutest owl table cloth at Wal Mart and it was purple, Juliana's color!
  • I found paper ball things at Party City
  • I hung two helium balloons from the mailbox (so people could find us)
  • I tried to make the decorations something Jess could keep (wreath, pictures, diaper cake)
I don't have a picture of the food set up :( I was proud of it, too. Poop. Oh well. 

Oh, and I wore purple 'cause it's the color of Juliana's room.

Let me send you off with my favorite picture from the day. It totally illustrates my relationship with Jess; we get each other. I love her and am so happy my brother married her! 

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