Monday, August 13, 2012

Stripes & Brights

This outfit isn't very creative, but dang, it was comfortable. I wore it for dinner on my parents' deck :)

We arrived at my parents' house, and my dad said, "Whoa! I need to get my sunglasses." Thanks, Dad. I like my obnoxiously bright shirt, thank you very much. In fact, I fell asleep in it last night. I'm writing this post while I wear my slept-in, annoyingly florescent shirt. I might be the only person who wears her nightlight. 

Oh, we needed a picture to document our matching white shorts. I put on my white shorts yesterday, and he said, "OH! I'm going to wear my white shorts, too. We'll match!" Hahaha, so many reasons to love that man. I buy a lot of his shorts at Marshalls because he enjoys performing the dirtiest of tasks (changing oil, playing with worms, etc.) while he wears clean clothes. So, why spend much money on him? 

 We're kind of cute.

My shoes, however, are the cutest. I love them, and they match my bright shirt. Perfection? I think so. 

Oh, I also wore this outfit for dinner on my parents' deck. Hey, dad built an amazing deck (BY HIMSELF) that you could "drive a truck on" (his words); we should make use of such an architectural feat.

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