Thursday, August 16, 2012

Filing Cabinet Makeover

So, I bought this filing cabinet when I was in college. This beast has withstood nine years with me. It deserves a medal. Instead of a medal, I bought it a new coat.
Yes, the date is even written on the inside. The "carpenters" who constructed it left me a little note on the back of it. 
Looks like you don't know what number to call for a good "screw." What a shame.
Anyway, I am already painting the other nightstand. I did not want to paint another piece of furniture, so I decided to do the same thing I did to the light plates: Mod Podge the crap out of it! Actually, I used Mod Podge on only the front side of both drawers. 

What Did I Use?
* One gnarly, old filing cabinet
* Screwdriver (to remove handles)
* Foam brushes (to apply Mod Podge)
* Mod Podge (matte finish)
* New handles (I killed the originals)
* Paper from an old book
* Paper cutter (who has time for scissors?)

Step 1: Remove pages from book (*GASP*)

Step 2: Cut pages to desired size 
Note: You could size up everything and then adhere it, but I just pieced it together as I went.

Step 3: Using the foam brush, paint a thin coat of Mod Podge on the filing cabinet in the spot where you'll place your first piece.
Note: Too much Mod Podge makes it bubble. Too little Mod Podge also makes it bubble. I felt like I was dealing with Goldilocks; I needed juuust the right amount.

Step 4: Quickly adhere the paper to the Mod Podged spot! You don't want it to dry before you have a chance to lay down your paper.

Step 5-whatever: Keep adhering pages until the entire face of the drawer is covered. Like so.

Step 6: Once the drawer is covered and the Mod Podge is dry (about 10 mintues), apply thin layers of Mod Podge over the paper. These coats help seal the job. Make sure you do not forget the sides. You don't want them flapping around later, so be sure to seal the sides, too. 

Step 7: Poke holes for the screws. 

Step 8: If you are not a doofus like I am, you will not have ruined the handles by putting so much spray paint on them that they bubble. I called it a loss and spent $6.09 on two new handles from Lowes. 
Note: If you get new handles, make sure you measure the distance between the two holes in the handle. I took the ruler with me to Lowes so that I could measure all of the handles I liked. I bet I looked like a goon. You'd be amazed at how many different lengths between holes there are (whew, that sounds x-rated, but it's not.)

Step 9: Screw on those handles and pop in those drawers. Pop, lock, and don't drop it.

Ta to the freaking da. 


 And. What.

Are you feeling inspired, or am I the only nut who thinks to recover her filing cabinet drawers? 
Yep, that's what I thought. 

P.S. I used Shakespearean works that I teach. I thought it was pretty nerdy cool.

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